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The AFC’s Top North spot isn’t the only battle to be fought on Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens become the champions of Pittsburgh’s undefeated steelworkers.

These division rivals quickly continued to win another title: best defense in the NFL.

Steel producers occupy the 1. place in the smallest permitted rows. De Raven took first place in terms of the points scored.

What kind of harsh, ruthless protection is superior?

Every time we touch a field, we have a standard. If we play defense, we want to be the best, Calais Campbell said. Honestly, we look at what they’re doing and we know they’re excellent. Their protection is special. We will also rival their protection. At the end of the year, we’ll find out who’s the best defense.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Corner Marcus Peters and Stephen Nelson exchanged T-shirts in 2019 after their two defenders collided. Defence is a source of pride for both teams. Mark Goldman/Sportswire symbol

There are different types coming in, but we understand the norm, said Cameron Hayward, Steeler’s defensive shell. Both teams have a solid defense. And usually it’s the defense that wins this game.

This rivalry has been dominated for almost two decades by the struggle for defensive superiority in the NFL. Since 2000, the Baltimore and Pittsburgh defense has been the best in the NFL in terms of yards, speed, touchdowns, passing scores and points.

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While these names are still present in the legends of this conflict today, a new wave of defenders – Minka Fitzpatrick, Marlon Humphrey, T.J. Watt and Patrick Queen – has a tradition of turning interceptions into touchdowns, taking football to enforce coups and causing endless chaos.

It has become clear that the only thing Crows and steelworkers despise more than others is the rejection of the job site or the landing.

It’s actually a person built by these two franchises, said Matt Bowen, a former NFL security agent who is currently an ESPN analyst. Where, when you get here, you’re gonna play soccer on a high level. It’s not just about the plans, the plans are different. It is a team culture that they have developed on the other side of football, in the way they play. Play style of these two teams: fast and physical.

The year the teams reached record speeds, the Steelmakers and Ravens became the top two teams in the NFL in terms of the strength of their defense.

With a 6-0 record, Pittsburgh made the best start since the Iron Curtain in 1978 and kept the league teams below 286.3 meters per game. By limiting the attack to the top 17.3 points of the NFL, Baltimore is the third time in the history of the franchise, including the 2000 Super Bowl team that led the historic defense.

What distinguished the Steelmakers and Ravens from other defense systems was the way they attacked. They’re both among the top three in the Blitz percentage, resulting in the quarterback waves of linebackers and defensive towers.

They’ve never avoided what they are, said Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback who is now an analyst for ESPN. These are the two teams that, without apology, will push you. It’s two teams dictating what you can do, not the other way around. They never played scared. They still believe they have the best players on the field.

Fault! The file name is not specified. TJ Watt and Cam Heyward are part of the blitz defense of the striker who rides in grenades and harasses quarterbacks. AP Photo/Chit Srakocic

It was just raw football.

If the NFL had been scheduled before Ben Rothlisberger, the farewell week would have been scheduled every year right after each Steelers Ravens game.

It’s difficult, Mr. Rothlisberger said. She’s physical, sometimes she can be unpleasant. It was always football in its true form, in the sense that it was never dirty, never dirty. It was just heavy football. That’s what you always want after your week off.

Rothlisberger is of course very familiar with crow protection and in 2010 he even broke his Halotti Ngata nose.

But his own protection was also pretty disgusting in a good way. And it’s an abomination that has supported the organization over the years with a fundamental philosophy that uses the first design by relying on defensive players and developing it further in the Steelers system.

If they can’t score, you can’t lose, said coach Mike Tomlin when he reversed the new tomlinism. That’s the approach we take. But this commitment comes down to acquiring a player, designing programs and, if you want to, doing everything you can to build your program.

To build this current defense, the Stallers used their first jump on a defensive player in six of the last seven NFL designs. Among these six players, three are Watt, Bud Dupree and Terrell Edmunds, the holders and main sponsors. Devin Bush, who was selected in the 2019 Draft with the number 10 in the universal election, was the starter and wore a helmet for suffering a seasonal ACL injury against Brown.

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Louis Riddick doubts that Lamar Jackson and the attack of the Ravens will be enough to defeat the dominant trackers.

In the 2014 design, the Steelmakers also selected Ryan Shazier in 15th place, and he was about to become the cornerstone of his defense when he suffered a career-changing spinal injury.

I think Kevin Colbert’s done a good job since he got here, defense coordinator Keith Butler said. We’ll go in and talk about the people we need on our team. Character has a lot to do with it. You’ve done a good job of letting guys who are very competitive be good at sports. We won’t miss it, that’s for sure.

Among the defenders, six have played for the Steelworkers throughout their careers – and for Bush’s injury, there were seven. Tyson Aloyaloo, Joe Haden and Stephen Nelson have concluded free trade agreements with the Stalers, while Fitzpatrick, who sold out to the team early last season, is the rare exception in the Stalers’ philosophy.

They get used to what we ask them when you raise them, Butler said. That’s what I mean if you take it, if you take it and take it off. We don’t hire many freelancers. I didn’t do that. We’ve done some things, but not much.

Steelers is not only looking for players with good character, but also for players with physical protection who can run. This combination takes the player to the Steelers draft.

I can’t teach them to be fast and I can’t teach them to be physical, Butler said. It’s from his parents, his mother and father. That’s pretty much what we’re looking for. In addition, the characteristic role is important and the knowledge about football is extensive.

By building a defense with players dating back to the Iron Curtain, the Steelmakers in Pittsburgh have built a reputation as one of the best defensive organizations in the league thanks to their consistent culture.

You can survive drought as a crime, says Hayward, the Steelers’ first cycle project in 2011. But for the defense, we feel… and I know that Baltimore probably feels the same way. If you have a solid defense, you have a chance in every game, and you just buy in year after year.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Matthew Judon has been a constant for crows that constantly swallow ordinary backs for years. Scott Thatch/Getty pictures

Aggressive reconstruction curves

This year the defence of the Ravens was perhaps one of the most dominant in the franchise, but its construction was different from any other.

With only two NFL No. 1 regulars remaining in 2018, Baltimore was as aggressive and astute in their actions as they were in their blistering. Last year, the Ravens exchanged three Pro Bowl defenders – cornerback Marcus Peters, defender Campbell and setter Yannick Ngakowe – for a third round picket, three fifth (a conditional) and a substitute defender.

Last week, the director general of Voronov, Eric Decosta, received a round of applause from the entire defence staff when he informed them of a deal for Ngakoue.

My favorite person in the world is Eric Decosta, said Don Wink Martindale, Baltimore defense coordinator. I told him in person.

Baltimore’s boldest act was not an agreement or even a signature. That was a relief.

Three weeks into the regular season, Baltimore significantly reduced the number of Earls Thomas, the potential Hall of Fame winner of last season’s Pro Cup. The Ravens separated from Thomas two days after he reportedly defeated teammate Chuck Clarke, handing over the starting line-up to Dishon Elliot, who played six games (no starters) in two injury-stricken seasons in 2018.

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Elliott became a physical artist in second place, and the defence of the Ravens is better because it is better organized as a network.

I believe the Ravens organization has certain principles, local spokesman Jimmy Smith said. There’s a certain kind of culture here. Whoever you are, you must be a part of us. If you’re not with us, we don’t need you. Because chemistry is everything – chemistry in your room, chemistry in a team – it means a lot.

Baltimore was lucky, too.

This year the biggest defensive hole in the design was in midfield and the queen fell to 28th place in the Ravens. The queen is currently number two among the newcomers in terms of equipment (44), bags (two) and forced falls (two).

In the design of 2017 Baltimore chose the Humphrey corner with the number 16 after not exchanging it for Marshan Lattimore, his return corner with the highest score on the board. Humphrey was the NFL’s defensive player of the year after changing his mind this season or intercepting the Ravens five wins.

In every game he does something that makes you say wow, Martindale said. In his own way, he is a player who can play at any time.

Who’s the best?

Outside linebacker Pernell McPhee, who played for the Ravens and Chicago Bears, was asked what was the biggest rivalry in the NFL.

According to McPhee, the Ravens-Steelers are superior to the Bears-Packers for a simple reason.

I think what makes them better than the Bears and Green Bay is that they are not physical; this unit is not physical like AFC North, McPhee said. They had no history with defensive players like AFC North.

The Steelers have recorded the bag in 63 straight matches. These are six of the NFL records set by the Tampa Bay capitalists between 1999 and 2003.

The Ravens played 19 straight games, the longest active streak in the league. At that time, Baltimore scored eight touchdowns, the best in the NFL.

So what’s the best defense?

It’s close. It’s very close, Mr. Bowen said. I’d give Pittsburgh the advantage now. But let’s see what this defense with Ngakou looks like. It could be the extra part that pushes them up.

De Raven believes the debate on better protection will be settled at the M&T Bank stadium on Sunday.

They’re the number one defense, and that’s exactly what we want to be, McPhee said. They come to our hometown and they are the number one defense – why don’t they strike and try to get to our goal – to be the number one defense?

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