Francisco Lindor has yet to play in New York, but the comfort the 27-year-old shortstop felt with the New York Mets during spring training has given him the confidence to make a long-term commitment to the team.

The group of boys and girls we have at the club are determined to win. They want to win. They want to get better, Lindor told reporters Tuesday. They want to get better every day, and that shows we are in a position where we have a good team. They want to get better and they want to keep getting better to get to that championship and keep moving forward and getting better. For me, that’s what I look for in a franchise.

When Lindor signed a 10-year, $341 million contract Wednesday night – the largest deal for a major league shortstop – he did want to let out a cry of joy. But since he was in a hotel room and didn’t want to disturb the neighbors, he kept the noise to himself and called his family.

I yelled a little, but I wished I was home, where I could jump in the pool and hug everyone, Lindor said.

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This mega-contract makes Lindor the face of the franchise in one of the most controlled U.S. markets. Since his debut in 2015, Lindor ranks third among active players in FWAR (29.2), behind only Mike Trout (46.4) and Mookie Betz (38.4). The star shortstop downplayed the pressure a contract brings and said he wants to play with a lot of pride.

I’m very proud of my game and this logo here. I have to go out every day to protect him. Play with great pride, Lindor said. Play for what’s in my chest. The number next to me is 341 million reasons for me to go and play the game well.

On the first contract extension, Lindor and the Mets went back and forth before reaching a deal. After a dinner with owner Steve Cohen in Florida, Lindor and the team reached an agreement.

The [dinner] helped us a lot because we realized where we both stood. The offerings that were there, we counted, but it wasn’t a conclusion, Lindor said. There was an idea of where we were before Steve, and there was an idea of where he was. He wants to win, and we won at this point. Both parties are satisfied. I look forward to being glued to his hip for the next 11 years.

In the past 24 hours, Lindor said he’s heard from many friends around the game, such as. B. shortstop Carlos Correa and Javier Baez, former teammates like Michael Brantley and Utah Jazz quarterback Donovan Mitchell, who is a Mets fan and celebrated the signing on Twitter. While Lindor called the expansion a dream, he also said he was ready to get back to work.

Whether it’s my rookie season, my second, third or fourth year, I want to do well to win. I want to win, Lindor said. If I do well, my team has a chance to win. It was going to be another year. It was obviously an important year because I wasn’t going to sign a contract at the end of the year. There is a sense of urgency to put up better numbers to help my team win, and that will always happen, and it will happen next year, and next year, and next year. It won’t stop.

Lindor will be 38 years old when his contract expires. When asked what kind of player he would be in 2032, he left his answer simple.

I’ll be a bad mother, he said.

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