Writing is an important skill that students must possess in order to successfully complete their academic work. It is very important that you know the writing process from the beginning to the citation part. Although many students struggle and fail to complete their academic assignments satisfactorily, you must hand them in on time to avoid serious consequences for the tutor. If you cannot handle this task alone, you can hire a writer to help you produce a top quality document.

Our goal is to teach you step by step how to write an argumentative essay. You will learn all the tips and tricks to write an excellent paper.

What is argumentative writing – definition and purpose

Controversial essays are academic papers especially for students. But most students often ask what is an argumentative letter? These research papers involve in-depth research and analysis of a particular topic. After you evaluate your results, make your statement readable and show readers what your position is. This is a difficult task because you have to convince the audience to agree with your point of view. So you have to provide objective evidence to support your opinion.

Knowing how to begin an argumentative essay is very important because the introduction sets the pace for the essay. Since this requires extensive research, you should allow enough time to organize your ideas and present them in an appropriate format with logical explanations. Consider choosing a controversial topic that makes the debate exciting for the audience.

The format of an argumentative essay – a simple explanation

After brainstorming and researching, you should have an argumentative essay format. This is an important plan to guide your writing process. Generally, this type of essay consists of about five paragraphs. Each part of the essay has certain requirements that the writer must meet.

The most important part is the introduction, because it can make or break your essay. So make sure you specify a topic with a suggested angle and background information. Don’t forget to make a summary of the thesis.

As for the body of the text, each paragraph should contain unique and detailed arguments.

It is essential that you summarize your points in a logical manner, with transitional phrases and correct grammar. You can add credible quotes from reputable scholars and academic sources to support your learning.

Conclude your essay with a summary of all the main points and make your point clear to the audience. Avoid introducing new ideas in the last paragraph, as this may confuse readers.

Structure of an argumentative essay: a step-by-step outline

Below is a detailed diagram of the argumentative essay to understand each part and expectations during the writing phase.

  1. Introductory structure

It should be short and sweet. This way, you create a solid basis for your arguments and prevent readers from deciding the discussion in their favor.

Here you can inform the readers about the context of the research question. Understand the meaning and consequences of decisions.

  1. Body structure

Continue to set out and discuss the main points in detail. What do you have to prove? Make the weight of your argument clear to the reader.

Make sure you provide convincing evidence to support your arguments clearly and objectively. Also, make sure you present and defend each point properly.

You can include quotes from professionals, cite academic sources, and provide examples. Also compare previous results from competent researchers. With all relevant evidence and a detailed explanation of each point.

Now most readers will probably disagree with your opinion. Since the mission is controversial, resistance is to be expected. The audience may or may not agree with you. So make a plan to counter the controversy.

  1. Structure of the results

Finally, summarize the content of the document and highlight the most important points. Then link them to a central position to answer your question. Do not introduce new ideas in this section.

5 things to avoid when writing an argumentative essay

Writing an essay requires writing skills and a strategy for writing a top-notch paper. If you want to know how to start an argumentative essay, you can do further research and learn some tips and tricks to get you on the right track.

Here are the things you should avoid when writing an argumentative essay:

Not using personal experience

Avoid using your personal experiences to communicate effectively. Don’t write statements like I can prove…. or In my experience …..

No new arguments inserted in output field

Adding new ideas is a big mistake because you confuse the readers. You will not achieve your goal.

Letter without strategy

With the right strategy, you can accomplish the task with ease. On the other hand, if you work aimlessly and without a plan, it will take longer and your work will be of lower quality.

Mixed arguments

Avoid putting all your arguments in one paragraph, as this will make your paper illogical and confusing. So present each argument in a paragraph, add supporting evidence and conclusions before moving on to the next paragraph.


Getting your audience to agree with your point of view is a big mistake. Therefore, try to write an essay with objective explanations.

FAQs about writing an argumentative essay

Below are some frequently asked questions and detailed answers to help you make the right decision about our service.

How do you make an argument in an essay?

The argument begins with a detailed introduction to the research topic and its purpose. Include a topic sentence and keep only the relevant information for each argument. Each paragraph should take a specific point of view, support evidence, and provide an analysis that convinces the reader of the accuracy of your assertion.

How do you write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay?

This statement is part of the introductory paragraph that allows the audience to understand the purpose of the study. It usually consists of one or two sentences and should be short and to the point. You need to create a specific statement to convince readers to understand the point of view of your particular study.

What are the most controversial issues?

Argumentative writing covers a wide range of controversial topics. These include education, technology, governance, the legal system, substance abuse, health issues, science, the death penalty, and civil rights.

What is the main purpose of writing arguments?

The main purpose of the essay is to convince the target audience to agree with the author’s view of the research.

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