The world of information is complex – and false stories and images are rife on social media. Each week, the editors at Blasting News publish the most popular hoaxes and misleading information to help you tell the truth from the lie. These are the most common demands of this week, none of which are legitimate.


Complaints: Religious communities of the Amish have not been affected by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The facts: Several posts on Facebook claim that Amish religious communities are not affected by the KOVID-19 pandemic. One of the messages shows a masked woman questioning two Amish men: Why isn’t Covid working for you? We don’t have a television, one of the men replied. Other reports claim: Six months later, the Amish are alive and Kovid is free. Your cure is no television.

It’s true: According to AFP, this claim is false.

Allen Hoover, administrator of the Parish Medical Center in Lancaster County – home to one of the largest Amish communities in the United States – told AFP that the Amish community has a much higher than average rate of Covid-19 infections because it is a very closed community and has largely ignored all safety protocols among itself. The Amish also avoided reporting several cases of COWID-19 because they were wary of outside interference, Hoover said.


Complaints: You can see on the photo that the United States

Democratic representatives in swastika suits.

The facts: The image, which has appeared hundreds of times on Facebook, shows several Democratic members of the US Congress, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, wearing a red dress with a yellow swastika and star. That’s it, folks! A group of Nazi communists read the legend.

It’s true: The photograph has been tampered with. A reverse image search shows that the photo was originally posted by Cory Bush on the 3rd. January 2021 tweeted. In the original photo, the same members of the Democratic Party are dressed the same way, but without the swastika symbols. In addition, the clothes of Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib in the original photo have different colors than those in the retouched photo.


Complaints: US Vice President Kamala Harris said white people are racist.

The facts: Several social media users shared a quote allegedly from US Vice President Kamala Harris : If he is white, he will be racist.

It’s true: According to Reuters, the quote could be from a 2018 Vanity Fair share: He will still be racist if he is a white candidate: Can Kamala Harris, a politician without an identity, find her way in the moment of identity politics? However, the quote is not from Kamala Harris, but shares the thoughts of journalist Chris Smith. Sabrina Singh, assistant press secretary to the US vice president, told Reuters that Harris never uttered the sentence that circulated online.


Complaints: Kamala Harris plans to shut down the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and take away the welfare of soldiers by giving money to refugee families.

The facts: Quote attributed to the United States.

Vice President Kamala Harris was introduced and read out on social media: The US government cannot continue to provide for all the needs of a certain class of citizens. Veterans are our equals, not our superiors. The Department of Veterans Affairs takes care of them. This creates a dependency on us that is not good for these former soldiers. They need to learn to take care of themselves and be responsible adults. The easiest way to help them on this path is to shoot them. Over the next four years, we’re going to flip the VA switch and take the benefits away from soldiers. The money saved will be better used to support refugee families. These poor people seek refuge with us and need support, and it is our responsibility as a nation to help them.

So here’s the message to the soldiers. Get a job.

It’s true: The quote was originally published by a satirical website called America’s Last Line of Defense in an article titled Kamala, who hates the military, wants the VA to quit, Reuters reported. Moreover, Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary to the US vice president, told Reuters that Harris had never mentioned it.


Complaints: China is building a time machine.

The facts: Rumors are circulating on social media that the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has partnered with private company Shanxi Ruitai Technology to design and build a time travel machine. The information spread after the publication of a dubious PowerPoint presentation showing an experimental device for creating space-time tunnels. The time machine was reportedly approved and praised by Nobel Prize winner for physics Gao Kung.

It’s true: Shanxi Ruitai Technology is a company that has only been around since December 2020 and has denied any involvement in the project. Moreover, the Nobel laureate Gao Kuhn simply never existed. Finally, the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a statement denying its involvement in the project.


Complaints: The clearest image of the solar surface has been published by NASA.

The facts: Publications in English, French and Arabic were distributed online in Pakistan, the Philippines, New Zealand, Morocco, Libya and Iraq.

It shows a picture with a caption: The clearest picture of the solar surface published by NASA.

It’s true: A reverse image search by AFP shows that the photo was first published on the 12th by American photographer Jason Ganzel on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. January 2021 published under the title Soleil magnétique. Part of the signature on these objects is legible: This session on the sun was affected by subparticles in the atmosphere, resulting in a loss of contrast and detail. I took the opportunity to deeply modify the resulting image to create a stylized representation of the sun’s visible surface. Karen C. Fox, NASA communications manager, said the photo did not come from the U.S. space agency.


Complaints: The photo shows protesters in the streets of Myanmar after a military coup.

The facts: The photo, which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, shows protesters on the streets during a demonstration in Myanmar against the military coup that took place in the Southeast Asian country on January 1. February 2021 has taken place.

It’s true: A reverse Google search shows that the photo was originally taken on the 4th. June 2020, taken by photographer Matt Freed at the Black Lives Matter event in downtown Pittsburgh.

South Korea

Complaints: South Korean premier threatens to arrest citizens who refuse KOVID-19 vaccine

The facts: The Facebook posts included a screenshot of an alleged article in South Korea’s Financial News newspaper, claiming that the South Korean prime minister is threatening to arrest citizens who refuse to take the KOVID-19 vaccine.

It’s true: In a statement to AFP, a spokesman for the South Korean prime minister’s secretariat said he [made no] such comments, and that the statement [on Facebook] was false. In a statement on their website, Financial News denied publishing the article it had circulated on social media and said that some people had made up and circulated our report with malicious intent.


Complaints: Studies show that prolonged use of masks contributes to the progression of lung cancer.

The facts: Posts on Facebook and WhatsApp state that a recent study published in the journal Cancer Discovery found that prolonged use of face masks creates a moist environment that breeds germs and promotes the progression of advanced lung cancer.

It’s true: The study was conducted between March 2013 and October 2018, before the coronavirus pandemic. The study analyzes the causal effect of lower airway dysbiosis on lung cancer progression in mice and does not mention the use of masks. One of the study’s authors, Dr. Leopoldo Segal, tweeted about the rumors circulating on social media: Thanks for letting me know. This is outrageous! This is not a misinterpretation of the study, but rather a malicious act aimed at promoting an unsubstantiated and ignorant anti-masking agenda.

Latin America / Spain

Complaints: Time magazine reveals a conspiracy against Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election

The facts: Posts on Facebook and Twitter claim that Time magazine, in an article dated 4. February 2021, titled The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election, revealed a secret conspiracy to rig the 2020 election in the United States.

to win the presidential election and give Democrat Joe Biden the victory.

It’s true: Contrary to rumors, the Time magazine article says nothing about a conspiracy to undermine Donald Trump’s re-election. The text essentially talks about an informal alliance between left-wing activists and titans of business. The handshake between the companies and the union was just one element in a broad bipartisan campaign to protect the election – an extraordinary behind-the-scenes effort not to win the election, but to ensure that it would be free and fair, credible and undisturbed, according to the excerpt from the article.

Who? Who? Who? Who?
Time magazine describes the conspiracy Biden won against Trump.
Revista American time, pro-Biden time, but resigned to the fact that all secrets are kept from prying eyes and Victoria

– Radio Cuervo Latin 2 (@RCLatin2) 9. February 2021

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