Bobby Decordova Reed scored a goal for Fulham against Liverpool Bobby Decordova Reed is Fulham’s top scorer this season with four goals in 11 games.

Liverpool missed their chance to finish first in the Premier League and luckily drew in a match where they were second far ahead of the impressive Fulham.

Mohamed Salah scored a point when he fired a low shot under local goalkeeper Alfonso Areola after Abubakar Kamara jumped into the wall and shot a Giorgio Vihnalduma free kick.

Bobby Decordow-Reid led the Fulham striker in the first half, where the hosts would have dominated and scored more goals, but the red keeper Alisson came back.

The Brazilian, who missed the last two games because of an injury, denied Ivan Cavaleiro’s penalty twice after the Chalet striker broke through Liverpool’s defence.

The guests also survived a penalty shout, asking Judge André Marriner to go to the sideline of the VAR monitor to judge Fabigno Cavallero’s call, who saw him touch both the man and the ball.

The situation became even more difficult when Joel Matip could not reach the second half. This has added him to the already long list of injuries that, five years ago, contained some of the highest numbers of first-choice injuries.

However, they stuck to the task and improved after the break when Jordan Henderson made a perfect save of Areola in Salah and saved the point 11 minutes before the end.

Fans who first came to Craven Cottage this season celebrated the hosts of the field in recognition of their impeccable performance. They now have eight points, two of which are free from the last three.

This weekend, with both Manchester United clubs – Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United – also losing points, Liverpool will be disappointed not to have been able to take advantage of them, despite the fact that they remain on a level playing field with Spurs and only admit the difference between scored and missed goals compared to London.

Impressive Fulham skirt in drool red

The challenge for Liverpool has always been to combine his titanic efforts with last season, when he dominated the competition to win the championship on a lawnmower.

They are still a powerful side, as evidenced by the recent destruction of Lester and the People.

But there’s also a weakness for Reds in this campaign, especially in away games, where they’ve now missed 12 balls – arithmetically they’ve only beaten West Brom and Sheffield United – and failed to win in five games.

Some of them are included in the Reds’ injury list, which is widespread and still includes the first middle pair of Virgil van Dyck and Joe Gomez, which previously included Alisson and Trent Alexander-Arnold and was added to the list when Joel Matip was unable to retire in the second half of the match.

Moreover, Thiago, James Milner, Nabi Keita, Kherdan Shakiri and Diogo Jotha were disabled by an injury, the latter confirmed by Klopp at least six weeks before the start.

Still, the XI, called Clopp, would become a match for the Fulham-team, which had previously scored only seven points in the first 11 games.

What they didn’t do was not make too many flipped passes, not make too many defensive decisions and not be able to send the ball over their three star fronts with precision and consistency.

After the break they improved on all points and started to find a more consistent rhythm, without regularly knocking out overt opponents.

The handball rule came to their aid, and Salah is not missing.

Much of the credit goes to the hosts, who defeated Lester a few days ago, gave Manchester City more games than many in Saturday’s defeat at Etihad, and top champions were for most of the 90 minutes of the next week.

They went down for obvious reasons, as the game continued and the attack became less dangerous, and they relied on Areola several times to keep Klopp’s team at bay.

But the evidence of the first half, which was full of energy and effort, suggests that their current position in the competition refutes their abilities.

Red meatball – Catering kings

  • Since Jurgen Klopp’s first game in October 2015, Liverpool has scored more points than any other Premier League team since their defeat (85 ).
  • Liverpool failed to win five away games of the league (D4 L1), making the last four in a row; this is their longest Premier League trip to Klopp (also five in March 2017).
  • With only four points from nine top flight games this season (W1 D1 L7), Fulham has won four of the last three against Lester, Man City and Liverpool (W1 D1 L1).
  • Fulham was the first club to stand up to avoid defeat against Liverpool in a Premier League game after Newcastle in October 2017 (also a 1-1 tie), ending an 18-match of the Reds with such teams in the league.
  • Today, Liverpool scored 18 penalty kicks in their last Premier League games and Mohamed Salah converted 12.
  • Salah scored his fifth road goal of the Premier League season for Liverpool, more than in the entire 2019-20 season (4).
  • Salah has been directly involved in 20 Premier League matches against new clubs in Liverpool, scored 12 goals and helped eight other clubs.
  • Fulham’s Bobby Decordova-Reid scored in three consecutive national championship appearances for the first time in his professional career. Seven of the nine goals he scored in the Premier League have been scored at home.

The actors of the game

LukmanAdemola Lukman


  1. Team number19Player name
  2. Team number 17 Player nameCavalero
  3. Team number 14 Player namedThe Cordova-Reid
  4. Team number5 Player name Other
  5. Team number33 Name of the playerThe name of the player is Robinson.
  6. Team number16 Player nameAdarabio
  7. Team number18Player name
  8. Team number29 Player nameZambo Angissa
  9. Team number1 Player nameAreola
  10. Team number 34 Player name Ain
  11. Team number15 Player name Loftus Chick
  12. Team number21Team nameRead more
  13. Team number23 Player NameBryan
  14. Team number47Player nameCamara



  • 1Areola
  • 34Aina
  • 5Other reserves in 20 mines
  • 16Adarabio
  • 14From Cordova-Reid
  • 29 Zambo Angissa
  • 18Seminars exchanged for 46 minutesExchange for Ridate 80’minutes
  • 33Robinson
  • 15 Loftus-Chile exchange for Camarat 74” minutes
  • 19LookmanBooked at 75minsReplacement forBryanat 88’minutes
  • 17 Cavalero


  • 7Kebano
  • 10Carney
  • 12Rodac
  • 13Rive
  • 21Rid
  • 23Brish
  • 47Camara


  • 1Allisson
  • 66Alexander-ArnoldSubstituted byN Williamsat 68’minutes
  • 32MatipReplacement by minaminoat 45’minutes
  • 3Fabinho
  • 26 Robertson
  • 17JonesReserved for 31mins
  • 14 Henderson
  • 5Vijnaldum
  • 11 SalahSubstituted by Origiat 84′ minutes
  • 9Firmino
  • 10 Manet


  • 15 Oxlade camberlaine
  • 18 Minamino
  • 27Origis
  • 47Phillips
  • 62Troweler
  • 64Chain
  • 76N Williams

Real-time text

  1. The last games, Fulham 1, Liverpool 1.
  2. The other half is over, Fulham 1, Liverpool 1.
  3. Corner, Liverpool. Concession to Bobby De Cordova Reed.
  4. Replacement, Fulham. Joe Brian replaces Ademol Lockman.
  5. Relief, Liverpool. Origi Divok takes the place of Mohamed Salah.
  6. Attempted rescue. The right leg, which was pulled out of the center of the field by Curtis Jones, was saved in midfield. Supported by Roberto Firmino.
  7. Offside, Liverpool. Neko Williams shot across the line, but Roberto Firmino was in an offside position.
  8. Replacement, Fulham. Harrison Reed replaces Mario Lemina.
  9. Aim! Fulham 1, Liverpool 1. A left click in the middle of the target was made by Liverpool.
  10. Aboubakar Kamara (Fulham) missed the ball with his hand in the penalty area.
  11. The attempt is blocked. Giorginio Weinalduma (Liverpool)’s right leg shots are blocked outside the penalty area.
  12. Curtis Jones (Liverpool) successfully converted the free kick into his own half.
  13. Foul Ivan Cavaleyro (Fulham).
  14. Ademola Lookman (Fulham) has been booked by the referee for an offence.
  15. Neko Williams (Liverpool) wins a penalty on the right wing.
  16. Ademola Lookman (Fulham) will be punished after he has committed an offence.
  17. Replacement, Fulham. Aboubakar Kamara replaces Reuben Loftus chic.
  18. Corner, Fulham. Concession from Jordan Henderson.
  19. Corner, Liverpool. Anthony Robinson’s confession.
  20. The attempt is blocked. Neko Williams’ (Liverpool) throw to the right of the penalty area is blocked.

FA Soccer cup Day bench game

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