Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Does Lara need another reboot? (Image: Square Enix)

Monday’s inbox is hoping for the first Nintendo Direct system in 2021, as one player is interested in a portable analog system.

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Lara’s Charm
Sunday was Lara Croft’s birthday. It’s not Tomb Raider’s birthday, which falls in October, but the character’s real and fictional birthday. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day, which is kind of trite, but that’s how it was in the old games, and I honestly miss their attitude instead of taking it seriously.

Although they haven’t shown anything yet, Crystal Dynamics has announced a new game, and they said it would combine the classic and reboot timelines. I’m not sure that’s exactly the point of the reboot of the first Lara, which I don’t think contradicts what we saw when we saw her when she was younger, before she was barely a teenager – unless I’ve forgotten something along the way.

I hope that in the new game, the merging of the timelines also means a merging of the tones, so we get a wiser Lara and stranger things like dinosaurs and monsters. The new games had Ghost Samurai and such, but it was both too much and not enough as far as I was concerned. I like the idea of Lara being an older character, maybe 50 years old, which makes her super experienced, but probably also pretty world-weary and sarcastic.

The Tomb Raider series was my favorite, and even though the rebots weren’t bad, they had the charm of the first roles, and that’s what interests me more than the gameplay or story. I know some people are asking for another reboot, but I don’t think that’s really important. Nobody cares about the stories, it’s all about Lara herself. So call it a reboot or not, but make it clear that we should call it Tomb Raider.

Mario wins again in Sony’s
share issue is a win for Nintendo. After three failed attempts to get my hands on a PlayStation 5, I decided this would be my last attempt until it was available again. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll use the money to finally get the exchange.

Now computer hardware is sold everywhere, whether it’s the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nvidia graphics cards or the Nintendo Switch, so I didn’t expect to have a Switch. But to my surprise, Argos had a replacement version (the only place it was available) of the recently released Mario color switch, which comes with a carrying case and screen protector, for £10 less than anywhere else, and only £10 more than the standard model sold everywhere else. This is also good news for all those waiting for the Switch Pro, as my purchase largely guarantees that it will be announced soon.

A regular contributor to Underboxer/Inboxer has already sent an email to report that they were able to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 at Argos during their latest stock drop, thanks to the fact that they seem to distribute their stock locally rather than centralize, allocating stock that can only be picked up at regional stores. The unit I ordered is not available for home delivery, just click and pick up. Congrats to Argos for at least trying to distribute their stock more evenly.

It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a Nintendo system. I missed the charm and magic of Nintendo in my games. I took it with Ring Fit to burn a few Christmas calories. I trade things for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Nintendo Switch Online for retro fun. I’ve been wanting to play the Switch port of Virtua Racing for a long time. The Switch is perfect for Indians, and I’m looking forward to a few sessions of bench breaking in manual mode.

Gentleman’s Agreement
For me, the best update Nintendo has ever made to Super Mario 3D World is very simple: the ability to collect points at the end of each level! May I ask if this is possible in the new version?

I’m sure many people like it or don’t care for it, but it ruined the original for me. When I played with my little cousins, I had to be careful not to crush them. I enjoy humiliating children as much as anyone, but after a while no one enjoys it anymore.

So did my fiancé. It’s the kind of game she likes to play, when she’s not playing, as a relaxing way to spend time together. But on the other hand, it creates a strange dynamic where I always have to be careful not to collect too many things so as not to overshadow his score. I can’t just relax and play.

When I play with my Nintendo friends, on an intimate evening I prefer to transform into a fiercely competitive white cat, Mario Battle Royale.

Let me turn it off!

GC: Can’t you agree not to look at it when it’s on?

Please send your comments by e-mail to: [email protected].

Analog Console
I hope Panic calls me soon to finally get my hands on one of their new yellow Playdate handheld consoles.

Anyway, GC, I was wondering if you’ve heard of any other new retro laptops released this year by a Seattle-based company called Analog called Pocket? Apparently it has to happen in May, right?

GC: We have to admit we’ve never heard of it. But he does look cool on the website.

Bad Luck
I don’t know if I completely agree with Super Mario 3D World. There’s clearly something to love, but the people in charge are too shy.

The 3D environment doesn’t lend itself to the overly sensitive adjustments you have to make all the time. It reminds me of the platform games of the older generation, where you had to rely on both luck and skill. I’m going to try Bowser’s Fury now, but I hope it doesn’t raise as much anger.

GC: It wasn’t our experience with the game, we thought it was very accurate.

I immediately alerted
and wondered if any GameCentral players could give me a tip on how to keep track of PlayStation 5 inventory on Discord? I created a Discord account on my PC, downloaded the Samsung application for Android mobile devices and signed in, but how do I disable it when the disc version of the PlayStation 5 is available? I can’t figure out how to do it.

Thank you if anyone has any advice.
Andrew J.

Street Fighter for all
Sony seems indifferent to the Japanese market this generation, I hope this means they don’t have to pay for Street Fighter exclusives anymore.

I don’t want another generation to suffer without a good Street Fighter game. I suffered enough under the N64, GameCube and Wii years….
ttfp saylow (Gamertag)/SW-5758-6539-2383
I now play : Dragon Quest 11

Farewell, King Bowser!
Thanks for telling us what you think of Super Mario 3D World. I’ve jumped into Bowser’s fury, and while I agree that it has a lot of potential, I’m not so keen on the mechanics of waiting for Bowser to access the feline gem behind blocks that only he can break. Like you, I found that it wasn’t entirely clear when it would come out, so it seemed very unwise to wait a few minutes to get a 100% coverage.

It’s a great compliment to an otherwise great design to say that in some cases waiting is the only option, because you’re never more than a few steps away from doing something completely different.

I know there are a lot of questions about what Nintendo will do next. But between that, Animal Crossing and Ring Fit Adventure, I will be eternally grateful for the light they brought to an incredibly dark time.
Craig (SW-5396-2105-3230)

GC: We never waited for him, we just knew where to go when he came. He waited for that to go away, especially in the last game, which we found frustrating at times.

Only Peach Princess
is still kidnapped by Bowser, are we sure? Somehow, she always ends up in Bowser’s castle. Isn’t the kidnapping a case of Mario’s delusion that he can’t admit that Peach left him for someone else? In Super Mario games, you really play the Mario psychosis.

By the way, Bowser Jr.’s mother was never identified? Did Bowser do a paternity test to find out that Koopaling is not his descendant? His kids too, but now it’s just Bowser Jr. Alex Kazam.

GC: Bowser Jr. calls Peaches a mother in Super Mario Sunshine, although Bowser later denies this. But yes, there’s definitely something between them.

Now that Super Mario 3D World exists (again), you’d think Nintendo would feel the need to more openly discuss its plans for 2021. But I’ve discussed this with other GC readers, and while Nintendo’s release schedule is rarely clear, it seems to me that the following retrospective details aren’t always appreciated.

So here’s a summary of what I understand to be the last two full years that Nintendo has announced opening games that aren’t ports, remakes, or remasters.

Paper Mario: Origami King – announced May 2020
Ring Fit Adventure – September 2019
Brain Training – September 2019
Suite of Zelda : Nature’s Breath – June 2019
Super Mario Maker 2 – February 2019
Box Boy! + Boxing girl! – February 2019

The above does not include the Skipping Rope Challenge or Bowser’s Rabies, but I do not consider this an omission or cheating, hopefully for obvious reasons. The question now is whether this anemic flow of information from the first parties will continue for much longer, or whether it indicates how late a correct announcement or presentation will be.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, for all those who have never played all the other stuff that isn’t strictly new, there was decent content to be expected, but the above would only apply to a single successful event, not a two year event when it should be the culmination of one of the most successful machines of all time.

GC: It depends on how you define the first part, because they released more games than just games, even if they didn’t make them themselves. Also HAL Labs, the makers of Box Boy! + Box Girl! is not owned by Nintendo, nor technically by the second party. However, the company Intelligent Systems, which manufactured the fire emblem: Three houses in 2019 are so closely associated with Nintendo that it’s more like a party at 1½. Luigi’s Mansion 3 could be retroactively considered a game from the first part, as Nintendo later acquired Next Level as a developer.

Just a few retro Christmas songs for your merchandise. When can we expect a review of the next Ghosts ‘N Goblins? By the way, are there any release dates for Alex Kidd’s remastered version of In Miracle World? Thank you in advance.

GC: We will review Ghost Rising ‘N Goblins, but not yet. Unfortunately, Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be released later this year.

I really enjoyed Hot Topic this weekend and I had no idea how old some of these franchises are. I had never heard of old manuscripts for Oblivion, which was number four!

The topic of this week’s
-inbox was brought up by reader Austin, who asked what game you still thought would never be surpassed graphically? ? And now he seems ridiculously unworldly.

It could be any game from any era and in any format if you thought at the time that the graphics would never get better (or at least not much better). Was that thought justified and did the game in question prove to be a game milestone or did it impress you?

Are you still regularly impressed by video game graphics, or are you worried that they’ve reached a plateau and are only slowly getting better? What do you think of the next generation of visualization and what has impressed you the most?

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Will Tomb Raider continue to follow the shadows?

Given the three-year gap between Rise and Shadow, we can assume that the release date for Tomb Raider 4 will be in 2021, with an announcement of the game in early or mid-2020. The annual E3 conference in June could be the perfect time to announce Tomb Raider 4, no matter how goofy the game may be.

Are all Tomb Raider games connected to each other?

They’re not connected at all. Anniversary Tomb Raider/Legend/The Land World are in their own separate universe with their own story. Tomb Riader 2013 and Rise is a brand new story full of wisdom. They just redid it and made her a more believable human character.

Is there a new Tomb Raider game in development?

Publisher Square Enix announced last October that Tomb Raider Reloaded, a free mobile action game, would be released in 2021. Crystal Dynamics plans to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary in 2021.

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