Resident Evil 2 – still the best? (Image: Capcom)

Wednesday’s Inbox tries to figure out what the next Star Wars game will be, while readers defend the new Mortal Kombat movie.

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Everyone seems pretty optimistic about Resident Evil Village, and I can’t blame them, because even though I missed the first PlayStation 5 demo, I enjoyed the lock-in this weekend, and all the trailers and previews look pretty good too. Resident Evil 7 was solid, so everything is in place, but will it be the best in the series?

The goal of any sequel should certainly be that, and this sequel specifically references the spirit of Resident Evil 4, which most people probably consider the best in the series. At least, I did. At the moment I think the controls are too dated to be truly brilliant, but I can’t imagine the original pace and action of the remake working without them.

So if you take 4 pictures, which one is the best? Not a 7 I would say, and certainly not a 6 or 5. And, it’s definitely not 3, redesign or not, it’s code: Veronica is so irritating that it seems like Resident Evil 4 was made yesterday. So is there 1 or 2 left? That’s a bit surprising considering the series is 25 years old and the first two are still the best.

Given the remake, I vote for the 2, but I can fully respect those who choose the original (assuming they mean the remake). So will the Village be better, and if not, what needs to happen to win the title? If issue #9 marks the end of the first-person trilogy, will we have to wait for issue #10 to see a complete reimagining that could finally surpass the old games?

Everyone knows
like the problem with FIFA and its loot boxes is that everyone knows they suck and EA is exploiting them, but they can’t help but buy them anyway. It’s as if people know smoking is bad for them, but continue anyway because they like it.

In that respect, I’m glad there aren’t many football fans. When I play the game, I will never spend money on microtransactions or anything else.

While I don’t think the leaked presentation is a smoking gun, the one thing I take away from EA is that you and Hoyler deny that they are not targeting children. They may not advertise on Cbeebies, but the game is 3+ and they can’t know who is spending money on random lootboxes, and I’m sure many of them are kids.

The lottery boxes are so obvious that it’s not even a problem for me. I’m not going to take to the streets to complain, but we all know it’s a bad idea and would be better without it.

He had us waiting on
. Now that the Knights Of The Old Republic remake was a bit of a flop, what do we think of the next Star Wars game? As far as I know, Ubisoft is the only one that has been officially announced, and yet we will have to wait for years to come. So at the same time it will probably be Fallen Order 2 or Battlefront 3?

The fallen decision is less than two years old, so it is unlikely that a new decision will be ready before Christmas next year at the earliest, probably not until a year after that. It’s not because EA or Respawn are doing anything wrong, it’s just a sign of how long it takes to develop AAA games these days.

From that perspective, I can understand why Lucasfilm also licensed it to Ubisoft, even though we all know they would be identical to any other game, just with the Star Wars dynamic.

Squadrons was a good idea for something smaller and faster, so I hope they strike a deal with someone to do a strategy game or some other less obvious genre. There’s still a lot to do, but at the rate these games are coming out, we’ve had the tenth series before another one comes out.

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discussion I keep seeing people dismiss death threats on Twitter as if it’s just a game or it’s obvious they don’t mean it. then we have a story like the one about the guy who tried to insert himself into the developer Genshin Impact. That’s no reason for jokes, especially when that’s the cause of death in America.

Sure, you’ve never seen this kind of craziness in your inbox before, but you can still see that people are starting to take an interest in something as trivial as video games. Isn’t the point to enjoy them, that they don’t matter? It’s entertainment you can get into without arguing. Except for the Call of Duty cheating, I guess. I can understand that.

Definitely one for the
player Can I use a USB 3.0 hub with the PlayStation 4 to make the steering wheel work with the VR headset? I have a hard drive in the second USB port, so as far as I know, the hub would be the only option. Probably one for the readers. It’s a slim PS4 model, so it only has two slots, I guess.
PS : Talk about cheating in Call of Duty: This phenomenon has also spread to PlayStation 3 games. There are even people who sell cheats online. I’ve never used one, but I’ve seen a few on eBay.

Next Genre Combat
Since I’m not a huge superhero fan, I don’t really care if NetherRealm is going to make a DC or Marvel game, but what I do care about is what they’re going to do with the next Mortal Kombat. Even with the new generation, I don’t know where they went from Mortal Kombat 11, which may not have been ideal, but I’m struggling to find important features that were missing or somehow like you can do things with the new consoles that they didn’t.

Street Fighter is almost in the same situation where I don’t see what else you can do. Capcom could have used a decent story mode and some more Mortal Kombat bells and whistles, but in terms of gameplay I already found Street Fighter 5 hard to justify, not to mention the fact that 4 was essentially a remake of 2.

People have been talking about this problem with fighting games for years, but I think it’s reached the point where there’s nothing left to change. If even the prospect of the next generation doesn’t offer obvious new opportunities, where are we going? And even if you say better graphics and faster load times are enough, what do you do for Mortal Kombat 13?

Casual Kombat
I’m not a big Mortal Kombat fan, I’m someone who has played several earlier versions at friends’ houses for a few rounds. I learned a few combos and that was it. I bought the last Mortal Kombat. That’s actually the first one I bought.

I really enjoyed the story game type, and I couldn’t believe I was buying a movie with built-in combat….. I loved it! I saw the new movie Sunday night and I love it too! I hope they make another one. I would put it on par with the Silent Hill movie as the best video game movie.
TommyFatFingers (Search 2)

GC: That might be the sweetest compliment we’ve ever heard.

Plus: Games

I saw the new Mortal Kombat movie twice before the
action, and I loved it.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion are perfectly adapted for the big screen, they really managed to embody these characters, especially with the icy special effects.

I’ve never played a Mortal Kombat game after the story, and I’ve loved this game series since day one. Is there anyone old enough to remember Death Monday? I can’t say he’s ever adapted a good story for the big screen, which is probably a weakness of the new movie and the others before it.

When characters have to introduce themselves and give their names so we know who they are, while it’s obvious to fans who they are, it’s kind of annoying to see that he’s Asian and has a round razor hat on his head. I suppose it has to appeal to the masses to sell as much as possible, but there will never be Tarantino-esque twists or Oscar-winning performances based on the games’ main plot.

All fans should see it. They mastered the characters better than in the other films. I hope it turns out well, because it leaves a sequel open at the end. Some actors have already signed contracts for other films, I read somewhere on the internet.

After the harsh words in the inbox, I had to respond. It’s worth it to see the blood, guts, death and fan service at least once.
Nick the Greek.

Let readers know that SatansTherapeut’s claim that enabling Dolby Atmos on the Xbox One S and X/S series costs £13.89 is an outright lie. It’s free on the Xbox, but you have to pay a one-time fee for the headphones.

I just watched 17 minutes of gameplay from a game called Lost Soul Aside, and all I can say is wow! You look like Bayonetta on drugs.
Zombie Kicker

This week’s
Inbox topic was suggested by reader Watson, who asked for a brand new fighting game featuring your favorite characters.

If you could make a fighting game with existing characters from another game, movie, TV show or comic, what would it be and how would it work? Do you think there is a realistic chance of this happening, and do you think it would be a good game?

You can also use crossover ideas like Marvel Vs. Capcom and the Super Smash Bros equivalent, but try to keep your offering relatively reasonable, with a manageable character roster and believable moves and features.

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