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Star Wars: Empire at War – want to see the modern equivalent? (Photo: Lucasfilm Games)

Thursday’s post reminds us of the greatness of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, as one reader favors PSVR over PS5.

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Strong strategy
Am I the only one who laughed at the fact that Lucasfilm wanted to make an open world game and the first company they thought of was Ubisoft? I can’t say I’m a big fan of their work, because everything they do tends to be so stereotypical and they tell such lame stories, but I have to give them credit for really knowing how to build a good open world.

They’re unlikely to be my first choice for the Mandalorian game, but we’ll see if they are. Although it seems likely, even without reference to Jason Schrier. I really hope Lucasfilm makes a strategy game too. Empire at War was great, but never the great strategy game I always wanted. Can they get Paradox Interactive to do anything? I’m sure that would be fun, but maybe a little cheesy?

Maybe they could bring in Firaxis (Civilization and XCOM) or the Creative Assembly (Total War)? It seems much more plausible and just as plausible as Bethesda and Ubisoft working for them.

I hope they want to include Japanese developers as well. I would love to see an action game from PlatinumGames or even an RPG from Square Enix or Atlus. Everyone wants to make a Star Wars game, and Lucasfilm is clearly taking advantage of that. I hope they will make more non-film contacts, but I hope that comes in time and is an excellent way to organize a return.

Thin Leather Jackets
To answer Stroop’s question about the best Lucasfilm game, I also like the two he chose, for me Indiana Jones and Destiny of Atlantis have to be the best. It wasn’t that funny, but there was dry humor, good dialogue and puzzles, and – very unusually for a point ‘n’ click game – the ability to replay.

The beginning of the game prepares you for that, as one of the first things you do is try to get Indy into a theater that has three solutions. Soon after, Indy sets out to find an object that can be randomly placed in one of three locations, each with different puzzles to solve. Once the search is complete, the first operation is finished and you have the choice of which path to follow.

Each path, although mostly in the same places, will have different dialogues, puzzles and solutions. Because of the way you encounter certain characters, they can be hostile to you on one hand and friendly to you on the other. All three tracks then transition smoothly to the fence number.

Even today, this kind of branching would be very unusual for a point ‘n’ click game (though we see it in interactive sci-fi games that don’t require as many extra puzzles), and even in the games that do, I’ve never seen it done so well.
Lord Darkstorm.

Shallow Fun
I really enjoyed Rise of the Phoenix Immortals. Enough to get the platinum trophy, which took 65 hours. Even then, the game didn’t seem tired. The only aspect that was subtle long before the end was the riddles of the vault, his version of the Breath of the Wild shrines.

A test of strength I enjoyed. But the puzzles were mostly boring pushing blocks, moving objects A to objects B, which I got tired of halfway through my playthrough. Their most obvious aspect, however, was that it required a bit of 3D platforming to dodge the deadly laser beams. I think Nintendo is the only company that can really anchor the 3D platform. Although Astro Bot: The rescue mission was good too.

But it’s still a very entertaining game. Fighting is fun. The game world is beautiful and offers a great sense of scale. As in many of Ubisoft’s open games, where the same game loop is copied and pasted all over the map, this makes for a fairly shallow, but still entertaining experience.

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Wii U
Advantage Since one of the newest features of the new generation is faster loading on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox XS/S series, I found the YouTube video comparing loading on the Wii U to that of New Super Mario Bros U interesting.

If you don’t want to watch a video, Wii U will load the Game Card and level up faster!
Andrew J
PS : Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be available for free on the Epic Store starting today at 4pm.

Less is more than the GC: We would have liked to see more episodes that would have been better at a third of the length instead of over 60 hours.

I totally agree, and if the price is reasonable, I think players and developers will benefit tremendously. Shorter development cycles around the world make perfect sense. Long development delays like those of Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite (they delayed it, after all!) hardly convince us otherwise. Also, as we get older, with work and family obligations, not everyone has the time to engage in these overly long games. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I still had the time, but I always put quality over quantity.

Subscription services like Game Pass are ideal for supporting these games. But this doesn’t mean the quality has to suffer and the example of GC’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales is proof of that. Let us hope that such successes pave the way for others. Sometimes less is more. The isolation of foreigners is a good example. Fantastic game, but the filling (especially the removal) can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction.

Wasting Magic
Speaking of possible anniversaries to celebrate with Nintendo (Mario, Zelda and Metroid are 35 years old), there’s one that hasn’t been mentioned yet : Pokemon.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, and since Pokémon is the biggest thing in the world, even bigger than Jesus (I think the official measure is 1.21 GigaJesi), we should plan something big, right?

For Christmas, I finished Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order. Pretty interesting game. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it’s interesting to note that the deeper I got into the game, the more buggy things became commonplace. Opening the crates underwater made no sense from an animation perspective. The beginning and end seem to have taken a lot of effort, but the central part is truncated or a bit rushed.

I also found it fascinating to see how it seemed to build on the promise of a trilogy of sequels (IMHO, The Last Jedi is actually the second best Star Wars movie) before Skywalker Rising ruined everything. Did they suggest that Snoke was connected to Zeffo? The design was similar.

Either way, it’s a great game, and I find it interesting that the best Star Wars roles now take place outside of the main films.
Joseph Dowland

GC : The first plans for the 25th anniversary were drawn up just hours after this email was sent. We hope you like Katy Perry. But don’t write with two unrelated topics like this. If everyone did that, we’d get half the letters.

Shock and Awe
I really hope the RV doesn’t technically launch from last generation to current generation. It’s so immersive and intuitive. I just played an RV mission from the Star Wars front tonight, and I felt a strong chill and couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

The PlayStation 5 can wait for another generation. In my opinion, it’s rarely much better than the VR experience. It’s a turning point, just like the transition from 2D to 3D. Surprisingly good!

Stop the bullshit
I followed the chat in the inbox about the length of the game and also your bounce on Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a shorter history and a better fit. As a teenager with a very limited disposable income, the length of the game was a major factor in my decision to buy it, as the longer game offered good value for money in my eyes. It’s been 20 years, and now, for me, it all depends on the quality of the story. I would have preferred a shorter but well told and engaging story, rather than an incredibly long one just to add extra hours of play.

Mario’s latest game suffers from it, and while it’s still a very good game, I’m sure it would have been better if they cut it down by five hours. I haven’t played it, but the latest Assassin’s Creed games are frequently mentioned in this context.

It is hoped that the success of Miles Morales shows that consumers like a shorter, well-made game at a fair price. I recently played Short Hike one evening and it was a wonderful experience. The developers could have easily asked the players for a few more hours, but they didn’t, and I congratulate them for that.

I’m not saying all long games are bad, there’s clearly room for them. These are games that are stretched to extend the running time.

I won’t comment on
, but can we talk about the terrible scale of Cyberpunk 2077?
C.J. Scott.

Q1.5 Games for Wii U? Oh, my… I thought we were past this nonsense. John doesn’t know the concept of sequels? If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is version 1.5 of the game for Wii U, so Call Of Duty is version 1.17 of the original.

Hot Topic
This week’s inbox topic was suggested by reader Cranston and asks : What do you think is the most popular single-player game of all time?

Except for multiplayer games, which have no end in sight: Which game do you keep coming back to and why? Is it the gameplay, the story, or some significance of the game in your life?

Do you play the game in the format it was originally released, or is it because you’ve played it so many times that it’s constantly being updated and reissued? What can make you stop overplaying your hand, and will you ever?

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