Will the wait for GTA 6 last even longer than expected? (Image: Rockstar)

Friday’s Mailbox thinks public opinion is shifting in favour of the Xbox over the PS5, while one reader hopes Control 2 will replace Alan Wake 2.

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Too much success
Radio silence reigns in most companies right now, so there’s no need to ask when Rockstar will announce GTA 6. Instead, I’m starting to wonder if they will. GTA 5 is coming to the next generation of consoles later this year, and even though it’s a port, it’s no small project. They put a lot of time and effort into it and wouldn’t have cared if it had been just a flash in the pan, because they could have been satisfied with backwards compatibility.

So maybe… GTA 6 not coming to PlayStation 5? Maybe they’ll just make a new game like they did with Redemption 2 and do it online. It may not make as much money as GTA 5, but the problem is that once GTA 6 comes out, GTA Online will be obsolete and no worthwhile artist will want to kill that golden goose.

My heart tells me that GTA 6 will be announced sometime during the existence of the PlayStation 5, but my head tells me that it’s not a definite fact at all. This may take another generation or, if there are no more generations, five years or more. It’s a shame, but GTA 5 has become too successful across the board, so successful that even its own sequel had a chance.

Future Battlefield
I’m curious to see what the new Battlefield will look like this year, especially since all the rumors seem to be in the near future. I don’t want to be too serious, but I wonder if there will be many soldiers in the future. A decade ago, when Call of Duty was doing this, drones seemed like pure science fiction, but it’s now clear that this is the future of the military, where robots are also getting closer to viability (not under AI control, but in the sense of something pointing a weapon and walking around the field).

They’ll probably still be the place for SWAT troops, but even then, wouldn’t a small platoon with an attack squad be better? The future might be too sci-fi to make a decent game at this rate. I mean, why do we need tanks now? Who would they fight? The jet fighters? As long as no aliens are invading, it would be much more efficient to use a drone.

It’s common knowledge that they use Xbox controllers for the controls. So in Battlefield, we play the game internally when we take control of the drone, which is pretty weird. The more you think about it, the more you understand why Call of Duty continues to be the second game of the season. World War II resumes.

Missed Opportunity
Well, I missed my chance to buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but at least I don’t regret it yet. Unsurprisingly, the next day Nintendo made a mega announcement about a free Super Mario Galaxy 2 (seriously, who knew?), meaning we won’t be seeing these games again for the next few years. You’d think Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be there, but I don’t know what that has to do with it.

Too bad, because I would have liked to see a complete compilation and especially a complete remake of Super Mario 64. What they’ve released for the Switch actually seems to be nothing more than a port, and that’s just lazy as far as I’m concerned. And disrespectful to the legacy of the game, because even watching it on Twitch, it’s clear that it doesn’t look good, and that they should have improved the camera more.

Nintendo can make good remakes if they want to, Zelda: Link’s Awakening was very cool, but overall they are very bad at making their older games available, which is ironic considering they have the best legacy of games from all three console makers.

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Remedy independent control system has been in use for 25 years ? It’s amazing when you consider how few games they actually made and that, as you say, none of the games were that important. I think selling the rights to Max Payne to Rockstar and all those years in bed with Microsoft must have kept them alive. I’m even surprised Microsoft never bought it, because I remember Phil Spencer saying he was a fan.

I like his work too. Quantum Break was a mistake, I don’t know what they were thinking with the TV, but I really like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Control. I think one is a marked improvement over the other. So I’d rather see Control 2 than the Alan Wake sequel, but I don’t think that game is out yet.

I’m also glad Microsoft didn’t end up buying them. I’d rather see independent studios do what they want, and Control was a big risk they probably wouldn’t have had to take if they had been owned by someone else.

series. I’m not surprised by the Balan Wonderworld review. That demo was one of the biggest failures I’ve ever played. I’m sure the game as a whole didn’t have a huge budget, but Square Enix created a new studio for Yuji Naka to helm the game, so they clearly thought the game and everything he worked on was worth it. I think we can all imagine what they are thinking right now.

Since he has his own studio, I think Yuji Naka will at least get a chance to make a new game, but I agree with what GC said recently that he may not be very good at making video games. Sonic and NiGHTS have been around for a long time, and so far there’s no evidence that the game has moved with the times. Honestly, I’m not sure he deserves another chance.
horses: I guess everyone’s reviews are late because they sent in the review copies later?

GC: Yeah, they didn’t send out a review copy until launch day, supposedly because they were still waiting for a patch.

Toxic Avengers
I See Days Gone is being offered as a free game on PlayStation Plus this month. I’ve written before about how bad I felt trying to play. This is truly one of the worst games I’ve ever experienced, from the cryptic environments to the terrible characters. Every now and then I see a trend on Twitter and I can’t help but look at the almost universal love it gets.

I once stupidly responded to one of these comments with my own take on the game and was seriously insulted. I’m sure there are plenty of nice people who love this game, but there are also some seriously toxic people who defend it. At this point, any reference to the game is provoked, and I should really just erase it completely from my memory and never mention the game again. But here I am again, screaming into the abyss. I guess I’ll never learn my lesson.

GC: It certainly didn’t get universal love from the critics. The game scores 71 on Metacritic, the lowest of any current PlayStation game.

Some win, some lose
Oh man, when something as unimpressive as Outriders beats Marvel’s Avengers, you know something’s wrong. Funny that they’re both Square Enix games, but I highly doubt Outriders can make up for the money Square Enix lost developing Avengers and paying for the license.

I agree with another reader, it would have been much better as a single player game, but I doubt we’ll see a sequel that fixes that flaw. What a disaster, and there are only two real bad guys left!

Plus: Games

Customer Choice
It will be interesting to see what consumers think of the PlayStation 5. Last generation (and despite owning an Xbox 360), I voted with my wallet and went for the PlayStation 4 after Microsoft failed on digital rights, not being able to swap games (which I never did), always being online, etc. PlayStation was receptive after the conference and while they didn’t do anything special, it was their attitude towards the consumer that appealed to me, namely not taking them for granted.

Fast forward eight or nine years, and this time PlayStation has announced £70 games. I know this will probably change with time, but I hated it right away. Despite all the arguments for this price and why it should go up, I decided to investigate the Xbox. Even though I had no games with no points, it made a difference for me.

The Xbox seemed like a more user-friendly choice. Game Pass offers excellent backwards compatibility, so my old Xbox 360 games are playable. It seemed like the right buy. Thanks to my PlayStation 4, I would be an absolute fan of the PlayStation 5, were it not for the price of these games.

My choice was mainly to see who consumers don’t take for granted. I don’t know what’s going on in tabletop gaming magazines, but things like let’s raise the price of a game by £20 or make customers go online all the time and lock games to their consoles so they don’t get traded in and people throw them away are beyond me. It’s just total ignorance. They need to analyze changes based on customer trends and implement them slowly instead of forcing them on us.

Would you like to give a review for Outriders?

GC: Yes, but the copies of the magazines didn’t arrive until Wednesday.

Then I found the strangest thing. I bought Lego Marvel to play with my partner on my PlayStation 5 and noticed that when I selected the game on the home screen, the music played the Danny Elfman theme from Batman! How strange!

GC: What Lego Marvel game?

This week’s
Hot Topic inbox was inspired by reader Bacon, who asked what retro video game would you like to see in a next-gen emulation?

FPS Boost, which increases frame rate to 60 frames per second, has already proven itself on the Xbox Series X, but not for all games and there is no direct equivalent on the PlayStation 5. Other updates may include higher resolutions and solutions to problems such as screen tears. Which game from the PS1 era would you most like to see automatically remastered?

How important is this improved backwards compatibility and what advantage do you think Microsoft has over Sony with this?

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Will the Xbox X-Series get GTA 6?

Rockstar Games is sticking to its plan to launch new Grand Theft Auto games for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, leaving out previously announced projects. … And even if it is announced, GTA 6 might not come out until 2022.

Will GTA 6 work on Xbox One and X?

AT THIS TIME: GTA Online is still one of the most popular games today. … So it’s highly unlikely that GTA 6 will appear on the Xbox One, as Rockstar wants to present its latest opus in the best possible way, making the most of what’s under the hood of the new consoles.

Do games look better on the PS5 or Xbox X series?

There is no doubt that modern games look and play better on the Xbox Series X than on last generation’s hardware. … On the one hand, we’re lucky to have backwards compatibility with PS4 games on the PS5, but the console experience is very different. The transition between the two systems is not so easy.

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