Godzilla is 66 years old. The jubilee is becoming more and more important. Awaiting Kaizhu’s cult anniversary on the 3rd. In November, Toho International, Inc. announced numerous Godzilla brands and licensing announcements to help fans celebrate Godzilla like never before. The company announced the release of a series of brand new episodes aired weekly for the popular Godzilla fairy tale series, which currently has more than 325,000 viewers. Toho also introduces a new Godzilla licensing collaboration for games, clothing, collectibles and more. The focus is on the last episode of The Tales of Godzilla, which is currently in the air.

Although one might expect threatening images of Godzilla and Hydora in the Stories of Godzilla, this is not the case here. Instead, we are invited to join the sitcom. The makers of Meine drei Tore have made a sitcom for next season, as described. It’s a long way from Godzilla against Kong’s supporters, but for now…

POWERFUL: The life-size statue of Godzilla is made available to the public in Japan.

On the third. November 1954 Godzilla appears for the first time in Toho Godzilla, a classic monster film widely recognised as a masterpiece. This date is officially Godzilla’s birthday, and every year on this occasion the Godzilla Festival is held in Japan. In 2019, the festival attracted more than 20,000 visitors and this year’s event will take place almost where most fans are expected. Laura Kohn, Managing Director of Toho International, Inc. I should have said something.

Godzilla fans roar louder than any other community I know, and we always want to make sure they can remember their favourite character in new and exciting ways. With more people online than ever before, this is the perfect opportunity to offer fans a series of hilarious Godzilla fairy tales and fill the gap between our main film next year with Godzilla and Kong. We welcome the ongoing cooperation of our licensees to provide fans with even more meaningful experiences and products.

Godzilla Tales was recently released as a surprise to fans, featuring classic Godzilla monsters in bit format on screens around the world. The series features iconic images from dozens of Godzilla films, reformatted in a series of episodes that capture the fun and adventure for which Godzilla is famous. With nearly 20 episodes ranging from fakes to original themes, these light-hearted shorts are designed for fans of all ages.

Mediathonics has recently released her Godzilla crossover all over the world and brought a fan of her favorite Kajja in her popular multiplayer game Fall Guys : The ultimate knockout. From the 3rd. In November, fans can wear a brand new Godzilla skin after a limited time in the game. Fall Guys combines retro-reptile freshness with a limited series of handmade screen prints in two colours. This beautifully crafted work dates back to the classic titles of the show era in the Godzilla cinema. Godzilla was wiped out in the 1960s by the bragging and glamour that only fucking can offer.

Finally, Mondo continues his flagship, Godzilla, with brand new collector’s items. Mondo conquers the world of Godzilla in his unique style and once again sets up one of the most popular collaborations with all the new tiki circles, clothing and for the first time with the brand Godzilla, a series of vinyl figures and statues that represent Kaiju like no one has ever done before. You can watch the latest episode of the Godzilla Tales above, thanks to the nerdic YouTube channel.

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