TAMPA, Fla. – Rob Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is in the end zone much later as he and Tom Brady prepare for their eighth season of the joint approach. No one is happier than his old friend, Brady, that this arrangement worked better, although Gronkowski gambled to take his Christmas present from Brady and even give it back.

I took the Bumpboxx from him and gave it to one of the cafeteria staff, said Gronkowski Thursday, referring to the large, colorful Bluetooth button boxes of microphones that not only ring in the locker room, but also make casual rap fights between players easier.

So am I: Tom, you don’t need the bumpboxx. And he said yes. So am I: You’re a good guy. And then he gave me sunglasses….

Fault! The file name is not specified. Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady scored 12 receiving TD’s in the play-offs, making them the most receiving duo in NFL history. Kim Clement-USA Sports Today

Brady laughed. Did he tell you? He asked. I’m glad he did. I said: Yeah, you should. I have a lot of great stories with him.

Interestingly, Brady’s favorite memory of Gronk does not come from one of their three Super Bowls together, in which Gronk made 23 catches for 297 receiving yards and three touchdowns – but from a time when Gronk needed Brady to follow him through difficult times.

One day when he was getting ready for a photo shoot for GQ and thought he was out of shape, he called me. And he is: Can we practice together? Can we drop something? So we went to the baseball field, it was raining, it was, I don’t know, April, it was bad weather, and we hadn’t thrown a pass since the end of the season. And we probably threw 60 paces, walked and didn’t let go of the ball. It’s like the bullet never hit the ground.

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Ryan Clark explains why it would be a setback for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers if they don’t come to the Super Bowl this season.

And then he said [low voice, trying to sound like Gronkowski]: It was awesome. It was perfect. It was exactly what I needed. I’m torn. And he was ready for the photo shoot because we practiced together for a day. It was a good performance, but I think it was more important that he felt torn and now he could prepare for his GQ photo shoot. It’s one of the big stories. Except it’s Rob. That’s why everyone loves him.

Funnily enough, Brady was happy that Gronkowski was part of the new system in his first year in Tampa Bay and helped to lead a team with very little experience for the post-season season. In two weeks, they have a chance to break an important record. Gronkowski and Brady scored 12 touchdown receptions in the playoffs, pairing them with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice at most touchdown receptions by a QB duo in NFL history, according to ESPN Stat & Information.


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It was amazing. I’ve known him since he was in the league, Brady said. He has an incredible work ethic, [he is] tough, [he is] a very selfless player, [he is] a great teammate and does everything he is asked to do.

He knows how I feel about him. I have great faith in the great moments with him. Sometimes I think about the players. If it was the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, who would I want to see playing with me? That’s a perfect match. That is, at the most important moments, who do you need? If he can keep his promises as he has always done, that is a great compliment for him and for the way I feel not only for him, but for all his teammates. Just a great player, teammate and everything. I love playing with a man.

The feeling is mutual. According to Gronkowski, Brady is still the same man he first met 10 years ago in Foxborough, Massachusetts, who paved the way for a close friendship that ended abruptly when he thought his body was enough.

He hasn’t really changed as a player. Gronkowski said that from the first moment he met him, he practiced everywhere, practiced everywhere in meetings [and] tried to improve every day. This has continued throughout his career so far.

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