A hoodie collection can never be complete, no matter how many there are in your wardrobe at the moment. In addition to keeping you warm on cold days, the design of the garment also adds a dash of flair to your casual attire.

As a result of its adaptability, this top is suitable for wearing to the gym or on a date, as well as in the office or while walking the dog. There are so many options to pick from that it gets increasingly difficult.

Take a break from the rapid fashion and make something of your own.

Or maybe you’re looking for a unique way to say thank you to friends, family, or coworkers. If you’re in charge of a band or sports team, you could be on the lookout for high-quality merchandise. You need a custom-made sweatshirt in all of these situations.

If you’ve ever considered making custom-made hoodies, you’re aware of the myriad of concerns that might emerge. Ordering a new shirt from Amazon seems to be a lot simpler.

Don’t worry, we’ve done it before and it’s a cinch. It will all be worth it if you do everything correctly, and we can promise you that.

Choose a Good Fabric

Choosing a good fabric for your custom hoodie is important. You need to consider this because you want the wearer to feel as comfortable as possible.

We strongly suggest that you put on fleece on the inside of your hoodie as this is the softest fabric you can put on. But be careful, as not all printing can work on different fabrics.

Pick a Good Color

Color is another factor when choosing your custom hoodies. Everyone has different color tastes, but we suggest you pick either black or white because it is the safest and most used color when printing on a hoodie.

The color matters especially if you will design a huge logo.

Before printing, make sure to test your colors with a shirt you got from a store. Remember that the color will be a bit different from what it looks like on-screen. So, you need to try it out first before doing it on the hoodies you already ordered.

Customize Your Design

The fun part begins here! Customizing your hoodie is what makes the process special. If you are planning to make custom made hoodies, you need to think about whether or not you want a logo and what would be the most appropriate font for it.

Then, there’s the matter of colors that should go into your design. You can choose up to 8 colors in total: text color, logo color, background color, and 4 small accent colors.

Adjust Print Design

Make sure that your print design is adjustable before applying it. Don’t just place anything on your custom hoodies because the quality will suffer the same way it did when you tried printing a photo on a T-shirt with bad ink.

You don’t want to waste money and time, so try adjusting your design first before getting started. Ask for help if you need to.

Bonus Tips to Customize Your Hoodie

Keep it simple

When brainstorming for a design, it can be tempting to put a lot of design and colors on your hoodie. However, it is best to keep your design simple.

If you put too much stuff on the sweatshirt, it will end up looking messy. So, try keeping things simple and easy to read or it might end up looking bad.

Make a mockup shirt first

Another thing that you should do before actually printing a hoodie is to make a mockup. Doing this will help you see if the shirt is good to go or not.

If you are satisfied with the way it looks, then go ahead and order your custom hoodie. If not, make some changes first before sending it to print.

Make them comfortable!

Hoodie lovers want hoodies that they can wear comfortably, so that’s what you should aim for.

If your hoodie cannot be worn by other people then there would be no point in it. Custom-made hoodies are meant to help other people express themselves through fashion.

So, make sure that the fabrics and design are comfortable enough for other people before sending the order out.

Get the size right

Nothing’s more annoying than a hoodie that doesn’t fit you! So make sure to get the size right and you’re good to go.

If your hoodie is too big or small, then it’s not suitable for other people so better do some adjustments first before sending the order out.

Fast printing!

Research well on which printing company can print your designs fast so that you can receive them as soon as possible.

Now that you know the basics of designing a custom hoodie, it’s time to get started! Be sure to keep all of these things in mind when creating your masterpiece.

With careful thought and consideration for what the wearer might want, your hoodies will be sure to impress.

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