Warning. The following article contains a photo of Halsey where she was extremely skinny due to an eating disorder. Trigger warning!

Halsey apologized to her supporters for sharing the image of the bottom of the hole while struggling with an eating disorder. There is no doubt that Halsey placed this photo to encourage those fighting eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulemia, but she got a negative reaction that is no less important.

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Eating disorders are a very complex subject, especially when it comes to talking about them on social media. Social media are often accused of playing an important role in the development of eating disorders in young men and women, but also in boys and girls.

The world is obsessed with the perfect image and social media are full of people who have edited or stabbed their photos to make them look like edited photos. Because many people with eating disorders have a distorted image of what they really look like, photographs such as Halsey’s can often have the opposite effect and cause a decline in people struggling with their self-esteem.

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For many people with eating disorders Halsey wouldn’t look too thin or hungry in her picture, but perfect and maybe too fat. Therefore, it is important to treat the subject of eating disorders with caution and warn sufficiently before posting pictures such as those of Halsey.

You can see the photo shared by Halsey, as well as the shutter warning below.

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Source: Halsey/Instagram

Halsey then dealt with the resulting controversy on his official Twitter account. She apologized for not warning the photo enough to start, as many saw her in the photo post challenge by scrolling through her story on Instagram. You can see Halsey’s apology below.

TW: Disrupted power supply

I’m sorry I posted a picture of myself fighting erectile dysfunction without sufficient warning for the trigger. I was very nervous to be influenced and I wasn’t really thinking. I had good intentions. I would never want to hurt anyone who shares my struggle.

– h (@halsey) 28. December 2020

Halsey kept saying she was gonna take a break from social media, but it didn’t seem to take long. Halsey recently shared a photo on his official Instagram account.

With people telling me to stop now because it’s become something I can’t deal with emotionally now. I hope it’s not serious.

– h (@halsey) 28. December 2020

What do you think of Halsey’s apology?

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