To get a good understanding of the situation, it’s important to know that Ronaldo has two main agents: Jorge Mendes and Simon de Quieroz. The former runs Ronaldo’s affairs for him, while the latter is a consultant for Mendes; they represent a large number of top players in the world, and are instrumental in the transfer market. The Ronaldo-Juventus situation has been a tense one: after four years at the Juventus, Ronaldo returned to United and signed a new £300,000-a-week, four-year deal in the summer of 2018.

It’s been five years since Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford for the Bernabeu in a world record £80m move after nine seasons with the Red Devils. After everything he’d achieved, it was hard to believe that Ronaldo would leave but that’s exactly what happened. The Madrid outfit also offered him bonuses of £30m each year, which he couldn’t turn down.

To get a good understanding of the situation, it’s important to know that Ronaldo has two main agents: Jorge Mendes and Simon de Quieroz. The former runs Ronaldo’s affairs for him, while the latter is a consultant for Mendes; they represent a large number of top players in the world, and are instrumental in the transfer market. The Ronaldo-Juventus situation has been a tense one: after four years at the Juventus, Ronaldo returned to United and signed a new £300,000-a-week, four-year deal in the summer of 2018.

FRISCO, Texas (KTRK) — Mike McCarthy has finally found his feet.

McCarthy’s family has moved into a home north of the Dallas Cowboys’ practice complex after spending the 2020 season in Green Bay, Wisconsin, while McCarthy stayed in a Frisco apartment near The Star. His two children are enrolled at a private school in the area. His stepson attends SMU in Dallas as a freshman.

“As a family, this is an exciting moment,” McCarthy added. “We are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. I’m starting to feel like I’m married. I have the opportunity to speak with my wife.”

Few NFL coaches need a new start more than McCarthy, who begins his second season with the Cowboys on Thursday (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC) against the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC).

Is he still the coach who hoisted his only Lombardi Trophy at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, made four NFC Championship Game appearances, won the NFC North title six times and earned a playoff spot nine times in 13 years with the Green Bay Packers. Or, is he the coach who has a losing record at 17-26-1 in his past three seasons, including a 6-10 finish in Dallas in 2020?

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“It’s a rare pleasure to be under that kind of strain.” “Pressure is a luxury,” McCarthy remarked, citing Billie Jean King. “You have to take a step back since I’ve been out for a year.” It was something I had forgotten about. That aspect was lost on me. I’d missed the agony of what it’s like to have a gut feeling… We all have a task to perform, a purpose in this business: we’re all attempting to steal the same runaway train, I mean that with respect. The NFL is fantastic.

“To be honest, I believe that’s what the NFL is, whether it’s the first nine [years] or the past three. It’s difficult and helps you appreciate some of your accomplishments, but I believe it provides clarity on the things you need to improve in order to go to where we all want to go. You remain loyal to your strategy as long as it is excellent and sturdy. With it, I get a decent night’s sleep.”

McCarthy stated “there was a naiveness to it and it left a huge impact” with the way his tenure in Green Bay ended, when he was fired after beginning 4-7-1 with four games to play in 2018.

McCarthy spent his year off from the Packers before being hired by the Cowboys in January 2020 studying the game of football, digging into his personal library of binders for every game he had coached, dating back to his days at Pitt in 1989.

Five NFL coaches had their debut seasons in 2020, and they all faced comparable challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic: no offseason program, restricted training camp. Only Kevin Stefanski of the Cleveland Browns had a winning record (11-5). Coach Ron Rivera’s Washington Football Team reached the playoffs, but won the NFC East with a 7-9 record.

The Cowboys were a disaster defensively before the season began, and they couldn’t seem to stop turning the ball over on offense. Dak Prescott suffered a devastating complex fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in Week 5 and was gone for the season.

The Cowboys’ greatest moment, a road victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 11, was quickly followed by their saddest hour, when strength and conditioning coach Markus Paul died after collapsing in the Dallas weight room.

McCarthy was overheard addressing his players at training camp on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” “F—- last year.”

Coach Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys, who went 6-10 last season, open the 2021 regular season on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Associated Press (AP)

McCarthy’s reality isn’t always what he thinks.

Even though his father, Joe McCarthy, a Pittsburgh police officer and fireman who ran a local pub, told him differently, McCarthy never believed perception was reality. Mike felt that if you worked hard and did the right things, everything else will fall into place.

However, the 57-year-old instructor works for a company that thrives on image. According to Forbes, the Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world, valued at $6.5 billion. Dallas, on the other hand, hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 25 years and is one of just three NFC clubs that hasn’t played in a conference championship game since then. The others are Washington and Detroit.

“Now that I’ve had the chance to come here and understand the importance of perceptions, I’m still who I am,” McCarthy remarked. “Jerry [Jones] didn’t employ me to come down and boost his football team’s marketing. I’d probably put on a nicer outfit. I’d be more careful with my verbs. I’m also competent. But, yes, [the perception] is something I’m more conscious of. It’s all about winning at the end of the day. And I’m a natural winner. That is something in which I have faith.”

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner and general manager, believes the result and circumstances of last season provide motivation for McCarthy.

Early in camp, Jerry Jones remarked of McCarthy, “I believe there’s a determination.” “He handled the dosage we received last year like a man and accepted whatever responsibilities you threw at him. And he said it in a manner that implies that we’re going to strive to improve.”

McCarthy has had additional opportunities to work on first impressions as a result of NFL Films monitoring the team’s every action for “Hard Knocks.” Because he thinks his duty is to “guard the locker room,” he acknowledged it was difficult to be himself with cameras rolling all the time. Ellen, his mother, chastised him for some of the curse words he used in a few of the episodes.

McCarthy is still connected to the offensive side of the ball, even though Kellen Moore is the offensive playcaller for the Cowboys. During 11-on-11 drills, he was seldom more than a few steps away from Moore and the quarterbacks. Coach Sean McVay dashed between fields during a practice against the Los Angeles Rams in Oxnard, California, observing Rams quarterback Matt Stafford throw passes while also keeping a careful eye on defensive standout Aaron Donald and his unit.

Joe Whitt Jr., the Cowboys’ defensive passing game coordinator, spent 11 seasons as an assistant coach with McCarthy in Green Bay. McCarthy, he claims, is more involved in meetings with the Dallas defensive coaches than he was in Green Bay.



Mike Tannenbaum and Dan Graziano discuss Mike McCarthy’s job security as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Mike is Mike, and Mike is Mike. This is my 12th year working for him, and he has a strategy and a framework in place for how he wants the team to function “Whitt said. “We’re building a winning culture in the same way we did up north, and I believe in that culture and the way he communicates it to the players and coaching staff. So it’s very similar to when I first started working with him in Green Bay, and then we won the Super Bowl in year three or four. So, ideally, we’ll be able to expedite that process and complete it here.”

This year, players’ interactions with McCarthy have been different due to a more conventional offseason and training camp setup. The majority of their interactions are no longer done via Zoom.

“You know what I mean when I say he’s a guy’s guy?” Zack Martin, the Cowboys’ right guard, said. “He clearly wants to sit and discuss football, but he’s one of the guys. I know he has a good rapport with a lot of the guys, so it’s great to be able to sit and talk with him.”


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“I’ll say it’s more personal,” Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott says of his connection with his coach.

The Packers’ success over the last two years hasn’t helped McCarthy’s cause in terms of public image. Green Bay has had back-to-back 13-3 seasons under coach Matt LaFleur, with both teams reaching the conference title game. It helps that Aaron Rodgers has been healthy and performing at an MVP level, despite his 13-year relationship with McCarthy.

McCarthy added, “I believe they’ve done a fantastic job — and I’m not trying to take credit for it — I think they’ve done a great job of building off of what was there.” “I bumped with [Packers GM] Brian Gutekunst at Ohio State for the first time since I left, and we were talking about personnel and everything, and I told him, ‘I felt you did a fantastic job two years too late addressing the pass-rush issue.’”

The phrase “two years too late” was sarcastic, but it also included some truth. During McCarthy’s tenure, Ted Thompson, the Packers’ general manager, did not believe in making large free-agent signings. The Packers spent $183 million on free agents this year, including pass rushers Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith, safety Adrian Amos, and center Billy Turner.

McCarthy remarked, “I feel like I’m making excuses.” “It’s simply facts,” she says.



Deion Sanders joins First Take to discuss what the Cowboys can expect from Dak Prescott this season.

Better changes are coming.

In the success or failure of NFL clubs, excuses and facts are often corollaries. The following are the factors that contributed to the Cowboys finishing third in the NFC East this season:

  • Prescott’s loss and the start of three different quarterbacks (Andy Dalton, Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert)

  • Due to injuries, we used eight different offensive line combinations and 13 different configurations throughout games.

  • Due of the pandemic’s lack of practice time, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan was forced to implement a defensive system that did not match the players’ skills.

McCarthy, though, continues to elude a “normal” season and “regular” conditions. Prescott missed nine sessions during training camp and did not participate in a preseason game this season due to a latissimus injury in his right shoulder. In August, the club had as many as six players on the COVID-19 list, and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn missed two preseason games after testing positive for COVID.


Dallas is the first club to make a third appearance in the series. Here are some of the highlights from this season’s show: • Dak Prescott’s ambition, as well as his rehabilitation • CeeDee Lamb’s candles, among other things • Episode 5, Sept. 7, 10 p.m. ET, HBO • Diggs, drones, and DiNucci

« Cowboys’ 2021 Schedule | Complete Schedule

McCarthy said flatly, “This is the environment we’re in.”

If there are any questions about McCarthy, they don’t come from Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones, the executive vice president. They are ready to look beyond last year and consider it a one-time occurrence rather than a pattern. McCarthy’s predecessor, Jason Garrett, lasted nine seasons and won two playoff games, so they had a lot of patience with him.

Nobody knows how patient the Joneses will be with McCarthy in Year 2, but some speculate that McCarthy is in a must-win position in Year 2.

“There’s a lot of pressure on McCarthy,” ESPN analyst Marcus Spears, a Cowboys first-round selection in 2005, said. “There must be, particularly now that the Dak contract has been completed. If he doesn’t, he’ll be added to the list of coaches headed to the cemetery.”

As the season starts, the Joneses will pay little attention to the naysayers.

During training camp, Stephen Jones remarked, “This man is a proven leader.” “He didn’t simply win one Super Bowl victory by chance. He attended four championship games, after all. He continuously won year after year and kept the Packers in contention for the title year after year. This man is very well-organized, and he has excellent message… I believe he is unique because of how he interacts with our team.”

McCarthy is very aware of how he can alter public views.

McCarthy said, “At the end of the day, I’m in charge of preparing the squad to win championships.” “I’m not going to take my gaze away from it.”

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