There are several packaged products on the market that we all consume. Food bags always carry the FSSAI logo. Have you ever wondered if that even exists? You should be aware of this because if the FSSAI logo is present, it means your food is safe enough to eat.

The biggest question is who does the security clearance. The food inspector is responsible for performing various tests related to food safety, such as. B. Food ingredients, cleanliness of equipment, amount of ingredients used, hygiene, etc.

If you are willing to inspect where food is produced to ensure maximum safety and public health, you can become a food inspector. In addition to the FSSAI, many private companies hire food inspectors for their organizations.

Who is the food inspector?

A food inspector is a professional who analyses the quality and safety of food, examines hygiene factors and inspects the ingredients used in food production.

Role of the food control professional

Food inspectors carry out a wide range of tasks. Some of these are listed below:

  • It certifies the hygiene standards of factories responsible for the production of various foodstuffs. These consumables can range from food factories to restaurants.
  • It is responsible for the inspection of food producing and processing companies. It follows them during the production process and the demand for the sample before it is sold on the market.
  • Once the samples are collected, he conducts a full examination. The food inspector shall ensure that the quality of preservatives and food ingredients used in packaged foods meets the relevant standards.
  • It conducts a thorough examination of the process of industrial hygiene. They have set standards of cleanliness and hygiene, otherwise the industry could suffer heavy losses.
  • Suppose a food processing and manufacturing company is found to be breaching the standards of the Food Act 2006. In this case, the food inspector has the right to withdraw the authorisation of the establishment concerned without warning.

How does a food inspector do his job?

Performing food analysis

The food inspector must monitor the quality and safety of ingredients used in the production of packaged foods. It includes proof of purchase from the company, the type of food the company produces, the production process of the food and the machinery used to produce the packaged food.

Food Control

The food inspector is solely responsible for food inspection. It can accept or reject food produced by any company, depending on its quality. If they find that the quality of the food does not match the brand or they are unsure, they will never allow it to be sold. As an expert, he examines food ingredients and tests industrial and legal standards, safety regulations and many other aspects.

Ensures safety

The food inspector oversees the safety and security of food. A hygiene system is also mandatory in the food industry. That is why we also check whether they are in order, maintained or not.

Requirements for candidates for the position of food inspector

Food inspector requirements may vary depending on the program and position. Candidates holding one or more of the following qualifications can apply for the Food Inspector examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission across India.

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry/food technology/microbiology, animal science, fisheries, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, toxicology, life sciences, public health, agriculture or horticulture, dairy technology, industrial microbiology, food microbiology/technology, chemistry or food technology.
  • Must have a one-year post-secondary degree in post-harvest technology, bakery, dairy or food science, public health, from a state-approved institution or university. The candidate must have completed 1 of the above undergraduate courses.
  • The graduate student must have a master’s degree in biochemistry, food technology, microbiology, animal science, fisheries, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, toxicology, biological sciences, public health, agricultural or horticultural sciences, dairy technology, industrial microbiology, food microbiology/technology, chemistry, or food technology.
  • He/she must hold a doctorate in the subjects listed above.
  • If you want a place as a food inspector in the government, UPSC offers all candidates the opportunity to be examined by a food inspector. This is a national exam consisting of both skill and technical questions. This exam can be taken anywhere in India.

Sample Food Inspector Examination UPSC

The schedule of this test is very simple. It covers a wide range of subjects including science, GC and digital skills. He also has some questions about English grammar. The time for the exam is only 150 minutes. Candidates should pay attention when answering questions, as incorrect answers will be penalized.

Only eligible candidates can apply for the UPSC food inspector examination,

  • 18 to 25 years old
  • He/she must be an Indian citizen
  • Preference will be given to candidates with professional training in food safety.

The FSSAI also organizes a qualifying examination for various students who may sign analytical reports on packaged food in the workplace. If you pass the exam, you can land your dream job as a food inspector. The FSSAI conducts an annual audit. It offers certification for two categories, nutrition analyst and junior nutrition analyst.

It is open to both novice and experienced postgraduate students. Passing this exam will not give you job security, but it will give you a number of benefits if you become a food analysis specialist in a leading food analysis laboratory.

Qualifications to work as food inspector

A candidate who wants to become a food inspector should have the following skills to be as professional as possible:

  • Sufficient skills in the use of tools
  • Must be a computer expert
  • Good communication, decision-making and literacy skills.
  • Must be an expert, speaker and observer
  • It must be a systematic way of thinking
  • be familiar with the methods of analysis

As a food inspector, you must have both interpersonal and technical skills. A food inspector must have sufficient knowledge to be able to deal with all problems that arise in the food industry. He must be physically fit to work as a food inspector. He must also have a good sense of taste, smell and sight.

When someone is hired as a food inspector, they have many responsibilities. He or she must perform all operations safely, because if someone is served the wrong food, his or her life could be in danger. Thus, a food inspector must act wisely and correctly in the workplace.

Profession Food inspector

As the global food chain becomes increasingly intertwined, pressure is mounting to improve food safety. Greater attention is paid to the rules established by regulatory authorities at national and international level. Food inspection has become very important for everyone in today’s world. To strengthen these, there is a growing demand for the services of a food inspector across India.

Several public companies also employ food inspectors at state and federal agencies. In these companies, you can seize exceptional opportunities and also reach great heights in the private sector. Food inspectors also participate in the inspection of private and public units for analysis and control purposes.

In addition, there has been a commensurate increase in the need for expert food inspectors to streamline audits and ensure compliance with food regulatory guidelines.

Food inspector salary

Food inspector salaries vary from state to state. A food inspector can get a salary of Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000 per month. But after getting good experience as a food inspector, you can earn more money in this industry.

People in high positions in a government organisation may receive more than one lakh per month.

In the private sector, an applicant for a graduate job can get a salary of around Rs 20,000.


If you are looking for an exciting dream job, becoming a food inspector could be the right choice for you. Although this job has many challenges, it turns out to be the best job ever once you start it. You have to be very active while you work. They should be aware of the industry standards set by the government. This will help you further prove your worth. As a food inspector you are responsible for inspecting and detecting defects in food.

Every year you gain more knowledge and experience in the field of process management and safety standards.  Even if you have taken the food and drink course, you can apply for the food inspector job. So, what are you waiting for? If you are able to monitor and report irregularities, you need to be smart about detecting food adulteration.

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