Neurosurgeons are experienced osteopaths or physicians charged with treating the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, pain disorders, nerves and muscles. They are trained in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

They do a number of clinical trials and different levels of basic, advanced and even clinical trials. Many neurosurgeons work in medical centers. You only work forty hours a week.

If you are considering becoming a neurosurgeon in India, you are likely to earn a high salary. It is satisfying for any aspirant as it enables him to save lives and improve health.

For example, a neurosurgeon in India must specialize in a particular area. B. neurocritical care, headaches, neurology in children, autonomic disorders, etc.

Many also call them saviors as experts.

Requirements for candidates for the position of neurologist

  • To become a neuroscientist, a doctoral student must have passed at least class XII in science subjects. To qualify, subjects must include biology, chemistry or physics.
  • They must also obtain a valid score on the NEET-UG exam.
  • Upon completion of the MBBS program, students can earn a master’s degree in neuroscience.
  • Candidates may begin an internship as part of a one-year doctoral program. This allows them to properly experience medical practice and provide a real-time experience to patients.
  • Upon completion of the two-year postgraduate program, graduates may pursue a three-year internship in neurology. Because of this they have a good experience with neurological problems and disorders.
  • Candidates must be 17 years of age to sit for the NEET UG exam. The maximum age for taking this test is 25.

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Training as a neurosurgeon in India

  • If you have completed your class XII in science subjects, you can apply for MBBS.
  • This MBBS course has a duration of 5.5 years. The final year is entirely devoted to compulsory internships. After graduation, there are two ways to enter a neurosurgery training program.
  • First, you can take one of the entrance exams for the Mch degree. This is a 6 year neurosurgery course offered by some institutes like SCTIMST, NIMHANS, AIIMS. These institutes organize their own tests.
  • Second, you can take the NEET entrance test. If you meet the requirements for this program, you can easily get a place in a three-year MS program in general surgery.
  • Shortly afterwards, you may appear for the Super Special Entrance Test (NEET) to secure your place in neurosurgery training. This is a three-year course leading to an MH degree.
  • If you prefer the general surgery course to the six-year neurosurgery course, you have several advantages. In fact, you can learn about different surgical specialties such as cancer surgery, plastic surgery, urology, cardiac surgery, etc. This offers the possibility of moving on to another super-specialty in the near future.
  • NIMHANS and AIIMS also offer a three-year neurosurgery training program after obtaining a master’s degree in general surgery. They organize admission tests and vaccinations.
  • Aspirants who do not succeed in obtaining the NEET specialisation can take the neurosurgery course with DNB accreditation. You can participate in the centralized DNB admission test, which is administered by the NBE. You can also do an internship at a recognized private training institute or hospital.
  • Shortly after completing the three-year course, you will receive a DNB diploma.

The government has also recently stated that DNB and MCh degrees will have the same status for entry into the neurosurgery profession.

Neurosurgical qualification

A neurosurgeon is a non-surgical specialty and must possess the following skills to become a successful healthcare professional.

  • You must have good communication skills
  • Must have a leadership quality
  • Must always be willing to learn and adapt to different situations.
  • must have sufficient confidence in their work
  • Must be aware of teamwork

The neurosurgeon can easily diagnose problems in the patient’s peripheral and central nervous system.

Neurology in India

The field of neuroscience continues to grow in India. India indeed has a large number of patients with neurological problems. This also increases the demand for neurosurgeons. There are several medical centers and hospitals that they need to get the best care.

You can also work as a neurosurgeon all over the world, in different research centres and universities. Several private hospitals and governments also continue to recruit neurosurgeons for their clinics. If you are ready to become a neurosurgeon, you should take this opportunity today.

Activities of a neurosurgeon

There are a number of vacancies shortly after the neurology training program and residency. You can apply to any of them and start your career as a neurosurgeon.

Neurologist: These are doctors who specialize in diseases of the nervous system. To become a neurologist, you must have extensive medical training. This is a great choice for any doctoral student who is passionate about disease treatment and wants to learn more. They are responsible for processing the periphery, spinal cord and nervous system of the brain.

Neurosurgeon: They can be considered as the best medical professionals, who are able to treat various neurological disorders through surgical and medical procedures. They can easily treat chronic and acute problems.

Neurosurgeon: Neurosurgeons are doctors or clinicians who can treat neurological disorders with non-surgical procedures or with drugs.

They specialize in the treatment of disorders related to forgetfulness, memory loss, stroke and neuromuscular pain.

Employment opportunities for neurosurgeons in India

There are various vacancies as a neurosurgeon in India. You can also try neurosurgery in other countries. Neurosurgeons are among the highest paid clinical doctors. That’s because his work is very difficult.

Some of the employers who hire neurosurgeon in India are,

  • Private clinics
  • public hospitals
  • Brain and Spine Clinic
  • Medical railway installation
  • Military Medical Center
  • Specialized hospital and more

Below is a list of top companies that hire neurosurgeons:

  • Fortis
  • Max’s hospital
  • Indian Armed Forces
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Artemis

Earning a living as a neurosurgeon

  • As a neurosurgeon, you can make a big difference in the lives of a patient, their family and friends. This work gives the neurosurgeon great satisfaction and makes him happy when he sees the patient recover.
  • There are several advantages to working as a neurosurgeon in India, despite the complexity of their work. Includes:
  • Their salaries are very high.
  • A neurosurgeon is considered the most intelligent and respected specialist in the field of medicine.

Salary neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon’s salary depends on his or her specialty and the type of company he or she works for. Some of these medical experts who work in private practices make more money than other neurosurgeons who work in private clinics or hospitals.

The average salary of a popular neurosurgeon is 30,00,000 per year. As you gain experience and name recognition, your income in this field of neurosurgery increases.

Message: You need to keep in mind that the salary of a neurosurgeon is highly dependent on the company, location, job profile and number of years of experience.

Career as a neurosurgeon

Neurology is a medical specialty that offers a wide range of jobs due to its specialization. If you have a specialization, you can easily get a variety of jobs.

Neuroscience candidates are in high demand due to medical advances and innovations in the field. As a neurosurgeon, you can get a job in general neurology or specialize in one of the subspecialties.

As a neurosurgeon, you will work in some of the most fascinating and complex areas of medicine involving the nervous system and brain. You should treat patients who have been suggested by another doctor. If surgery is deemed necessary, the doctor will refer the patient to a neurosurgeon.


As a neurosurgeon in India, you have to help the sickest patients who are struggling with dire neurological problems in hospitals. We have to perform complex surgery on an intricate and fascinating anatomy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a neurosurgeon in India, if you have the right skills and are determined to work hard, then neuroscience is the best medical field for you. You will be blessed to correct your patients’ problems, and you will be very happy with their small improvements.

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