Searching for a new tablet can be a minefield, with a whole host of different options and suppliers, so it can sometimes be completely overwhelming. When you’re looking for the right option for your kids, the pressure can be intensified even more, with things like parental controls and sizing to consider, especially if you’re on a strict budget.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top tips for finding the right tablet for your kids without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. There are a few things to consider when shopping for kids that differ from if we were after some new tech for ourselves, so keep this advice in mind to help navigate your search. 

Child-Friendly Tech

Making sure your new tablet is truly child-friendly can be a tricky task. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that fit the bill. A common issue faced by kids when using a tablet not designed specifically for them is the actual size of the device – for little hands, a large tablet can be difficult to use comfortably and this increases the risks of accidental drops or damage. Lenovo kids tablets  offer a perfect solution to these issues, with tablets of different sizes that come at different price points. Whether your child has outgrown their current tablet, or they’re getting their first one ever, there is an option from Lenovo that will ensure usability for them, and affordability for you!

The Security of Parental Controls

As a parent, one of your main concerns when buying a tablet that your child can access the internet on will surely be their safety online, and whether there are options with the tablet you buy to introduce parental controls to monitor their activity or usage. It is definitely helpful to install a child-safe browser on your kids’ new tablet, to ensure you are able to restrict what they can access if necessary. You also have the option to turn off location tracking and activity recording on the tablet, to limit what information app development companies have access to.

Choosing a Long Lasting Tablet

You may want to look at options that are water-resistant, or come with a protective bumper that can cope with the active, fast-paced lives of your kids. Many of Lenovo’s tablets come with colourful protective bumpers, or waterproof covers, that allow leeway for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With many options for kids tablets being manufactured with these considerations in mind, you can avoid the stress of a drinks spill at lunch leaving your child without their entertainment. Another thing to consider is whether your home insurance covers any accidental damage to items such as tablets – this may make your kids’ new tablet even more affordable, as you won’t need to worry about surprise costs that may occur if a tablet is dropped or suffers a cracked screen.

To sum up, making sure you are choosing the right tablet for your kids can feel like a huge task, but by ensuring your kids can stay safe online, as well as choosing a long lasting and child-friendly product, you can make sure you’ve done all you can to set your kids up for a happy, healthy online experience.

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