PDF templates offer users a standardized, pre-made template to create a new document from scratch and for any occasion. PDF templates are made to resemble the most important and widely-used type of documents from contracts and legal agreements to diplomas and invitations. There are thousands of pre-made templates out there and users can fine-tune them to include only the information they need to give with a PDF form creator that makes PDF forms.

How to Edit a PDF

The best way to edit any PDF is with a dedicated PDF editor available online or in the form of desktop software. The online options are easier to use and have fewer costs associated with them, but users who work with PDFs every day are better served to buy a dedicated program like Adobe Acrobat or Infix Professional.

However, people who need to make minor changes to the text of a PDF file can use other ways, such as Google Drive and Google Docs. Users can upload their PDF file to their Google Drive account and view it through the Preview option. If users want to open that PDF they can with Google Docs, unless they have another third-party PDF form creator.

In Google Docs:

  • The file will open in Google Docs
  • It will convert from a PDF to a Google Docs
  • As a Google Docs, users can edit and change the text and save the changes
  • They can save the Docs as a PDF by the printing or exporting it

Using Google Docs is one way to edit a PDF without having to install or download new software or sign up for a subscription plan to an online editor.

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing PDF Online

The easiest way to fully edit a PDF online – Google Docs will only allow you to edit the text of a PDF, nothing else – is to use a third-party PDF editing program like Lumin PDF. Lumin lets users open or upload a PDF from anywhere and lets them sync their Google Drive account with Lumin so it saves all changes to a PDF instantly. Once the Lumin browser has been installed (users can also edit PDFs online, but the desktop version offers more options), users can open their PDF file in Lumin.

In the main browser, users can add new text or dialog boxes to the document. They can also change the document’s format and create something new from the preexisting form or template. Users can also add notes or to annotate pdfs to certain sections of the text, which other users can then read and interpret however they want.

All the changes made to a preexisting PDF will remain, but a new document made with the Lumin browser will stay saved on the program’s servers. Users can then switch their file saving drive to their Google Drive or other cloud storage platform. Lumin also allows users to merge, split or combine different sized PDF files to make more space or more concise documents.

Best Free PDF Editor

The best free PDF editor can be many different programs that are available online, which have various features. The best one should be the program that offers the most tools in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate format. Many online PDF editors are designed to be straightforward and they all borrow design features from other word and document processing programs.

A program like Lumin PDF, for example, features a very user-friendly design but also has several online guides to help users navigate the program’s other functions. Users can visit the Lumin homepage to find out how to convert, compress, merge, split or combine several PDFs at once or how to sync their account to Google Drive.

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