Introduction to essay is an important aspect for students studying academic writing. Although writing is not for everyone, it is possible to master the rules of academic writing over time. The introduction sets the pace for the entire essay, as it is the opening. The main goal is to enable your audience to learn more about the topic and opinion of your research. The first sentences have an effect on the target audience. So it’s an important part that needs to be catchy and precise.

The purpose of this article is to provide solid advice on how to begin an essay to help you create an excellent essay.

How to Write an Essay Introduction

What is the introduction to an essay? This section begins with a paragraph and is the most important part of any scientific article. It is an indicator that allows the reader to easily follow your analysis. The main objective is to capture the attention of the audience so that they keep reading the whole essay without getting bored.

While there are no specific rules for this section, it should be short and clear. Experienced writers often take the word limit into account when determining the length of the introduction.

For example, you can write a short paragraph if your assignment consists of five paragraphs. However, if the paper is 40 pages, the introductory section may consist of several paragraphs.

The main purpose of an engaging introduction is to captivate your audience and introduce your topic in a clear and engaging way. Don’t give too many details to intrigue your audience. So, if you want to write a thorough paragraph, you need an outline with a short thematic analysis that will help you write the introduction to the essay.

How to begin an introduction to an essay

The introduction of an article is intended to inform readers in a general style about your research problem or the topic of the article. It gives the audience a sense of direction because you give a brief perspective of your argument and why you think it is essential.

Students should learn how to begin the introduction of an essay, as it can determine the success or failure of an assignment. You need to impress your readers and create the curiosity that makes them want to read your article.

Therefore, during the brainstorming phase, make sure you thoroughly research the design of the study you want to evaluate. The audience should understand what the main problem of the research is and why you need to conduct the research. It is important that this section is concise and relevant.  Be specific in your proposal without generalizing. You can also insert keywords and definitions, if available.

This section should establish the parameters for the discussion so that readers can familiarize themselves with the research topic. Proceed to formulate your main argument that answers the research question. This includes a few sentences to explain your point in detail.

Finally, outline your approach and how you plan to use it. Whether it’s specific examples or substantive arguments, make sure you’re helping your readers understand what you’re getting at.

How to start a paragraph in an essay

One of the biggest difficulties is understanding how to begin a paragraph in an essay. You may be a smart student, but you can’t write. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you do it correctly so as not to jeopardize the entire job.

You can make the intro more inviting in several ways. You can start by asking an interesting question about an important topic to get readers thinking about your next action. Another possibility is the incredible fact that most people don’t know how to get their attention. You can also use a personal story that evokes emotions in the reader about the topic. You can also repeat the description of the article to refresh the attention of your readers.

Winning presentations – be creative

Now that you have a detailed overview of how to write an introduction, let’s look at some concrete and insightful examples. Here are some examples to help you understand the main parts of this section.

Essay question: How do modern technologies affect young people?


Modern technology is a tool that brings significant changes to modern society. Digital devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are essential to our daily work. However, the damage that technology does to teens is due to overuse and over-reliance on devices. This can hinder physical and mental development and lead to serious health problems.

Essay question: Should the government support the death penalty?


The death penalty is the highest form of human degradation. It is an outdated punishment that is no longer applicable in today’s society. In my opinion, governments around the world should abolish the death penalty because people deserve to be treated humanely. Criminals are not wild animals, and they are also worthy of living with dignity. Therefore they should do penance for their sins and not die at the hands of their patrons.

As a student, you can always be creative and come up with exciting proposals depending on the topic. Keep doing research and see what other writers are doing. With the right research and practice, you will be able to write impressive introductions in no time.

Frequently asked questions about writing an introduction to an essay

Below are answers to common questions about writing an essay introduction, with concise answers that will help you create a great essay.

What is a good hook to start an essay with?

The proposal introduces the topic to the audience to capture their attention.  To write an attractive trailer, you need short, clear and understandable sentences. It should arouse genuine curiosity and interest and encourage the audience to read on.

What are good suggestions for essays?

There is a wide range of suggestions that students can use in their writing. They include:

  • In my opinion…
  • This study deals with…
  • definitions
  • First of all…
  • In my opinion.

What are the three parts of an introduction to an essay?

It consists of three main parts:

  • Proposal for a hook
  • General Information
  • Dissertation

What should I write in the introduction to my essay?

Don’t forget to write a few catchy sentences to keep your readers interested. Don’t forget to add brief details about the main topic to inform the audience. You must also submit a thesis statement indicating the direction of the paper.

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frequently asked questions

How do you begin an introduction to an essay?


What is a good word to start an essay with?

Blog 17-academic-f…

How do I start an essay for a scholarship?

Blog – Scholarship Application.

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