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Renton, Wash. — The Seattle Seahawks plan to continue playing the ball more than they did at the beginning of the season. That’s what we’ve seen in the last two games – and in the words of coach Pete Carroll after this one.

Less clear is the division of playtime and shots between starter Chris Carson, No.2 Carlos Hyde and finally Rashad Penny.

A picture of Seattle’s backfield looks a little dirty after the Philadelphia Eagle won on Monday. Carson then injured his leg, which led him to play four games, but Hyde did most of the work. Hyde played 41 seconds for 25-year-old Carson. Hyde finished 17 seconds ahead of 10-year-old Carson.


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Carroll then alluded to the approach of a warm hand.

These two guys are gonna keep hitting, the coach said. It’s hot, and then some. But these guys are doing great, like we expect them to.

To make things even more complicated, both players were mentioned in this week’s injury report. Hyde (Zeh) is listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants (16:05 ET, Fox), but Carroll said he and Carson will play. Carroll said that Carson felt a little sick after his first game in more than a month after taking some big hits and delivering, but was a full rival on Friday after being limited to the previous two days.

We took care of those guys this week to make sure they were both ready for the game, Carroll said. We’re counting on both.

Several shots delivered/accepted by Carson went to his 16-yard bulldozer touchdown in Philadelphia in the second quarter. This room is one of the reasons why Carroll felt that Carson had more influence in his rooms than he expected. Carson moved eight times at 41 meters and caught two gears at 18 meters. The halls for Hyde were 22 meters by 15 porters and two towers by seven meters.

Carroll has been asked about the possibility that Carson took more hits against the Giants than the 10 he took against Philadelphia.

More is good, he says. More is good. I love watching Chris play. A few takes work just as well, and all that. But there’s a good chance Chris will get the ball more often. We played 30 times last week. Had several. It’s a good room we rent for these guys and share with Carlos to see what happens. I don’t care who gets the most, but I want Chris to have the ball a little more.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Chris Carson got fewer shots Monday night than Carlos Hyde, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to continue. Kyle Ross/Sportswire

Newcomer DeeJay Dallas only played against the Eagles in special teams, while RB Travis Homer (wrist / toe / knee) was inactive and did not train on Wednesday. The Seahawks team also has Alex Collins, but he has no attack power. To be able to play again, he will have to be added to his team of 53 players indefinitely.

The Sea Hawks descend only 76 yards to 30 yards and race against Philadelphia. Some of them were undeveloped, yet it was a continuation of Seattle’s attempts to balance the offensive, relying more than ever on Wilson and the passing game in the first 10 weeks.

In this section, the Sea Hawks are in first place in the NFL in terms of the rate of decline – 69.2%. But in week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals – when Hyde returned after three days of absence – it was 62.3% (15th), and Monday night it was even lower: 57,4% (20.). By comparison, it was slightly higher at 54.9 percent between 2018 and 2019, when the Sea Hawks took 31st place in this category compared to Brian Schottenheimer’s first two seasons as offensive coordinator in this category.

We didn’t handle the ball as well as we wanted tonight, Carroll said after the game in Philadelphia. We’ve had a lot of problems with the ball against these guys over the years and today it wasn’t so bad. But we will continue to work to maintain the balance and pursue both aspects of our violation.


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The Backfield Seahawks brought Carson and Hyde together against the Eagles for the first time, as both were injured in week 7. When asked if his leg was 100%, Carson said yes, I feel fine. Then why were his photos and socks restricted?

They’ve got two, three, four big race backs, Mr Carson said. So they don’t know how to beat me half to death. It’s a long season, the playoffs. So you were right to share everything.

This group will be even more complete when Penny leaves the list of physically incompetent artists. He was working on his recovery from a knee injury he suffered last December, just as he began to play an extra role in Carson’s life. Carroll said Penny will start rehearsals this week. The Seacocks generally like players to train at least two weeks before their release in case of long absences. So Penny probably won’t be playing in Seattle’s backfield for the rest of the season.

Rashad is very close to doing some things, so I look forward to seeing if it is in the next few days or next Monday, Carroll said. But we’re here to get Rashad back.

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