Kendall Coyne Scofield played for the last time in an ice hockey game on the 8th. March in Arizona, last stop of the Association of Professional Ice Hockey Tour 2019-20 Dream Gap Tour. In the nearly eight months since then, the IIHF women’s world championship has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and no one knew if PWHPA would be able to plan events again. American national coach Coyne Scofield feared that the impulse her sport has received in recent years would lead to bad results.

During the months that we worked with KOVID-19, many of us felt that women’s hockey was being pushed aside. Coyne Scofield said it wasn’t right. Although we all enjoyed watching the NHL playoffs in the summer, it reminded us that we still have to enjoy the women’s game. We have to find a way to show the women’s game. There’s no reason why the women in the playoffs didn’t play like the men did, as we’ve seen the NBA and WNBA playing their seasons side by side.

In October, Secret announced that it would increase its contribution for next season – not only to help players get back on the ice, but also to make sure the Dream Gap Tour continues to grow. The secret $1 million pledge is the biggest pledge ever made for professional women’s hockey in North America.

When I first heard the news about Jane Hefford, to be honest, I got emotional. I’ve been laying low. I think I’ll even shed a tear, Coyne Scofield said. Because we fight, we fight, and we fight to show and prove our worth. Getting on board and showing that we are worth what we say we are worth is a monumental moment for the game. The Secret now defines the market for anyone who wants to participate.

Fault! The file name is not specified. During the KOVID 19 pandemic, hockey player and television host Kendall Coyne Shofield felt that women’s hockey was pushed aside and out of her mind. AP Photo/Matt Marton, file

Statistics show that WNBA Commissioner Kathy Engelbert often shares her point of view, for example in a conversation with Lachin Robinson about espnW 2020 : Women + Sport Top : Less than 1% of sports sponsorship goes to women’s sports, although 84% of sports enthusiasts are interested in women’s sports and women account for 85% of spending in the US.

We really need to change the appreciation of women’s sport, Englebert said. Part of it is included in the evaluation algorithm, because I think it is not the male model, with a significant discount. But part of it’s under the influence.

It seems to be particularly suitable for women’s hockey. When CWHL was abolished in 2019, American NWHL became the only professional women’s hockey league in North America because of its unsustainable business model. But almost every major player in the sport, including most Canadian and American Olympians, have decided to withdraw from the NVHL or any other competition until they feel it is a long-term option and they will be able to pay them a living wage. This group founded PWHPA in 2019.

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Many asked the NHL to fund the women’s league as the NBA’s relationship with the NBA, as they felt the NHL could easily share infrastructure and resources. Although the NHL supports women’s hockey, the competition has little interest in funding it. As Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN in March, we continue to try to be helpful where we can be helpful, but otherwise we don’t have much of a role to play. Hockey Canada and the US also agree with the objectives of the PWHPA, but neither federation has compared this support with significant financial contributions.

This has led to IPHPA’s dependence on corporate sponsorship.

In 1956, Secret, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, became the first deodorant produced and sold by women. Since his birth, secrecy has always been synonymous with equal rights for women, according to Lisa Reed, director of the Secret Canada brand. In recent years, secrecy has drawn attention to women’s sports. In 2019, Secret donated $529,000 – $23,000 to each of the 23 players of the American women’s football team that won the World Cup – to help close the pay gap. The puzzle helped remove a full-page advertisement in the New York Times calling on the American Football Federation to be on the right side of history during the USWNT fight for equal pay. This summer, Secret sponsored the NWSL Challenge Cup, which allowed female professional footballers to play football throughout the season against the backdrop of the pandemic.

As we watched this, Reid said that hockey is an iconic support for Canada. If you also see inequality there, it is both symbolic and penetrating. That’s why we wanted to support the best athletes and provide role models for the girls.

Fault! The file name is not specified. PWHPA and Famer Hockey Hall manager Jane Hefford never feared that players would have to serve the season, but they needed more financial commitments than ever before. Patrick McDermott/NHLY about Getty Images

In the first year Adidas, Budweiser, Dunkin’, NHLPA and Secret Partner were involved in the APSP. Because each of the companies promised to return, The Secret wanted to get even more involved.

We wanted to make a big commitment, a big statement about the importance of equality in women’s hockey, Reed said. We wanted to keep supporting women so they could train and compete… but there is also an investment in marketing, so that we can continue to beat and tell the stories of the athletes and what they have been through, so that we can change the future of women’s hockey.

The timing couldn’t have been better for PWHPA, which was born out of a six-stage North American tour that ended in Arizona in March. We felt very good the first year, Hefford said. Of course everything went very fast, but we are very happy with the success we were able to achieve in a short time. Personally, I wanted to make sure we put what we do first. How can we do more? What can we do to improve it? In order to make progress, we had to make progress.

Then COWID-19 struck and the situation became unclear. According to Hefford, the PWHPA has never been afraid to hold on to the rest of the season, but the competition needs more financial commitments than ever, especially since the top athletes have not competed in high-performance events for nearly a year.

We asked how we could restore the momentum we had created, Hefford said. How can we ensure that women and women’s sports are not left behind?

Fault! The file name is not specified. One million dollars of Secret is divided into three categories: Funding of cash prizes for players like Hannah Brandt on the Dream Gap Tour 2021, operating costs and marketing support. David Kiroak/Icons Sports Wire from Getty Images

According to Hefford, one million dollars of the secret is divided into three categories. The first are the operating costs: Travel expenses, ice age, training, food, etc. The second is the Dream Gap Tour cash prize for players in 2021 to make it a real championship tour.

That’s what we’re most excited about, Mr. Hefford said. This can not only draw the fans to another level, but also for our athletes. It’s nothing like they’ve ever experienced when they play this game and make money with it.

The third pillar is media and marketing support to maintain the visibility of PWHPA. Last year, the Dream Gap Tour brought together the streaming partners of the Monumental Sports Network (managed by Ted Leonsis, owner of Washington Capital) and ESPN for their last two stages. Hefford is aiming for the year 2021.

We hope these games will be broadcast and at least spread, Hefford said. Many elements are still being implemented, but this secret commitment will allow us to elevate the whole tour and support our players on a much larger scale.

Calgary, Minnesota, Montreal, New Hampshire and Toronto for the coming season, allowing the competition to make better use of its resources. There’s more ice age this season than last year. Each region has a permanent locker room, access to electricity and air conditioning, Hefford said. These are little things you might have expected, but they didn’t always exist.

PWHPA hopes to announce its programme for the Dream Gap Tour 2021 soon. Currently, the league performs three training sessions a week for players from each of the five regions, although local KOVID-19 restrictions have intervened. (For example, the New Hampshire jobs are currently closed. In Toronto, up to ten players can skate at the same time, while in Montreal, only two players can skate at the same time).

For a player like Coyne Scofield, progress at this stage means everything, and Secret’s commitment has been a huge moral boost indefinitely.

It really shows that there are people who appreciate our game, said Coyne Scofield. Without these partners, without this financial support, we will not be able to put our best product on hold. I think this is an exceptional case, but I also hope it’s not an exceptional case, because we need it to continue.pwhpa logo,minnesota whitecaps twitter,women's hockey blog,nwhl nasdaq,phwa,nwhl free agency

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