It’s always fun to create Instagram Stories. But what about boosting your reach and increasing the number of views per story? We have a few effective Instagram Stories hacks that can help you out with this.

Excited? Why not? You should be!

It’s tough for businesses to employ different strategies for different promotions. Brands generally have their go-to strategy for every promotion and hope that these strategies continue to work repeatedly. instagram takipci satin alma

Of course, it’s good to have great aesthetics and consistent designs that help followers recognize your brand, but when it’s about Instagram stories, this strategy doesn’t always work. That’s because you constantly require new ideas and originality for Instagram Stories.

That being said, here are a few hacks for improving the reach of your brand through Instagram Stories :

Keep Posting Instagram Stories Consistently

There’s no better way of increasing your reach through Instagram Stories than posting your Stories consistently. Posting your Stories consistently will hook your audience to the content, and they’ll keep coming back to your profile for more.

Perhaps, you’ll have to work out the perfect use of Instagram Stories when planning theme days for posting content on the platform. For example, you can choose Monday for New Arrivals, Tuesday for Blogger Feature, and Wednesday for Behind the Scenes.

You can use the right tools for scheduling your Instagram Stories way in advance, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of grabbing the attention of your target audience. Of course, you will need a bit of push in the right direction or a bit of nudge to remember to post Instagram Stories.

Repost Feed Posts on Instagram Stories

If you have a new post up on your Instagram feed, share it on your Instagram Stories as well. You might wonder why you need to do this. That’s because the reach of Instagram feeds and Stories vary. While the Instagram algorithm extensively controls the visibility of the post feed, Instagram Stories have a higher chance of being visible to your followers.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to share your feed post on Instagram Stories too.

There’s an interesting tip you can use for this: place feed posts on your Instagram Stories but hide the content of the post. This will inspire curiosity among your viewers, driving them to a point where they can’t help but tap on the story.

You can change the story background when re-sharing feed posts. You can either put up a picture or use a solid color. A rule of thumb here is just giving a hint of the content of your post or showing just enough for piquing the interest of your viewers.

Add Links to Instagram Stories

Adding links to Instagram Stories is one guaranteed way of increasing conversions, boosting organic engagement, and making it easier for your followers to access the content you’re looking to share.

Different marketing tools can help users easily add links to their Instagram Stories. These sources have completely revolutionized the way influencers and companies reach their audiences and gain more followers by adding links to their Instagram Stories.

Use Instagram Stories for Making Announcements

Because of the instant nature of Instagram Stories, it’s one of the best ways of sharing company announcements like the launching of new products, the introduction of new staff, or any general updates and serves as a great strategy for small businesses.

Such moments serve as brilliant opportunities for companies to post live or behind-the-scenes videos that don’t necessarily find a place in the main profile of the companies. On the other hand, followers like to learn the latest information about a business.

Businesses even have the exclusive option of adding several images to their Instagram Stories to make them more engaging. Providing personal insights like videos of how a product is packed can convey the human side of brands and thus lead to brand awareness and engagement.

What about Posting Polls?

Having polls on your Instagram Stories is one of the most interesting ways of interacting with your audience. These polls allow companies to post different questions and answer choices that display the percentage of other people’s answers to responding individuals.

Using polls on Instagram Stories is a creative way of letting the audiences know that they and their opinions matter. It will also make them feel heard by the companies and the brands they support.

Polls on Instagram Stories can also be used to obtain ideas, understand what people want, and customize the content according to the audiences’ demands. Polls help achieve a direct and clear market research result that further helps develop relevant social media strategies.

Businesses can also use Instagram polls to get audiences’ feedback about their newly launched services, ideas, and products.

Don’t Forget to Add Music

Music has a direct impact on the audience. Therefore, whenever you add music to your Instagram Stories, make sure to choose a popular sound effect or song that people will recognize very easily. Your Instagram Story is incomplete without the amalgamation of good music.

Adding popular music to your Instagram Story will also have people watching your videos continuously just because they love the song. This, in a way, helps in increasing account engagement.

Music is one of the most excellent ways of adding an exclusive entertainment factor to your story on Instagram. Do it right, and you’ll reap amazing results.

Schedule Your Instagram Stories Perfectly

There’s a reason why you need to schedule your Instagram Stories perfectly. Having days and dates jotted down to add something new will help you remember the schedule, and you won’t miss out on posting anything crucial or advantageous for your brand.

Consistency is the key here. To improve the engagement level of the viewers, you must post Instagram Stories consistently. Scheduling your story also involves having a clear idea of the time of the day when the engagement rate is highest on your account.


Yes, Instagram keeps tweaking its algorithm day in and day out. Instead of getting afraid about these changes, you must try and use them as a means of creating deeper connections, producing top-quality content, and optimizing your Instagram Stories strategy.

Testing out these different tips will help you beat the Instagram algorithm, which will bring you ahead of your competitors and even give you the opportunity to excel more on Instagram.


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