Darrell Beavall attended the game and the post-match party in Detroit Lyon’s locker room, where quarterback Matthew Stafford handed him the ball of the game. Even then, the team’s temporary head coach couldn’t believe what had happened on Sunday.

In their debut as head coach of Lviv after the dismissal of general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia, Bewell and his team beat the Chicago Bears 34:30, which was hardly a fun game, so much so that Bewell’s excitement and enthusiasm still shone almost 20 minutes after the end of the game.

My emotions right now, I can’t even think, Bevell said. I’m just trying to understand everything that just happened. As I said, it was a great job for those who believed in it from beginning to end.

That was my mentality. If I’m gonna lead these guys, I have to have the same faith. I believe in these guys. I believe in what we’re trying to do, and it’s up to them. These guys also believe in themselves and I think it showed how they reacted in these situations and how they played [on Sunday].

That belief was strengthened, especially as Detroit was ten points behind, 30-20 when they got the ball with the remaining 4:33. Stafford, who threw 402 yards, three touchdowns and one interception, ran 96 yards in 2 minutes and 15 seconds to put the Lions in three.

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Then came the Detroit defense, which spent most of the day trying to stop Chicago and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with a massive game – the defensive end of Romeo Oquara, who took Trubisky from the left side of the 1:48 on the Bears’ 7-yard line.

Detroit later scored two goals in the 5-yard run by Adrian Peterson to take a 34-30 lead, after which the defense stopped the Bears by 11 seconds on day 4 and day 1 to secure the win.

I think I was shocked, Trumpetsky said. I thought we had the game almost completely under control. … I was shocked because I felt like we were winning.

After the game, Matt Nagy, the coach of the bears, said he would lose, making fashion a pain. It hurts. It was the sixth straight loss of Chicago and Nagy, after asking about his work after the game, did not want to speculate about his future.

My job is to do my best as coach and as leader with these guys every week, Gnaghi said. I need to be sure that that’s the case. Any other distractions will take our team’s breath away. And it wouldn’t be good for me or her, so I’m not even gonna interfere.

These speculations are what Lviv players and coaches did around Patricia throughout the season until her resignation on March 28. November, when she promoted Mr. Bwell to temporary head coach…

Throughout the week, Bewell preached to his players that they would come out of the tournament with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. He told his players not to think about the past – the Lions lost to Chicago five times in a row on Sunday – and not to think about their 4-7 record in that game.

I tell the players that from day one, Bevell said. We had a windshield without mirrors, so we don’t look back to see what happened in the past.

He wanted to make sure his players had a good time. That’s what they thought. He emphasized this all week in practice and in meetings. He’s been talking to the press about it all week. He also pointed it out during the break, when the Bears took the lead with 23:13.

He just wanted the Lions to keep playing, no matter what.

I’m obviously very happy for him, happy for our team, Stafford said. He takes care of our boys. Usually he is here in the offensive part of the ball, it is clear that there is only a week with each of them.

But I think his energy is contagious and the boys are feeding on it. I really like him as a person and I’m just glad he helped us win today. The guys went out and played fast and free, and it wasn’t perfect, you know, there are some games we want to go back, but we never left, we never looked at the scoreboard. Just keep playing and let it all go, and it will.

It’s not necessarily the last time the Lions won with an interim head coach or general manager on their debut – Detroit beat the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin for the first time since 1991 in Sheldon White’s first game as interim general manager in 2015 – but it was a great event.

Detroit won for the first time and has been a winner since the 19th century. November 2017 in the 23. Series of matches lost by two numbers. It was the first victory of the team, which came in the fourth quarter, from the 26th. October 2014, with two-digit numbers lost the fortieth series.

It will be something Bewell will probably never forget.

It’s been a crazy, great week, Mr. Bevell said. And I just couldn’t be happier with the way they tackled the problem today.

Jeff Dickerson from ESPN contributed to this story. Information from ESPN Stats & Information has been used in this report.

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