Houston – The Houston Texans 1-6 have already fired their head coach and general manager and do not have a 2021 first- or second-round draft, but JJ Watt said defensively that he was not interested in rebuilding.

Watt, who played in the first selection round of 2011, was asked on Wednesday about his intention to end his career in Houston.

I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t have another 10 years in this league, Watt said. Personally, I think there are still some wonderful things inside of me. But you can’t… I’m not going to rebuild. I want to go after the championship and that’s what I want to do. So whatever the interest of the Texans in Houston, it’s also in my own interest.


The Texans, who this season only defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 6-1, sacked the coach and general manager Bill O’Brien after losing the first four games. The team has quarterback Deshawn Watson in its ranks and with long-term contracts he has left Laremy Tunsil’s outfit, but otherwise he doesn’t have much young talent.

Watson said that even with the change of coach, he does not think that the Texan is in recovery mode, but only in the phase where they find the necessary pieces of the puzzle.

I agree with JJ, Watson said. I don’t want to sit here and change everything, but at the end of the day I want to win the championship.

Watt has 99 bags in the career of an NFL player and ranks fifth in NFL history, measured by the number of bags up to 100. The defense started the first five seasons with 74.5 sacks, but after not missing a single game in that time, he spent three of the next four seasons in injury reserve.

Watt is the only player in the history of the NFL to have recorded 20 or more sacks in a season. This season, Watt has three bags, one forced ball loss, one ball recovery and three devices to lose.

Watt has another season to extend the contract he signed in 2014, but none of the $17.5 million he owes in 2021 is guaranteed. Watt has won three NFL Defence Player of the Year awards and the Texas players have won six AFC titles in the South since his design, but the team has only won four play-off games in the first nine seasons.

At the beginning of his career you think life is eternal, Watt says. We have clearly won our first competition, the first of the first year’s runs. In the second year we are 12-4 years old and you think life will be good and you will get better and better. And then it’s 2:14, and the reality of NFL business and the reality of all the things that go with it have hit you in the face. And you can see it’s not always about roses. And then you look at the last seven years or so. And yes, we’ve won several championships, and that’s great, but that’s not the point. It’s not a target.

And your goal can’t be to make the playoffs. Your goal can’t be to win one or two play-off games. If your goal is not to win the Super Bowl, and if your goal is not to do everything in your power to achieve it and put your organization in the best position to do so, then it won’t happen. So that’s my goal. That’s why it works. That’s why I fought all these injuries. Because that’s the point, and I’m still working on it.

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