The 2019-20 university basketball season ended abruptly and without precedent when the global pandemic began. Never before, not even during a war or other disaster, has the NCAA tournament been cancelled or played for any other reason. On the 12th. In March 2020, a varsity basketball game caught fire and there was uncertainty as to when they would return…or whether they would return to the next season.

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Let’s remember what was lost. While the loss pales in terms of relativity and perspective regarding the global suffering of the pandemic, the abrupt end of the post-2020 season has been heartbreaking for so many teams and players, especially Dayton, San Diego, Florida and Baylor. You see, any good team can feel that the battle for the title was within reach at the time of the NCAA tournament. But Baylor had his first team number one and a legal chance to reach the last four. In Dayton there was a special team that could win everything. San Diego and Florida probably had the best chances of getting into the last four. The sadness of March prevails everywhere.

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However, the 2020-21 season begins with hope. Of course the road will be bumpy at the beginning and in the middle, but there is reason to be optimistic, because we will get there before March. First of all, the NCAA is very interested in playing this season’s NCAA tournament. Two seasons in a row, the cancellation of the tournament can affect both the organization and the game. This is a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of money. The tournament must be played. Secondly, despite the fact that everything is terrible on the Kovid-19 front, there seems to be a justified optimism that the situation will improve drastically by spring. Let’s hope so.

Finally, there is a significant increase in talent and experience in the varsity basketball landscape this season. The freshman class is ridiculously talented and capable. Several experienced teams and players come back, and the race for the trophy and the cup of nets in Indianapolis is as open as you can remember. There is not one favourite chosen by like-minded people, but a group of favourites. We will undoubtedly have Cinderella and we will see how, during the pandemic quarantine, groundbreaking actors who have worked quietly and improved at home will emerge from the shadows.

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Year after year, the Bilastrator Opus offers the public a ridiculously accurate overview and prediction for the coming season. At the beginning of this season, Bilastrador had extra time to think about what we would see best this season, in addition to the extra time to watch a few shows, read a few books, eat some things that are not normally eaten, and think about the places we missed the most during the pandemic quarantine. Bilastrader informs you via Opus.

And finally, the warning. If you take the opus and use it for nefarious purposes such as betting, you can easily destroy the fragile global economy and make Warren Buffet look like a man on the street selling pencils in a tin cup. I urge you to exercise caution and use this opus for entertainment and information purposes only. And, as always, you’re welcome, America.

Bilastrator Pre-Season All Americans

There’s only five Americans on the preseason team, so there’s only five on the preseason team?

Luca Garza, Iowa
Jared Butler, Baylor
Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma
Harrison Brooks, N.C.
Remy Martin, Arizona

Your Honor: Marcus Garrett, Kansas; Evan Mobley, OSCE; Corey Kispert, Gonzaga; Marcus Zegarowski, Creighton; Jeremiah Robinson Earle, Villanova; Ayo Dosunmo, Illinois; Kayonte Johnson, Florida; Colleen Gillespie, Villanova; B.J. Gillespie, Villanova. Boston, Kentucky; Jailen Crater, Dayton; Oscar da Silva, Stanford; McKinley Wright IV, Colorado; Nate Rivers, Wisconsin; San Jauser, Virginia; Tracy Jackson-Davis, Indiana.


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