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U.S. President Donald Trump is definitely not a Jamil Hill teacup.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a full presidency, with a president who has fought for the condemnation of white supremacy, Hill said in a dialogue with media culture expert Daniel Artest during a recent episode of the Daniel Artest podcast.

And it was: Wow! Here we are… and 70 million people have voted again. They looked at him and said: You know what? Sign me up for four more! It’s – I don’t think the people who did this, even the black people who voted for Donald Trump don’t understand how hurtful this is to many of us who feel attacked and marginalized and who have experienced another level of humiliation in this country because of his dog whistles and his racist rhetoric, as if it’s hard to watch. And there are no tax breaks that would reinstate me. So I hope that the people who have done this will seek their souls and understand that there must be a moral component to those who represent this country. He represents all that. She represents all of us. Not just people representing certain values or tax classes. It’s like work is a public service, okay? It’s an easement. Even though it’s a powerful work, and I don’t think people understand it sometimes.

Hill and Trump aren’t strangers. The 11th. September 2017 Hill Trump called a white racist on Twitter.

Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with another white supremacist.

– @jemelehill 11. September 2017

White House spokeswoman Sarah Hakabi Sanders called Hill’s thoughts a fire crime by ESPN. Trump himself sought Hill’s comments and shared the view that Hill, who won the National Association of Black Journalists prize in 2018, should apologize to him. My comments on Twitter express my personal beliefs, she says.

I regret that my comments and the way I made them public have been unfairly presented by ESPN. My respect for the company and my colleagues remains unconditional.

During the Danielle Artest podcast Jamil Hill also weighed the backseat she got. I guess it wasn’t necessarily surprising, she told Artesta. 'ESPN Don't stick around for Me.jpg

The first lady of the Getty, Melanie Trump, has joined the president.

But I think I was impressed with how quickly it happened. For example: Wow. Even last week, it wasn’t my life. There are a lot of people who hate me now… This part may be a bit boring, but – and I would like to say that besides Carrie and Mike, some of my colleagues at ESPN were very supportive, and they apologized for not being able to support me publicly. They wanted to, but I understood their position because you know ESPN will see it as an open act of betrayal; for example, if they come to support me and it has a ripple effect on them, it’s a difficult place, so I understood that, and I don’t blame them because you know I understand. But I think the hardest thing for me was that ESPN didn’t support me as a company at all. You know, people need to understand that – and especially because it has something to do with the way I grew up as a journalist, if you will. It’s a reporter’s job to turn City Hall upside down. It happens, doesn’t it? And everywhere I went, journalists were regularly involved in confrontations or disagreements with senior officials. The newspaper ALWAYS fires a journalist, because what we can’t have is a government attacking the press. So that’s part of the free press, right? You may disagree with us and everyone else, but I’m still a civilian. And the fact that the president put an apple on my back is another story. That’s why I thought at the time, even if ESPN didn’t agree with what I said, or even the way I said it, that you wouldn’t allow the president and the White House to come after me. For example, that you have to say something because it is essential to our democracy. And the fact that they didn’t was a big mistake for me.

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