John Farnham, the Australian musician and composer with an impressive list of 60+ years in the music business, has given fans a much-needed boost with a heartfelt message for his former girlfriend Bao Ling.

Did Johnny ever stop to think before he opened his mouth?

Recently, businessman Johnny Wu was seen in a video that surfaced online in which he said that he was “unfiltered” about his recent relationship with Bao. He reiterated that he does not use Bao in his relationships, and that he would not have a relationship with her.

Bao and Johnny

On MAFS, Bao and Johnny had been together for a long time.

Season 13 of Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” is now airing, and many fans are pulling for Bao and Johnny to marry. However, many are concerned about a remark Johnny made regarding Bao on a recent episode of “Unfiltered.”

Kissing Bao, according to Johnny, was like kissing his sister.

Johnny stated in the “Unfiltered” episode that kissing Bao felt platonic, similar to kissing his sister. A video of the occasion may be seen here.

He said:

We have to accept the fact that we are married. The kisses have a platonic vibe to them. It’s strange to say, but it seemed like I was kissing my sister… But, I believe, that is why the specialists are here, and I believe that increasing closeness, spending more time together, and having romantic moments may all help.

Fans raised worry over Johnny’s remarks on the MAFS Fans Instagram page, which provides spoilers for the program.

“Once you reach sis level, you can’t go up from there,” one commenter said. Dang.”

“Bao is unique in her own way,” commented another observer. I’m not surprised by Johnny’s remarks.”

“I’m not shocked by Johnny’s statement,” another observer said. The second night, Bao tried to push him out of bed.”

“It seems like Johnny isn’t experiencing the “special feelings” while kissing Bao, according to another viewer. Will end up in a relationship that is more like a family than a marriage. It’s a pity, since these two were my favorite pair.

Bao & Johnny Had Met Years Before Their Wedding

Bao and Johnny discovered on their wedding day that they had known each other in college, in a twist that was quite unlike “Married at First Sight.” Fans were left cheering for the pair after this surprise, as they found more and more ways in which their personalities matched. They even wanted a traditional tea ceremony during their wedding, and they selected the same colors for the ceremony separately.

Their discussions have included jokes about Bao still having a text message from Johnny from years ago, in which he asked her to hang together and then ghosted her. However, as Johnny said during his “Unfiltered” interview, not every moment has been great, and there have been moments when things between the two have been uncomfortable or tense. Fans are still hopeful that this pair makes it through the season and chooses to remain together.

Lifetime’s official description of Bao and Johnny is as follows:

Bao (35), the son of Vietnamese refugees, was born and reared in Texas. Bao never wanted to marry as a child, but in her 30s she had a change of heart and is now looking for love. She has a lot to give and is looking for someone who can match her. Johnny (35) was born in Houston, Texas, and was reared by their industrious single mother and his sister. Johnny has been picky about who he marries since he saw the consequences of divorce at a young age. He has been waiting for the ideal match since he only wants to marry once. He’s ready to hand over the reigns to the professionals after seven years of failure on dating apps.

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Being a MAFS fan is already hard enough, especially in our current political climate. But this latest scandal hits our forums hard, and we’re worried. The battle to keep him has been ongoing since March, with fans calling for a way to have him evicted.. Read more about mafs season 13 spoilers and let us know what you think.

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