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Singer K. Michelle is present at 142. Kentucky Derby.

K. Michelle was not only nominated for a Grammy, but also tried to act. Star Love & Hip Hop said on her social networks that she was auditioning for a role in the new series STARZ, which became very popular but was rejected.

In Instagram Live the singer told VSOP that she had auditioned for the role of Mercedes in the strip club drama P-Valley, but didn’t get the role. She said she tried several times, and it was between her and Brandi Evans, who finally got the part. She stated that one of the reasons she did not get that role was that her body had not yet fully recovered from the removal of illegal silicone implants.

Brandi, who plays the Mercedes, [and] I have been listening to this Mercedes role for months, and it was a thing between her and me, she says in the video. My body wasn’t together. I had holes in me… It was my first role that I was really so close to.

She went on to say that although she was not present at the show, she was proud that it flourished and was well received. Although she fought for the show, she said she was still in pain, that it hadn’t been performed and she even cried for it.

I’m very proud of this woman, but I can’t lie, even if it hurts, she said. It made me cry. I’ve been hurt for days, months, depressed. I was so close, you know… …but God knew you weren’t sure of your body now. You need to fix these holes in your body.

K Michelle says she almost got a Mercedes in the P Valley SeriesK Michelle says she almost got a Mercedes in the P Valley Series #KMichelle #Mercedes #PValley2020-09-14T17:50:42Z

K. Michelle reported that she had four surgeries to remove the posteriorimplants.

In 2018, K. Michelle spoke openly about her decision to remove the implants from her buttocks after it had a significant effect on her health. She told people that she originally decided to get silicone implants in her ass to advance her career. About five years later she suffered from back and leg pain, migraines and fatigue. Later she learned that the silicone had spread to her legs and started to damage the tissue there.

It’s the scariest thing in life, and I’m a tough girl, she says. I had these bumps, and I was very deformed.

A doctor tried liposuction to remove the silicone, but he spread it everywhere. Then she underwent three more surgeries to remove the dead tissue from her body. She also had two blood transfusions because she was very ill.

I’ve undergone a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more resilient, according to an inhabitant of Memphis, Tennessee, about the overall impression. I have always been a fighter and I have managed to survive, but it has given me attention to other people around me and to everything I take for granted. I won’t take a minute. And I hope that this [transformation] will continue for the rest of my life, not only through this healing process, but also so that people can see my struggle. It’s even stronger.

She recently declared that she wanted to undergo reconstructive surgery.

I woke up with big news about my reconstructive surgery, she said on Instagram. This month, in a few weeks. This journey was one of the most difficult [tasks] God has given me.

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