This Wednesday, Katie Price made headlines when she posted a series of rants on Twitter, complaining that her surgical procedures in Turkey had gone wrong.

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Katie Price has hit out at the surgeon she went to for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey after the procedure went wrong. The reality TV star said she regrets having to go back to such a surgeon. She is now looking set to have a second operation after the first went wrong.

Katie Price cosmetic surgery

Katie Price is a YouTuber who is recording her cosmetic surgery treatments (Picture: YouTube)

After having a series of cosmetic surgery operations in Turkey, Katie Price was caught on camera screaming out in agony. 

After traveling to Istanbul for liposuction, a facelift, and a Brazilian bum lift, the former beauty model recorded her newest round of improvements on her YouTube channel. 

Doctors are seen working on Katie mid-surgery in her most recent video, which was posted on Sunday, before she’s wheeled into a recovery room with her head fully wrapped following the partial facelift. 

The 43-year-old then had the drains in her arm removed, admitting she was nervous about the procedure since it would be uncomfortable. 

She is heard wailing in pain and shaking violently as the nurse pulls the drips from her arm in disturbing footage. 

‘I’m ill,’ she said at one point, adding that she was closing her eyes because it was ‘easier’ than keeping them open. 

Katie seemed upbeat about the procedure, saying, “It’s all fine, I probably don’t look it.” The reality star went on to say, “I’m one million percent glad I did it.” 


Carl Woods, her fiancé, had second thoughts about undergoing his own cosmetic treatments. 

‘I’m not in the surgical world, I’m not accustomed to it,’ the 32-year-old remarked while sitting in the hospital when Katie was there. I used to be in decent condition when I went to the gym, but I haven’t been there in over a year. 

‘I was looking at myself now, thinking, “This is not you.” I was just trying to keep [my] company alive and obviously everyday pressures with Covid… So I was looking at myself now, thinking, “This is not you.” I was sold on the fast cure, but when I think about it, it ain’t the guy I am; I’m not into cosmetic surgery and things like that. 

Katie Price cosmetic surgery

During a difficult post-surgery moment, the TV celebrity sobbed excessively and trembled violently (Picture: YouTube)

‘All I’m going to do now is go home, work out, diet, and do it the hard way.’ 

It comes after Katie’s doctor was spotted telling her that a complete facelift would be unnecessary since her skin was already too tight. 

‘Did I just notice that my face isn’t lifting anymore? What? In a prior video, Katie stated, “You do what you believe [is best].” 

Katie Price has further information.

‘You don’t need [that],’ Dr Kerim said. When I raise it, your mouth widens and moves to the side. You don’t have any extra skin on your body.’ 

‘Your skin is so tight, the only thing we can do for your forehead is botox,’ he said, delivering the bad news.

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