Kim Kardashian teaches people how to hide dark circles from their eyes in a new make-up guide that appears at the same time as her latest album NPP Beauty. Previously, NPP Beauty recommended a three-step program to hide dark circles under the eyes, but now a four-step method is recommended. Four steps are correct: Hide, cook and blanch. Kim demonstrated a new method using her latest products in a YouTube video she made available to her 1.74 million subscribers.

Available in four shades, the new system is designed to combat the blue and violet shades that appear under the eye due to dark circles and other pigment shifts. The first step is to correct the discoloration by applying a shade to counteract the underlying shades of blue and violet. The video below shows Kim applying a bright orange tint to the area under her eyes.

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You should also not use the camouflaged pen directly under the eye. It can also be applied to other areas of the face that are sensitive to discoloration and need to be corrected. After application, the concealer is lightly stirred with a facial sponge. The four correction shades are pink, peach, orange and red-orange.

The second step is hiding. The concealer is applied over the corrector and consists of a lighter shade that provides pleasant illumination of the eye area. Because the camouflage blanket acts as an illuminator, it can be placed in places where the face is normally exposed, such as the middle of the nose, forehead and chin. Also apply concealer to all areas where you have applied concealer and then mix gently with a mixing spatula.

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The corrector is available in twenty shades, including 0 light with cool shades, 4.5 light with neutral shades, 15.5 deep dark with neutral shades, and 17 rich dark with neutral shades.

The third step is baking, and the collection has a baking powder specially developed for this purpose. The baking process not only absorbs the oil, but also installs and seals the previously applied correction and camouflage agent. The baking powders are available in four colours. It is composed of 1 translucent, 2 translucent pastel pink, 3 translucent light yellow and 4 translucent bronze.

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The fourth and final step is to cheer up the region. The clarification of the pressed powders gives them a brightness, a glow in the area under the eyes. The clarifying powder is available in four colour shades: 1 vanilla, 2 pastel pink, 3 light yellow, 4 peach.

You can see Kim Kardashian’s tutorial on how to use the system to correct dark circles under the eyes.

What do you think of Kim’s new makeup system? Wanna give it a try?

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