Kitec is a company that manufactured plastic piping for 12 years. It started work in 1995 and finished in 2007. The brand was known in many countries, especially in North America. It was directly related to water supplies. However, over time, customers found a lot of trouble after installing this plumbing. People say that Kitec provided them with substandard piping, which caused many problems. For example, irreparable damages and continuous leaks were common issues that were observed by Kitec clients. Let’s look at the other challenges that the company introduced its customers to.

Short Service Life

Any piping from Kitec may be characterized as easy to break when it’s exposed to moisture or oxygen. Its brass fittings are of huge zinc amounts that lead to dezincification and make your basement waterproofing useless. Generally, a 170°F temperature is normal for any hot water boiler functioning. Moreover, it’s important to underline that Kitec plumbing got a kind of certification to work at such a temperature as 180°F. Despite this fact, many issues started to show themselves – all they were related to the main boiler plus a coil heating water off, as they fell apart. It influenced the temperature of water.

Many homeowners have increased the hot water temperature in their systems, so it exceeded the heating requirement standards. It’s significant to replace your Kitec plumbing to feel safe and not worry about your future.

Compromised Standards

Due to the low quality of service, a lot of frustrating moments happened to Kitec customers. They are in need of immediate attention and quick piping replacement. Any plumbing system is an essential part of your building or house. If it doesn’t work properly, you can’t complete some daily tasks and have a normal life. Moreover, Kitec services are always connected to upcoming expenses as the equipment isn’t reliable.

Rather than calling a private plumber, it’s better to find a good company that meets all your requirements. Commercial plumbing is one of the ways to stick to the standards and control the installation process. Specialists will examine the building and come up with the necessary renovation plan. Kitec never followed the installation rules, so you’d better change this plumbing as soon as possible.

Pipes Burst Open

As one can guess, Kitec pipes are a disaster in the way of causing leaks and bursting open. This type of mistake is especially dangerous, as it was related to hot water flows. Exterior basement waterproofing was performed with a kind of negligence and inattention. If your plumbing crashes, it immediately leads to flooding or moisture. Of course, such water damage is expensive and requires your funds to solve the issue. 

If you still don’t know whether you got Kitec plumbing or not, you can distinguish it by its distinctive looking – the company’s cold-water pipes have a bright blue color while the hot ones are orange. Finding out that Kitec piping is in your building, contact some specialists urgently. 

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