List of Canadian Companies that are Accepting Cryptocurrency 


The popularity of cryptocurrency has made it mainstream in the financial world. With its global recognition cryptos has made its way into the business sector as well. Even after noticing the turbulence in the market, currently, there are numerous companies worldwide accepting cryptos. Also, an increasing number of Canadian companies are all set to take the plunge and accept cryptos as an official mode of payment.

Therefore, making their customers’ lives easier and bringing the future tech closer. If you want to know which Canadian companies are accepting cryptos as payment then keep reading this blog post. Here we have listed the Canadian companies that are ready to bring a revolutionary change into the business world.

But before that let us see whether cryptos are legal in Canada or not.

Is crypto legal in Canada?

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency worldwide, people are immensely making investment in the crypto market. Cryptos are not just popular among the masses, but also made a stronghold among multi-millionaires and governments. Today, the richest man in the world is openly promoting cryptocurrency, yes, we are talking about Elon Musk. Not just that, even the Biden Administration has shown a keen interest in cryptocurrency. That is why last year they passed a Federal Law to regulate cryptocurrency.

After seeing the superpower giving recognition to cryptos, the Canadian government has also followed their trail. The Canadian government allows the public to use cryptocurrency. So now, Canadians can use cryptos in both the digital and physical realm. Although it is not a legal tender, it can still be used as a payment method. You will find numerous companies, small stores in Canada that are open to this new technology.

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The list of Canadian companies

Since cryptos are legal in Canada you will find various companies that are accepting crypto, mostly bitcoin as a payment. In this section, we have listed some of those companies:

  • Park and Finch Eyewear
  • Toronto Brewing
  • Coincards
  • HGregoire
  • Birks Group
  • Best Sleep
  • Coinkite
  • Silver Gold Bull Canada
  • Alternative Airlines
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Ledger
  • Euro Pacific
  • MIT Coop Store
  • WebJet
  • Pembury Tavern
  • Bitcoin.Travel

These are some few companies that are accepting bitcoin as payment. If you do a little more research in the market you will find more stores and companies like this.

The bottom line

From the above analysis, we can say, the world is changing and inclinding towards the digital and technological zone. In the coming years, it will evolve more, even the crypto analysts are predicting that cryptocurrency has the potential to overthrow fiat currencies. And after noticing the transformation in our society it will not be wrong to say, cryptos are the future of money.Therefore, if you want to sustain this society you have to start investing in cryptocurrency today.

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