In the fifth episode of “Loki Explains Everything” Loki’s obsession with the Philadelphia experiment has taken a new twist in this episode as he explains the conspiracy theory that the US Navy spent millions of dollars putting a ship in the middle of the ocean.

In the fifth episode of the hit podcast, Loki takes a break from his Philadelphia Experiment episode to explain the popular conspiracy theory known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The theory claims that the US Navy used its top secret super weapon “the Philadelphia Experiment” to take control of the USS Eldridge in 1943.

The fifth episode of Loki aired Wednesday on Disney+, and while it didn’t contain as many revelations as last week’s episode, Journey into Mystery answered many questions about where Loki (Tom Hiddleston) went after he was mowed down by Ravonna Rensleer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). As we already knew, Loki isn’t dead, but the place he was sent to is interesting – and the Easter egg buried there happens to explain the famous conspiracy, the Philadelphia Experiment.

Warning: Spoilers for the fifth episode of Loki, Journey into Mystery, below.

Next, it appears that those who are circumcised by the BTW do not die. Instead, they go into the void, a sort of repository where everything TVA cuts is sent. This means that all options and other things are located there. But if the circumcised do not die at first, they are not spared the danger. In the void is a cloud-like creature called Aliot, who feeds on whatever falls into that area. Loki decides to defeat Alioth, but soon realizes that his idea may not be the best. As he and three other Loki variants – Classic Loki, Little Loki and Alligator Loki – watch, a ship flies towards them and is quickly attacked by Aliot. The ship is the USS Eldridge.

The USS Eldridge is part of one of the strangest legends/companies in American history, the Philadelphia Experiment. It is claimed that around 28. October 1943 the USS Eldridge was launched at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania, was fitted with generators and equipment that rendered the ship invisible to enemy radar, essentially a cloaking device. However, when the generators were turned on, legend has it that a strange glow surrounded the ship (some describe it as a greenish haze) and it disappeared, only to reappear more than 200 miles away in Norfolk, Virginia. Some reports even claim that the ship disappeared again, only to reappear in Philadelphia, where it had disappeared. There are even stories that claim the ship went back in time by ten minutes. Most versions of this story contain horrific descriptions of what happened to the crew. Some reportedly suffered from severe nausea, and when the ship resurfaced, some crew members were embedded in the ship’s metal structure, some suffered terrible burns, others were knocked over inside, and some lost their minds completely. Although the legend is shocking, the U.S. Navy says no such experiment has ever been conducted.

As for the USS Eldridge on Loki, it’s not clear how this reveals the plot, but the general idea is that the ship that landed in the void may have been the same ship that shouldn’t have been in Virginia – an idea that supports legend’s version that the ship appeared in Virginia and then mysteriously reappeared in Philadelphia. Since it is impossible for a ship of this size to cover 200 miles in the blink of an eye, it is highly likely that VAT will reduce its operations.

Interestingly, this is the second time Loki has revealed a secret or an urban legend. In the premiere of the Loki series, the secret of D.B. Cooper was revealed and it was Loki who lost the bet with Thor.

Were you surprised to see the USS Eldridge in an episode of Loki this week? Let us know in the comments.

Loki is now airing on Disney+. New episodes appear every Wednesday.

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