MLB player Trevor Bauer will appear before a judge on Feb. 22 in a Los Angeles County Superior Court hearing for a restraining order hearing against his former girlfriend. The hearing is an attempt by Bauer’s former girlfriend, Colleen Barnett, to prevent the pitcher from going near her or their children. Bauer’s attorney, Martin Singer, is seeking to quash the order.

Markie Bradley, the woman in question, accused Bauer of domestic violence in a restraining order filed in January. The pair have been engaged in a rollercoaster of a relationship since 2012, but ended their engagement in October 2017 amid reports that Bauer was cheating on her with another woman.

The case of Trevor Bauer, the Los Angeles Dodger pitcher, who faces a woman in a restraining order hearing, does not appear to have been resolved. Ms. Bauer has been threatened with a restraining order against him, because she alleges that he has been stalking her. The two have been involved in a long running dispute in which Bauer alleges that Ms. Bauer has been verbally and physically abusive to him. Ms. Bauer alleges that Bauer has stalked her for some time, and has forced her to move out of her home.. Read more about trevor bauer woman photos and let us know what you think.

Editor’s note: There are explicit details of sexual assault accusations in this article.

Trevor Bauer, one of baseball’s most divisive players, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday for a civil hearing that will have far-reaching consequences for both the sexual assault accusations against him and, eventually, his playing career.

Bauer will be the respondent in what should be a simple legal process to decide if a temporary restraining order issued on June 29 to a 27-year-old woman will be extended or cancelled, after a few of delays.

On ESPN Daily, reporter Alden Gonzalez explains what’s at stake in the Trevor Bauer hearing this week. Here’s how to pay attention.

Bauer allegedly choked her unconscious several times during sex, struck her repeatedly, and performed other actions that left her in need of medical attention, according to the woman, who has not been named by ESPN. Bauer’s lawyers have flatly rejected the woman’s accusations, calling the meetings “wholly consensual” and vowing to fight the allegations “to the fullest extent of the law.”

According to numerous California family law experts contacted by ESPN, the overwhelming majority of such cases are settled within two hours, with no lawyers present. However, the hearing in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles County Superior Court is shaping up to be more like a full trial, with celebrity lawyers, dozens of exhibits, and approximately ten witnesses over many days.

“This three- or four-day hearing has a lot riding on it,” said David Ring, an attorney who has represented sexual-assault victims for over two decades. “It started off as a little legal problem, but it’s grown into something far larger.”

One of Bauer’s lawyers, Shawn Holley, represented Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West and Paris Hilton in various cases. Another is Jon Fetterolf, a baseball agent based in Washington, D.C., who also litigates criminal cases. The woman accusing Bauer has hired Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, one of the most well-known family law firms in Southern California, as well as Bryan Freedman, who previously represented Michael Jackson’s estate.

The lady filed an 84-page statement including text exchanges, photos, and medical documents as part of her restraining order request. Bauer allegedly strangled her unconscious with her own hair during intercourse on April 22 and May 16, sodomized her without her permission, struck her in the vagina and buttocks, and clawed both her back and the side of her face. She said that she was willing to engage in sexual activity “But I didn’t agree or consent to what he did after that. I never consented to being sexually attacked.”

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The Pasadena Police Department launched a criminal inquiry two days later, but no arrests or charges have been made.

Six weeks later, on June 29, a temporary restraining order was issued, and three days later, Bauer was put on administrative leave by Major League Baseball. Both the police and MLB are conducting investigations.

According to the woman’s petition, she requested the order after growing “very worried” that no arrest or charges had been made, and she felt lonely and anxious while waiting. “I haven’t asked him to stop contacting me because I’m afraid of what he’ll do,” says the author.

Attorneys for Bauer, who resides in Pasadena, cited the six-week delay as proof that the woman used the restraining order as “a weapon for garnering public attention and trying to destroy Respondent’s baseball career” in court papers before this hearing.

“She filed the request for a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) nearly 45 days after her last visit with Respondent — a fact that shows she did not require protection — only after she concluded that the criminal investigation was not moving fast enough to harm Respondent,” according to the filing.

Bauer’s lawyers earlier informed the court that they would urge him to use his Fifth Amendment right not to testify in this case. However, this creates a “huge problem” for the pitcher, according to Ring.

“Let’s just pretend he’s not guilty and wants to cleanse his reputation. Coming into this hearing and laying it all out there is the fastest, most effective way to accomplish it,” Ring added. “However, he now runs the danger of saying or admitting to anything that might harm him in a criminal prosecution.”

“This is about a lot more than a restraining order.”

The Bauer case is unique in that it is neither a criminal trial nor a civil action in which compensation is sought. It’s a request for protection and no contact.

Judges often issue interim orders “ex parte,” or after hearing just one side of the story, and consider them emergency hearings since people are frequently attempting to flee a life-threatening situation.

The United States Constitution, on the other hand, guarantees that everyone has the right to confront the person who is accusing them. The hearing this week will decide whether Bauer’s restraining order is made “permanent,” which in California means up to five years. Bauer may be ordered to keep away from the lady, not contact with her, and not be permitted to own or own weapons if his request is granted.

Both parties will have the opportunity to present their cases and cross-examine witnesses. The hearing will be held in family court, which usually deals with divorces, child custody disputes, and domestic abuse.

“In family law, the burden of proof is preponderance of evidence, while in criminal law, the burden is beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Lovette Mioni, a family law attorney who specializes in domestic abuse cases. “He-said, she-said is a common scenario. It is up to the court to decide whether or not they are credible.”

The woman’s lawyers have submitted a witness list that includes her, Bauer, police officers, a doctor, a nurse, her father, and her closest friend, among others. Bauer’s lawyers have said that they want to contact Bauer’s closest buddy, as well as two or three other individuals.

The woman’s legal team served subpoenas on Twitter, Facebook, a private investigator working for Bauer’s legal team, the medical center where she was treated, and the San Diego Police Department, which sent officers to meet with her while she was receiving medical treatment after the second encounter, in July.

In response, Bauer’s lawyers urged the court to throw out the subpoenas issued to the private investigator and the technology firms. They argue that the subpoenas are “overbroad, onerous, and harassing,” and that the subpoenas “demand private information” going back to before Bauer met the lady on Twitter and Facebook. According to her legal team, the women’s legal team dropped the requests for the Twitter and Facebook subpoenas, and the court agreed to dismiss the request for the private investigator.

Pasadena cops also urged the court to throw out subpoenas issued by the woman’s legal team, claiming that they would jeopardize work that is “awaiting information from third party persons and organizations.” The judge presiding over the case, Dianna Gould-Saltman, agreed to keep any data acquired from the Pasadena Police Department private, but she also ordered the officers from San Diego to attend.

Bauer’s last pitch for the Dodgers occurred in the sixth inning of a game against the rival San Francisco Giants on June 28. Bauer got pinch-hitter Darin Ruf to chase a slider far beyond of the strike zone for the third out in front of roughly 48,000 spectators at Dodger Stadium to preserve a one-run advantage.

As he went to the dugout, he screamed, lifted both hands to the fans, and pounded his chest.

According to court documents, Bauer received a text message from one of the woman’s lawyers at 9:02 a.m. that morning informing him that a temporary restraining order will be filed against him.

The Dodgers have seemed to distance themselves from a player they signed to a record three-year, $102 million free-agent deal last offseason in the weeks after the accusations were made public.

Bauer’s bobblehead night, which was supposed to take place on Thursday, has been canceled. According to a statement, his memorabilia was removed from team shops because the Dodgers “did not believe it was acceptable while investigations continue.” Soon after the temporary restraining order was made public, the club signed Max Scherzer, a three-time Cy Young Award winner.

Bauer’s teammates have not openly shown their support for him (though none have publicly condemned him, either).

Over the last several weeks, ESPN has questioned more than a dozen individuals in baseball about Bauer’s absence, none of whom work for the Dodgers, and they all believe Bauer will not throw for the club again this season, regardless of how the criminal investigation plays out. Many are unsure whether he will ever throw for them again.

MLB has the last say on the matter. The league has the authority to penalize even if there is no criminal conviction under a joint domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse policy agreed upon the players in August 2015. Since the policy was implemented, 14 players have been banned for between 15 and 162 games; another, Felipe Vazquez, is on indefinite leave after his May conviction for statutory sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, and child pornography, among other crimes.

Bauer has not yet been sanctioned by MLB, but the facts and testimony given at this hearing may influence the length of any possible punishment. He is still on administrative leave, which the MLB Players Association has agreed to extend five times, the most recent time until Friday. He’s still being paid and accumulating service time, but he hasn’t been around the team in a long time.

MLB authorities may also take into account the circumstances of a second case involving an Ohio woman who accused him of hitting and choking her during sex without her permission during their three-year relationship, according to The Washington Post. Last summer, when Bauer was playing in Cincinnati, she filed a restraining order petition, which she subsequently dropped six weeks later. According to The Washington Post, Bauer’s representatives declared the new accusations “categorically untrue” on Saturday.

In a letter to The Washington Post, the Ohio woman’s attorney, Joseph Darwal, said she had no interest in coming forward until the newspaper contacted her because “she dreaded the potential repercussions of doing so, as evidenced in what is happening in California.”

Since the restraining order was made public, the California woman’s legal team claimed in a recent filing that she “has been subjected to an unfathomable amount of vitriol from the media, the general public, and Trevor’s team.”

Bauer’s lawyers claimed in response to the lady’s first plea to the court that the relationship was completely consensual and that the woman consented to be choked and hit. Hundreds of text messages, they claim, back up their claim in their papers.

Bauer and the lady allegedly exchanged text conversations following their initial meeting on April 22, according to a document dated Aug. 3. Bauer is asked to put on pink socks by the lady.


“You want to go out, don’t you? Mmmmm “According to the filing, Bauer replies.

She is reported to respond, “Si That was a game changer.”

Bauer texted her, “Tell me more,” and she responded, “Never been more turned on in my life,” according to the complaint. Later on: “Give me all the discomfort. Rawr.”

“After their second meeting on May 16, 2021, she sent numerous text messages to her cousin regarding their experience,” Bauer’s attorneys said.

According to the complaint, the lady messages, “My face is f—-ed up,” then begs, “Please don’t show anybody but like holy s—-,” before sending a photo of her face to her cousin.

According to the lawsuit, the cousin responds, “”I don’t have to murder him as long as it was consenting,” the lady responds, “but like didn’t anticipate two black eyes?? I believe he went a little too far, don’t you think?”

Freedman, one of the woman’s lawyers, issued a statement in reaction to the texts being submitted in court, saying, “the law is extremely clear: pretended ‘permission’ of the victim is not a defense to assault and battery, particularly when it ends in physical injury.”

“I was so confused that I could not recall where I was or who I had been with before I lost consciousness,” the lady claimed in her first appeal after waking up after being strangled by her hair during the second encounter.

Bauer allegedly continued sexual contact with her, struck her in the jaw and head, and strangled her with her hair until she passed out. Bauer “began hitting me repeatedly in the vagina” when she awakened with pain behind both ears and a cut lip, she claimed.

Bauer’s lawyers claimed the lady “provided pictures of her purported injuries that seem to be altered or filtered in a way to create a deceptive or fraudulent appearance” in their newest papers.

Furthermore, his team claimed that the lady was pursuing the restraining order only for the purpose of gaining attention, which would force a cash settlement. “They believe he’s going to attempt to settle with me and give me big cash then have me sign an nda,” the lady told a friend, according to the messages.

“No settlements or financial offers have been made or will be made,” Bauer’s lawyers said.

The Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will face a woman in a restraining order hearing, after she alleges he threatened to kill her and her family. Corey Stevens, who lives in Florida, accused Bauer of sending her a number of threatening text messages in July, when she told him to “stop texting me, I already told you I don’t want to talk to you, you need to leave me alone”, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.. Read more about lindsey hill trevor bauer and let us know what you think.

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