As a resident, or perhaps as a former editor of the Paso Robles Press, I feel that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodger Championship have somehow been immortalized in the annals of our historical record.

As I’ve made clear over the years, I’m not a Los Angeles home run, not even a Los Angeles fan, but this year it was hard not to be. Both the Lakers and the Dodgers took their respective names to some incredible scenarios and gave the crazy and defeated fans a much-needed dose of hope and enthusiasm.

Tuesday the 27th. In October, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series in 32 years, but they still have to wait until October 11 to see the Lakers parade. October 17th. The NBA franchise championship at home. With 17 NBA championships, the Lakers are officially affiliated with the Boston Celtics for most of the organization’s titles.

Each of the two champions ended their season in a bubble, played six games and relied on critical mistakes that forced the series to play more games than necessary. Danny Green missed a 3-point shot in the opener after the time in round 4. Part of the NBA final, which brought Miami Heath to life, while almost all of the Dodgers defense at the end of the 6. The World Series game melted away when they let Tampa Bay’s Randy Arozarena score after he fell to the ground between third and home.

The Lakers and Dodgers won their first titles in the same year, the Dodgers won their last championship in 1988. For your information: This Dodgers team had a Mike Sossia as receiver on the opening day. Yeah, that Saudi Arabia that ruled the Angels. At the same time the Lakers won titles against Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabar, which took a long time.

Your city or state, which has won two of the three major professional sports championships in one year, gives cause for hope.

It was the Lakers’ first full season with Saint Lebron James, and he continues to defy the laws of nature by rewriting the statistics after the season. After reaching the play-offs in 14 of his 17 professional seasons, James was already the top scorer at the end of the season. That means he’s set a record in every playoff game this season.

With Anthony Davis, the Lakers looked almost invincible when they erased the memory of Portland, and Denver’s magical bubble ran and broke his knee. We’re approaching a point where six names are actually irrelevant to James. According to statistics, he is already the best player of all time, but his legacy will be interesting if he ends up with three Lakers titles after years of mercenary plans. It looks like the Lakers will be able to improve their incomplete list this season as well. I wait for her in the waiting room to sign that Kavi Leonard is an invalid. The full off-season LeBron series, followed by the Klutzsch sport, may lead to another star.

The Dodgers have been an eternal favourite of the MLB for the past three or four years, but have been sidelined countless times as bridesmaids. And although there’s definitely a star this season, there’s no doubt about their dominance. Los Angeles ended the regular season 43-17 with a stunning score of more than 136 match differences. The top team is behind the Dodgers with 52 runs.

Unfortunately, the Dodgers didn’t take revenge on Houston Astros, who had cheated, but in the end they laughed and lifted the trophy above their heads.

Clayton Kershaw finally managed to look competent during the off-season, and manager Dave Roberts seems to have learned from his mistakes of recent years (and he did at the beginning of the off-season) by not letting his old bait run at the end of the season while his garage houses sports cars.

As someone who is not personally a fan of one of the teams this year, it was great to see that the people around me are filled with so much joy. The blessed and childlike joy that can come from a 60- or 70-year-old man when his team wins something is one of the purest things, and I hope many of you who read this have experienced it with your father, mother, grandfather, uncle, or anyone else who has made you a fan.

We all needed a little distraction from 2020, and Los Angeles Sport took care of a lot, as the City of Angels was once again the title city.

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