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Over the long history of the show, Lucifer has frequently dealt with loss, abuse, and betrayal. Season 5B lost its showrunner, and the show lost its executive producer and showrunner. The show is moving forward without them, but here’s what we know about Season 5B so far.

No one would have predicted that Lucifer would lose Detective Lonnie, but the truth is that a major character died last week. As the title suggests, this post is to discuss the last episode of Season 5, and how it will affect the remainder of the season.

On Friday, Lucifer returned with the finale of season 5. Although fans of the beloved Netflix series had to wait a long time to find out what happens next regarding the devil (Tom Ellis) when his father, God (Dennis Haysbert), arrives on earth, not to mention the intervention of his brother Michael (also Tom Ellis), the wait was worth it. Season 5B saw a number of significant events for Lucifer and his loved ones, including a shocking and deeply painful death that forever changed the series as we know it.

Warning: Important spoilers for the second half of Lucifer season 5 can be seen below. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know. Proceed at your own risk!

The fifth season of Lucifer revolves around the heavenly family drama of Lucifer Morningstar, which was exposed in the first half of the season. At the beginning of the second series, God tries to bring the family together in fairly conventional ways, including a family dinner, but fails to bridge the gap. Lucifer then begins an emotional journey that ends with his father beginning to understand him, just as God decides to step aside and let his children decide who will take his place.

Lucifer and Michael make a decision, and Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren Herman) prepare to leave Los Angeles so that Lucifer can finally take on the role of God, though Michael is still plotting to be the victor. Against this backdrop, the usual suspects – Lucifer, Chloe, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) – have another murder to solve. As the investigation deepens, Dan follows the trail to the house and is abducted himself.

The kidnappers, part of a ruthless mercenary group, beat and torture Dan to get information about a man who deals in stolen goods and has superhuman strength. Dan has no answer for them, and as Dan is about to walk away, he is shot in the back. Dan manages to survive long enough to be found by Chloe and give her a clue before he dies.

Dan’s clue is ultimately important because it leads them to Amenadiel’s necklace and uncovers a great story: Michael retrieves the flaming sword and needs the necklace from someone involved in the case. It is later revealed that Michael orchestrated Dan’s murder to pressure Lucifer into returning to Hell so that he, Michael, could become God.

Dan’s death is a great emotional loss for everyone around Lucifer. Everyone, including Lucifer, is deeply shaken by the loss of their friend, especially when they think of the impact he had on their lives. This changes everything for the group, but especially for Lucifer. He announces he’s going to war with Michael.

While Dan’s death is a big shock, it’s important to remember that Lucifer season 5 was originally supposed to be the series finale before it was renewed for a sixth season. The renewal didn’t change anything about the season’s plans, so the big changes – including that stunning death – are part of what series co-showrunner Joe Henderson called a beautiful puzzle.

One of the main things we said when we agreed to Season 6 is that we don’t want to change Season 5 because we love it, Henderson told Collider. When the second half of season 5 comes out, when season 5B comes out, I think people will see how the whole season fits together, like a beautiful puzzle, I think. I like it. We didn’t want to change the ending, but we did what we did. We just finished season 5. We cut out the sixth act, which Ildi had written in the middle, and the stories we sped up, we realized afterwards that we did some things very quickly and could have been confusing moments.

The entire fifth season of the series Lucifer is now available to stream on Netflix.

Did Dan’s death in Lucifer season 5B surprise you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who dies in Lucifer season 5B?

Lucifer is killed by the demon Mazikeen.

Does Lucifer lose his powers in Lucifer?

No, Lucifer’s powers are not taken away in the show.

Why is Lucifer not in season 6?

Lucifer is not in season 6 because he was killed off in the season finale of season 5.

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