In the final of the World Snooker Championship, Mark Allen lost his first-round match to Judd Trump. Allen took to social media to say that he did not enjoy the match and that he preferred playing against Judd Trump to all other players. When asked why he preferred Judd Trump, Allen said: “Because Judd Trump is a proper sportsman, and, unlike some players, I don’t think he would intentionally lose a match in the hope of winning more money.”

When I was asked to write a blog entry about the PDC, I had already decided that I wanted to be at the PDC. I knew the format, I knew the players, I knew what was going to unfold. And I knew the result. The question was not whether I would win, or whether it would be a good match, but simply whether it would be a good blog entry.

Mark Allen

In the first round, Mark Allen edged off Reanne Evans (Picture: Zhai Zheng)

Mark Allen characterized his victory against Reanne Evans at the British Open as a “terrible” experience, and said he would face world number one Judd Trump in the following round because it would be a less difficult challenge.

It was a dramatic evening when the former partners reunited for the first time as professional snooker players, and the mood was tense right from the start, with Evans refusing to give Allen a fist bump at the start of the match.

When she had a 2-1 lead, the 12-time women’s world champion was one ball away from victory, but she barely missed a number of opportunities, allowing Allen to equalize the game and then make an amazing half-century to earn a 3-2 triumph.

The Pistol did not like the heated atmosphere in Leicester, and he thought it may have been one of his least pleasant wins in his career.

‘It’s up there, yes, it was terrible, not something I want to do again,’ he said. ‘Look, you guys [the media] made the build-up much more than it needed to be. I’m sure we’ll meet a couple more times over the next two years, and maybe it’ll be…better.’

Last week, Allen advanced to the Championship League final, scoring twice as many centuries than anybody else in the competition.

Snooker is another popular sport.

He’s in great form, and a defeat against a player below the top 100 in the world would have been a disappointment.

‘It would have been frustrating to be on the losing end of that outcome because I know my form is excellent and I know there’s good form in there,’ he added.

‘Last week in the Championship League, I made ten centuries, and I’m just itching to go out there and play.’ I didn’t care for it at all, but I’m excited for the next round.’

Despite the tense match, Allen praised Evans, saying that she would have deserved to win the match 3-1, which she came so close to accomplishing.

He told ITV, ‘She holed some amazing individual balls.’ ‘Had a little trouble getting into position, but nailed some incredible balls.’ That puts you under stress since your safety must be pinpointed, and mine wasn’t.

Reanne Evans

In the close loss, Reanne Evans hit two half-centuries (Picture: Zheng Zhai)

‘It was really sad for her that she didn’t go on to win 3-1.’

Despite obviously struggling to find his stride early in the match, he maintained that any hostility wasn’t an issue for him and that he was just focused on the job at hand.

‘Honestly, none of it was coming from me; I simply wanted to try my hand at snooker,’ he said.

‘It was simply a chance in the final frame of a snooker match,’ he said. ‘First round victory in the British Open, get ready for the second round.’

It wasn’t just another snooker match, however, as he said that taking on the sport’s biggest prospect would be simpler than seeing his ex again.

‘Honestly, give me Trump [for the next round] because it’ll be a lot simpler,’ he added.

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