Who’s the best player between Michael Porter Jr. and Kyle Kuzma? Despite the same offensive position and the recognition of two young talents, which player is really better if all the important characteristics are taken into account?

At first sight, the two young players look very similar. Kyle’s a third-year and Michael’s a freshman. Kyle likes to shoot on target, just like Michael. Michael’s two feet ten inches taller than Kyle, who’s two feet eight inches taller. However, at 221 pounds, Kyle has more muscle than Michael at 218 pounds.

We all agree that it is fascinating to look at these two players and show their unlimited potential by playing for the two best teams in the Western Conference.

In order to make a fair comparison, we need to deepen the analysis of the two matches.

Account– Kyle Kuzma (via International Business Times).

Kyle Kuzma joined the NBA as a rhythmic bomber. In the first two seasons of the then mediocre and evolving Young Lakers, Kyle scored impressive rookie and student scores, averaging 16.1 and 18.7 points per game, respectively, making him move from several teams looking to swap packages for Kyle Kuzma. With the inclusion of the top two players, Lebron James and Anthony Davis, in the new Lakers team, Kyle now plays a small role when it comes to scoring goals, with a decent 12.8 points per game, but remains a respectable force if the coach encourages him to score. If Kyle Kuzma gets the first role, he can move it to another level for his score.

Michael Porter, Jr. started his NBA career with an injury rehab season. Michael, who has been fresh into the NBA league this season, scored a reasonable 9.3 points per game, partly due to the limited minutes and low occupancy that the Denver Nuggets could afford. In this season’s playoffs, Michael has managed to show some attacking flashes and has caused some interesting problems for his opponents during the games. However, at this point in his career, Michael has not yet shown enough consistency to catch up with Kyle Kuzma.

Athletics – Michael Porter Jr–.jpg Credit: Getty Pictures

This season Michael Porter Jr. has delivered a lot of dunks, cheers and high-flying tires in the driveways. His style of basketball is characterized by talent, color and speed. A characteristic newcomer, with boundless energy and a pat on the back to prove himself, where every indictment in court is an opportunity for Michael to put an exclamation mark.

Kyle Kuzma is now playing a smarter game in his third season. Under the guidance of Frank Fogell and as mentor of great veterans like Lebron James, Rajon Rondo, Danny Greene, Javeil McGee and Jared Dudley he can do more with less. Kyle now plays with fewer unnecessary jumps or sprints and can better time his attack or defense. As a result, he saw less acrobatic movement in the air and showed less athletics than he could. In this regard, Michael Porter Jr.

Defence – Kyle Kuzma–.jpg

Both players ended up in the league where they were scored as striker. As such, they may not be the best players in the overall defense team we expect.

The advantage Kyle Kuzma has is playing under one of the best defensive coaches, Frank Vogel. Kyle has also absorbed a lot of knowledge from this season’s famous Laker film screenings, where veterans like Lebron James and Rajon Rondo will assert their authority and call everyone to account in their defence missions. By comparison, Michael Porter Jr. still holds the shell, so coach Michael Malone has fewer minutes at his disposal.

Clutch – Kyle Kuzma–.jpg

Despite the fact that both players didn’t finish laying because they weren’t first in their team, Kyle has a number of winners in the game.

Kyle knows what it’s like to be connected when it counts – from MVP in the Summer League finals to MVP at the Rising Stars. He has a bundle, he’s afraid to learn about this Lakers championship team and patiently waits his turn to shine like a rookie. Already in this season’s games, the Orlando bubble veterans counted on Kyle to shoot one of the game winners, which he did brilliantly. The three-point victory came 0.7 seconds before the end of the match against the Denver Nuggets.

Michael Porter, Jr. scored a late three-point shot and had just over a minute to extend his lead in the play-off series against the Los Angeles Clippers to five points. However, the pressure that winner Kyle Kuzma feels with 0.7 seconds is not nearly as great as the pressure.

Guided tour – Kyle Kuzma (via FanBuzz)

It is a simple solution because Michael Porter Jr. is a newcomer who is still studying to be a rope access mechanic. Kyle Kuzma now has three successful seasons and a championship. He also has three young players with whom he can share his wisdom in Devonte Cacoc, Talen Horton Tucker and Costas Antetokunmpo.

Basketball IQ – Kyle Kuzma–.jpg

In his first season, humble and curious Kyle turned to Kobe Bryant for advice. Eventually Kobe invited Kyle to dinner while having fun, talking, sharing his wisdom and teaching him basketball. Coby also invited Kyle to his sports academy to teach him the basics and help him develop. This is a great honor and a welcome opportunity, because Kobi is now deceased and his mamba mentality has managed to pass on to Kyle.

It is said that young players who played on the same team as Lebron James or the Rondo district will grow up with a basketball quotient for years simply by spending time with them, playing with them, breaking the tie and practicing during the games. Imagine them in your ears. Kyle is fortunate that these two brilliant basketball goalkeepers, as well as several NBA champions of the Lakers team, can pass on valuable wisdom to help him become a full-fledged player. It’s hard to discuss that with Kyle Kuzma.

Hits – Kyle Kuzma–.jpg Credit: Getty Pictures

Michael Porter Jr. can bale buckets. His ability to score goals helps Denver nuggets take up more floor space and leaves other shooters more open for better shots. His influence is felt especially at the end of the offensive. In defense, Michael is more unpredictable. Maybe Michael is still studying NBA patterns, trying to keep up with the real speed of the competition, or he just collapses during a foul, sometimes Michael can be discovered as a spotter on the ball or a little later when it comes to secret defense. His weakness helps the defense, but is not at all reliable.

Conversely, Kyle Kuzma also began to focus on more than just defense. However, this season Kyle has significantly improved his position in terms of prosperity in the Lakers’ elite defense systems. His speed, lateral movements and anticipation in defensive tasks make him one of the best players on the list. Now Kyle is good for the defense and he can safely move to multiple possessions. At the same time, Kyle can double the stakes and retaliate with a transitional attack to end the game. This helps the Lakers to reach the highest level of transition game in the league. That’s one thing Michael Porter Jr. hasn’t learned yet. This makes Kyle the best player in general.

1 of 1 – Michael Porter Junior–.jpg

In the game, a pickup is usually an attack that takes the first charge. Because he’s bigger and faster and can jump higher, Michael has a lead over Kyle. Kyle Kuzma has a better bag for style and a better cut for the basket. It’s also more protective. Michael is a better dancer, a three-point shooter and a faster runner by the basket. Because he is two inches longer, Michael also has a small advantage when it comes to ski jumping. With these considerations in mind, Michael could probably score more baskets faster than Kyle.

Raceway – Kyle Kuzma–.jpg

Kyle Kuzma is currently in his third season and won the championship with an 1-0 score in the NBA final. Many players have made an entire career without having the chance to go to the finals or have reached the finals without winning. Only time will tell if Michael Porter Jr. is part of the team that reaches the finals and wins.

According to individual estimates, Kyle has already received two awards for best players, although in smaller games such as the Summer League and the Rising Star Challenge. Kyle Kuzma was also part of the first rookie team and was in contention for the rookie of the year title. In 2017-18 he finished fourth in the NBA’s Rookie of the Year rankings, after 27th place. Michael Porter Jr. finished 14th last season, but has not yet received half of the individual awards Kyle received.

In this respect, Kyle, as a loser and serious NBA winner, has exceeded and exceeded all expectations.

Final result

Michael Porter Jr. vs. Kyle Kuzma 2-7

This comparison of players doesn’t come close at all, partly due to the rapid rise of Kyle Kuzma and his position in the championship where he is in the Los Angeles Lakers. This is partly due to Kyle’s zest for work, the happy attention he received and his humility in accepting what his team needed. Michael Porter Jr. may have more potential in him, but it will take a lot of work for Michael to improve and become the player that people expect from him.


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