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Isaiah Thomas was under fire recently after he once again spoke out about Michael Jordan and his status as the greatest basketball player of all time. The Detroit Pistons legend has apparently been waging a campaign of sorts against Michael Jordan as the best player since the Last Dance documentary series aired almost a year ago, and he hasn’t stopped for a second since.

In the past few hours, he shared a video on Twitter with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in which he said that MJ is not GOAT. His post was met with a lot of derogatory comments from people reminding him that he wasn’t the greatest point guard of all time, and others even pointed fingers when he acknowledged that Jordan was the best at doing point guard.

@IsiahThomas we have a lot of receipts pic.twitter.com/yB56AgcyWR

– Sid (@TravelKing711) 25. March 2021

I love Capt, but Mike has done things that have never been done before Kareem has a great air hook, but who in the world would rather see an air hook all night or a guy that looked like he was in a video game as far as basketball goes Mike is great.

– Keenan (@keenan32511795) March 26, 2021

And you’re not the best PG, so you didn’t get on the dream team .

– Dave Brown (@dave_ghanabrown) 25. March 2021

To stop him being a jerk, you had to come up with a Jordan rule to stop him. MJ is the only player in the story that the other players had to make up rules to stop him. Will, Kareem, just MJ. Keep your head down.

– Sherika Edwards (@sherikamarie33) March 26, 2021

Hey, Zeke. Not only is MJ the BEST, but his Bulls beat you Pistons so badly in the last series that you left the floor like a bunch of rags. Then he won chip after chip and took out some of your former teammates (Rodman, Sally)! Keep going!

– SleepingTigerStyle (@BHornet7) 25. March 2021

Jordan is by far the best of the bunch.

– GOOSiers (@JerryBHoosier) 25. March 2021

You know he’s a billionaire, right? You should send him bills for the space he takes up in your head pic.twitter.com/q0hbBwqE5n

– Steve Foster (@slfoster22) March 26, 2021

No, but you call him the best player here https://t.co/EKnKFUvrbU

– Illinois Gordon (@itsthekenyatta) 25. March 2021

Aren’t we done with this crap yet? I don’t think Jordan is letting anyone know if he is the best player or not.

– CocOPleaSEr…NURSE PRACTITIONER (@CoCoPleaser) March 25, 2021

I’m no expert, but if you ask someone to tell you the name of a basketball player, at least 90% (to be realistic) will tell you Michael Jordan. He’s always in the conversation when it comes to greatness.

– Digo lo que siento (@teme_gordo) March 26, 2021

With that much sodium, you need to check your blood pressure pic.twitter.com/WurOfyqOKf

– Del Fomo (@smedich1) March 26, 2021

MJ (Chicago True Favorite Son) lives free (since 1986) in your jealous mind, and yes, you were the leader of the dirtiest dynasty EVER !!!!!!!.

– Jonathon McMullen (@JohnathonMcMull) 25. March 2021

He’s not just a better player. He’s more than that.

– Ryan (@Ryan13949214) March 26, 2021

Honestly. Is it really Zeke? It’s tragic and pathetic if it’s not a burner.

– Trey Riley (@treyriley5150) March 26, 2021


– A. Melendez (@amelendez23) 25. March 2021

It borders on obsession .

– G.W.J. Conqueror (@5mintillZeitniet) March 25, 2021

The jealousy continues.

– dionyoung (@dionyoung74) March 25, 2021

That’s it. And you said it yourself.

– D (@DMan4523) 25. March 2021


– Tanya Chanae (@inspiredlife7) 26. March 2021

Zeke seems to remember Jordan from time to time, and he always tries to share those memories with others. But the fans aren’t on the same page as him, so he spends most of his time talking about Michael and why he thinks MJ isn’t the best player.

The GOAT debate has been on the back burner in the league for the last few months, but Thomas tries to revive it at least once a month. That tradition could come to an end for him after the NBA community criticized him harshly.

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