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Playing in the NBA is one of the hardest things an athlete can do. Some people say that if they gave them 15 chances, they would score at least one basket in the NBA. In fact, they can give you 20-25 chances against NBA defenses, and you have a better chance of passing the ball 20-25 times.

Some players thrive on strength, speed and athletic ability. Once their physical attributes fade, so does their game. Others find a way to reinvent themselves and make an impact even when they are no longer young stars.

Throughout history, we’ve seen a handful of older players dominate, just as they did when they first entered the league. Today we talk about them and highlight the top 5 players with the most 40+ points after their 35th birthday.

5. LeBron James – 3


To say that LeBron James ages like a fine wine is a cliché. But that doesn’t diminish its veracity. James continues to amaze with his athletic ability and strength despite his age, and it looks like he will be able to play at the highest level for another five years.

But aside from his God-given attributes, LeBron James is also one of the hardest working players. He never takes a day off, and that’s clearly on the hardwood. There is no doubt that he will be much higher on that list when all is said and done.

4, Elgin Baylor – 3


Elgin Baylor doesn’t get the recognition he deserves among young fans these days. Long before LeBron James, Scottie Pippen or even Larry Bird, Baylor was considered the greatest minor league offensive player of all time, even if he didn’t play in an NBA championship.

Baylor has been a walking bucket his entire career. He was athletic and had an impressive sweater that made him a dominant player on the offensive glass to score second chance points. Unfortunately, his career ended with an injury, not a ring.

3. Carl Malone – 4.


If you haven’t seen the first Karl Malone play, I recommend you google him now. Man was an unstoppable force of nature and was built like a brick wall. However, not only did he have a strong body and a great constitution, he was also very agile.

Malone has been a skilled player throughout his career. He knew how to get his points and was also an underrated shooter. He could never win an NBA championship, and his problems off the court will always tarnish his legacy, but he knows how to play. Every day.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 4.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also perhaps the most durable player in NBA history. He has been a true determiner of consistency on both ends of the court and was a productive player until his very last game, when he turned 41 years old after two decades in the league.

Kareem has an impeccable resume and could have been the best player of all time, but he has often been outshot despite being the league’s top scorer of all time. Moreover, he has had a double-digit average in every season of his career.

1. Michael Jordan – 14

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/1612715287_639_NBA-Players-With-Most-40-Point-Games-After-Turning-35-Michael.jpg (via online gambling)

People often say that Michael Jordan’s time with the Washington Wizards is something to be forgotten, but that is an exaggeration. He may not have led them to an NBA championship like he did with the Chicago Bulls, but he was far from finished during that period.

Jordan had 14 seasons of 40+ points with the Wizards at 38 and 39, which is remarkable even for a legend like him. He averaged 22.9 and 20.0 points per game in the last two seasons of his career, and even had a blast of 51 points in 2001-02 and 45 points in his final year in the championship. Legendary.

Credit: MJ’s goat


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NBA finals everyone wants to see: 72-10 Chicago Bulls vs. 73-9 Golden State Warriors.

Vince Carter, who is counted among the 10 best dunkers in NBA history, is truly half man, half genius.

Kevin Garnett is the only player to have played against the Chicago Bulls (72-10) and the Golden State Warriors (73-9).

Kevin Durant and LeBron James truly have the best teammates in modern NBA history.

LeBron James’ ranking of the best teams in the championship: Miami’s Big Three are the most legendary.


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Frequently asked questions

Who has the most games with 40 points in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlain has the most games at 40 points with 271, while Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are second and third. Harden, the 2018 NBA MVP, won the last two games.

How many 40-point games has Michael Jordan played?


How many 50-point games has LeBron James had?

Most 50 point games | Basketball-Reference.com

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