James Gunn has confirmed John Ostrander’s role in the suicide ward. Ostrander is probably best known for making the second modern version of the Suicide Squad comic book. Led by David Ayer, the team first appeared in the film in 2016, but failed to wake up fans and critics, despite the fact that the film was a blockbuster. Gunn took the characters and added more, noting that his vision didn’t contradict the first film, I don’t think so. He would, in a way… I don’t know, I don’t know…

Good point, Justin! Yes, John Ostrander – the creator of the comic book team in the late ’80s, who just started working as an actor in the entertainment industry (he’s really good!) – plays Dr. Fitzgibbon in #TheSuicideSquadhttps://t.co/uunKlbbl3Y.

– James Gunn (@JamesGunn) 29. October 2020

Yesterday James Gunn shared his opinion on an article to be published in the Suicide Squad’s Empire magazine. The short video shows a long interview with the director and a series of shots of the film and images from behind the scenes. A fan of DC Comics with eagle eyes happened to notice John Ostrander and asked Gunn what he thought of it on social networks. The director replied that the creator of the comic book team of the late 80’s, who just started working in the entertainment industry as an actor (he’s really good!), plays Dr. Fitzgibbon in the Suicide Squad.

POWERFUL: James Gunn made a deal with the Flying Guardians. 3 Only 24 hours after joining the suicide squad.


– James Gunn (@JamesGunn) 29. October 2020

The photo of the suicide unit shows Dr. Fitzgibbon’s John Ostrander during an investigation or a possible experiment on Michael Rucker’s Savanta. Savant wears orange, which indicates that he is behind bars and that Fitzgibbons probably works for Amanda Waller, the leader of Viola Davis’ suicide squad. This was not confirmed, because James Gunn only confirmed that Ostrander had a role in the film.

James Gunn said earlier that John Ostrander’s sources had a major impact on the Suicide Squad. The director has not hesitated to praise Ostrander, and it seems that the feeling is mutual. I’m a big fan of James Gunn! Ostrander said in August. He added that the images are very interesting. I can’t wait! I love it! The shooting Ostrander is talking about is the role of Suicide Squad Sizzling that Gunn showed at the DC FanDome party this summer. With all the new footage from the film, DC fans hope the first official trailer is on its way.

The original comic The Suicide Squad was made in 1959 by Robert Kaniger and artist Ross Andro for the film Brave and Daring No.. 25. John Ostrander brought the characters back to life in 1987, and that’s what most comic book lovers know as the traditional characters James Gunn brings to the screen. When asked about his goal to take over the characters, Ostrander simply wants to write fascinating stories. I just went outside and wrote the best stories with a concept I really liked, he explained. Above all, I had hoped that they would be brought together in a retail format. I didn’t think it was a movie, let alone as powerful as it seems. You can check the above confirmation from John Ostranders via James Gunn’s Twitter account.

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