East Rutgerford, N.J. — With a last-minute free kick, Tampa Bay Watchers edged the New York Giants 25-23 at Metlayfe Stadium Monday night.

Giants coach Joe Judge thought it was the wrong decision. Bruce Arians, bax coach, thought it was the right choice. The cops thought it was an intervention… …and then they didn’t.

The safety of Tampa Bay’s Antoine Winfield, Jr. was initially compromised in a 2-point conversion attempt with 28 seconds in the game to balance the score. Winfield hit the Giants, who had walked backwards from Dion Lewis, exactly in the end zone around the right sideline, simultaneously with the ball or maybe a millisecond earlier, depending on the angle. The bullet didn’t quite fall out.

I thought Nate [Jones] did the right thing in throwing the flag, the judge said. So I don’t know why they took him. We had a good view. I know they can’t use the Jumbotron to read. We had a pretty clear idea about that, too. I thought Nate made the right decision the first time. Usually your first instinct is the right one.

The Pirates (6-2) celebrated it after officials had gathered and decided to raise the flag. They thought it was a clean game.


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They didn’t want to complain about the change of power.

The ball hit Antony in the back. There was no interference for me. I thought it was a good decision, Arian. I don’t know why it took so long, but his hands were outstretched, there was no contact and the ball hit him in the back.

Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady agrees. He’s assigned a rescue team to Winfield.

It was another controversial endgame. It is not every day that some officials reject others for such important achievements. But that’s exactly what happened in this case.

The side referee [Eugene Hall] threw the flag and went to judge [Gerod Phillips], who was on this side of the goal line, said judge Brad Rogers. The communication between the linesman and the referee below was that the defender was in contact with the catcher at the time the ball was handed out. And to be able to intervene in defensive passages, they must of course be too early and not be able to catch the receiver.

Officials thought it was clear enough to hoist the flag.

They want to make sure it meets the obstruction requirements, Rogers said. And in our field communication the judge below and the adjuticator reported the action and thought it appropriate to raise this flag.

It certainly took the Giants by surprise. The referee could see him shouting at the referees after the match.

Quarterback Daniel Jones said he thinks he has another chance to draw, which would probably send the game in overtime. Instead, the Giants (1-7) lost another heartbreaker in which Jones’ revolutions were costly.

I thought it was an obstacle, Jones. I was surprised when they took him. We’ll look at it and learn from it, I guess. Let’s see what they saw, but a hard cut.

I was really surprised. You don’t see that much. I was surprised.

But it seems a matter of perspective, or in this case, of being part of a team.

The judge, the linebacker Bucs Lavont David, said that in my opinion he did the right thing by hoisting the flag.

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