17. November 2020


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As the NFL power values collapsed in the second half of the season, we decided to beg for a fine and what would happen if? We asked every reporter in the NFL to do one thing that the teams they cover would want to do again in 2020. From awkward solutions in the game (such as turning on the Falcons in the game) to awkward solutions for off-season staff (Cough, DeAndre Hopkins, Cough) and potential shots that were never made, we remember the mistakes that were made.

How we are in our energy list: Our group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV presenters evaluate how the teams develop during the season.

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Week 10 stand: 1

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That they’d take it back: Abbreviation of Jordan Berry

When your team is 9-0, it’s hard to get a beating. We are faced with the situation of an actor. In their search for more equal distance, the Steelers shortened Berry and signed veteran Dustin Colquitt just before the start of the season. But that experience did not last long, when the Super Bowl title averaged 43.1 yards per pants, below the 2019 average of 45.5 yards per pants. The Steelers cut Colquitt off after five games and brought Berry back. Since the fair, the bays have an average of 47.4 yards per bet. Clearly, replacing a player didn’t cost the Steelers any games, but it did make some of them more intense than they should have been. — Brooke Pryor

Week 10 stand: 2

That they’d take it back: I can’t do the Raiders pass in five weeks.

Between a failed passing speed and an unfavorable game with wide receivers on the field, the bosses had no particular plan for a defensive match against the Raiders in the October game. The result was four assists in Las Vegas for at least 40 yards, 40 points for the Raiders and the only loss of the season against the Chiefs. On Sunday, when the teams meet again, this time in Nevada, the bosses will show how well they learned the lessons. – Adam Thacher

Weekly review 10: 4

That they’d take it back: Editor-in-chief Jordan Love in the first round

One of the tasks of General Manager Brian Gutekunst is to find the future quarterback, but given the way Aaron Rogers has played this season, the future may still be far away. Of course, Gutekunst couldn’t have known that Rogers would return to the MVP level, but in hindsight GM might have been better off with a Patrick Queen linebacker or a wide receiver instead of the quarterback. Well, even if Rogers continues to play at this level, the Packers will have to turn to Love to see if he can play, perhaps by leaving Rogers too soon. — Rob Demovsky

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Ryan Clarke lobbied to find out who the saints should start with the quarterback, Drew Bree, who was pushed to the sidewalk with a broken rib and got a collapsed lung,

Week 10 stand: 5

That they’d take it back: Your third weekly report on Allen Lazard.

I want to be more specific here because it is difficult to challenge most of the saints’ staff decisions in low season. (They had hoped that Caesar Ruiz would be on the right side faster in the first lap, but that position was still desperately needed). So I’m going to allow their defense to press the reset button in the third week of losing Green Bay, which could have serious consequences in the playoffs. This season, Minor Saints had a slow start to the season with an unexplained miss – including two deep passes at 72 meters and 48 meters where she left Lazard. They’d be happy if they’d solved all these problems in the last few weeks. — Mike Triplet

Weekly Score 10: 3

That they’d take it back: Without the addition of a proven receiver number 1 to the width

The crows had to help Lamar Jackson in low season, just as Arizona and Buffalo did with their young quarterbacks. The Cardinals got DeAndre Hopkins for Kyler Murray, and Bill got Stephon Diggs for Josh Allen. The biggest veteran who was included in the Baltimore Wide receiver was Des Bryant, who hasn’t played for three years. Jackson ranked 24th for the number of courses followed (1762) and 26th for the number of courses followed (64%). — Jamison Hensley.

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Ryan Clarke and Stephen A. Smith argued that Tom Brady’s attack or Buchanan’s defense had a greater impact on Tampa Bay’s success.

Weekly review 10: 8

That they’d take it back: The insertion of Joe Hag instead of A.K. Shipley in the ninth week.

Nothing went smoothly in the Saints game, but it all had to go through Tom Brady and he couldn’t really recover when he was under pressure from more than 46% of accidents – most since 2016. Shipley placed himself in the middle and moved Ryan Jensen to the left front against the Panthers in week 10, which brought much better results in the absence of Ali Marpet, although the Panthers had less excitement. The male was captured by the saints, who eventually identified the southern NFC champion. — Jenna Lane

Week 10 booth: 6

That they’d take it back: DeAndre Hopkins wins the Hail Mary game.

Not much can be done when the top receiver in the NFL plays a decent game, but the bill would rework the 43 yard triple coverage of Hopkins’ Hail Mary at the end of the 10 week streak losing streak. If Buffalo’s pass had kept Cardinal Kayler Murray’s quarterback better, he probably never would have been able to get out of his pocket long enough to find Hopkins in the back of the field. And if Bill’s three defenders had timed their jumps better, Hopkins might never have caught them. We take scenarios, and yes, but that’s the name of the exercise, isn’t it? — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Week 10 state of affairs: 10

That they’d take it back: One of Kyler Murray’s three interceptors against the Lions in week three…

All three happened in Detroit. Together they led by 10 points for Lviv, with Arizona losing their first game of the season to the team they were supposed to beat by the last second of the field. If the cardinals had won the game, they would have been the first in the NFC West, instead of the triple draw they are now experiencing. — Josh Weinfuss.

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Stephen A. Smith wonders why Ramsey could be the winning team when he leaves NFC West.

Week 10 stand: 11

That they’d take it back: You chose Samuel Sloman as your shooter.

In 2020, the Rams needed a new player after Greg Surelaine signed a contract with the Cowboys. They organized a match involving CFL striker Lirim Heyrullah, former XFL striker Austin McGinnis and Sloman, and Sloman chose the seventh round. Heyrullah and McGinnis seem to have led the competition most of the time, but Rams decided to leave Slauman behind. Forward and Sloman were fired after week seven due to discrepancies, and Rams signed veteran Kai Forbat, who didn’t do much better. In two games, Forbat converted 2 of 3 goals, and he converted 4 of 5 to PAT. Oars must stabilize their starting position if they intend to play the play-offs. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Wochenbewertung 10: 7

That they’d take it back: By paying $7 million to Greg Olsen…

It was an absolutely logical step to end the Pro Bowl attack, which will rely more on Russell Wilson and his passing game, with a tight end. And it’s not like Olsen is completely bankrupt. But the Seahawks didn’t have enough momentum (21 strikes, 204 yards, a touchdown) for the $7 million they paid Olsen for his one-year contract. Now that we know that their defense set a vanity record or threatened to do so, that money would have been better spent on someone who could have advanced the pass, which was a big question mark at the beginning of the season. — Brady Henderson

Week 10 stand: 12

That they’d take it back: CB Xavier Rhodes got a glimpse of the first week.

There are currently nine teams, including the Colts, with a record of at least 6-3 in the AFC. Rhodes and the Colts can regret losing the first round of the sad Jacksonville if they miss the play-offs or if they can’t win a home game in the play-offs. The only bad thing Rhodes did this season – the one the Colts had a one-year contract with – was get caught watching in the backfield for a Jaguar touchdown with Kean Cole, as Rhodes was at least 10 metres behind Cole when he was caught by Wide-Mouse. — Mike Wells

Week 10 state of affairs: 9

That they’d take it back: Vic Beesley Jr.’s signature as a freelancer.

The Titans thought they would help quickly when they signed a contract with Bisley, who placed eight bags of falcons in 2019. Despite questions about Bisley’s work ethic, the Titans assumed that the clean slate and dressing room of their workers would allow Bisley to flourish. Your $9.5 million investment hasn’t paid off. Beesly had a terrible start and arrived at the training camp 10 days late for unused reasons. The Titans freed Beasley after only five games. Beesly played only 19% of his defensive dreams and finished with three rounds and zero sacks. — Thurron Davenport

Week 10 booth: 14

– How the dolphins can win the AFC East
– Titans scored 6-3 Llogs
– Gordon, Lindsay Broncos still fighting
– 49th starting player after Bye
– Lamb, Martin under Bright Spot Dallas

That they’d take it back: Signature Jordan Howard

The dolphins tried to get a foothold with Howard and Matt Brad, instead of taking the risk of adding a long-term race to Project 2020. The choice of Clyde Edwards-Edvard Heler or D’Andre Swift in the first round, Jonathan Taylor, Jonathan Dobbins or Antonio Gibson in the second round and one of their five predictions for one of these rounds seemed the best choice. Howard, who made a $9.75 million deal in March and quit Monday, had 28 transfers of 33 yards and made a good score in four games. The good news is that Miami will have another chance to tackle this problem in a project of 2021. — Cameron Wolf

Week 10 booth: 13

That they’d take it back: Editor Lynn Bowden Jr. in the third round.

The most versatile player in the design to number 80 as a whole seemed brilliant at the time. But Bowden never played with the Raiders after they traded him and his conditional choice in round six for a Dolphins’ choice in round four after training camp. General Manager Mike Mayok insisted that this was a pure football solution because the Raiders were trying to change WR/QB/KR into the backward NFL. This decision turned out to be a waste in the third round, where the Raiders are now 0-3. Bowden’s gone, WR Brian Edwards is injured and LB Tanner Muse is on IR. — Paul Gutierrez.

Week 10 booth: 16

That they’d take it back: Without the addition of another suitable grinder.

It’s hard to blame the Browns for their safety problems, given that Grant Delpit lost the season in the second round with an Achilles injury in training camp. However, given the huge leeway, Cleveland could be more aggressive in his efforts to help Miles Garrett, who is third in the championship in terms of winning passes (no other Cleveland player is in the top 35). Whether it’s a more aggressive engagement of Jadeveon Clowney or Everson Griffen, or the deal with Yannick Ngakou, the Browns could probably do more to strengthen the defense, which is in 24th place in terms of effectiveness, even with Garrett. — Jake Trotter

Week 10 booth: 15

That they’d take it back: Robert Quinn’s signature

The bears have generously spent up to $30 million to defend the veterans. Quinn’s got a bag of nine games. To make room for Quinn, the bears pulled a first round, off-season, picnic of the former Leonard Floyd. Floyd, who now plays for the Rams, grabbed three bags in week 10 against the Seahawks, giving him seven bags in nine games for Los Angeles. Talk about your eternal retirement. — Jeff Dickerson.

Week 10 booth: 17 Everything you need this week
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– Depth charts per team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Performance Index
Other NFL reports

That they’d take it back: DeForest Buckner trade

Buckner’s business logic with the Colts was right: He wanted to extend the contract; the Niners had to resign major players such as Arik Armstead and Jimmy Ward, and San Francisco could use the nickname they had bought for Buckner to economically replace Javon Kinlow. But in this devastated season, the 49ers lack a unique combination of durability, performance and Buckner leadership qualities, even more than they could have imagined when they signed the contract. — Nick Wagoner

Week 10 stand: 21

That they’d take it back: Cam Newton in Buffalo.

If the ball was in the quarterback’s left hand or just better protected, the Patriots would at least level the game in the eighth round with a shortfield goal (if they hadn’t won) at the end of the fourth quarter. The record of the Patriots could then be broken by 5 to 4 and in the division by 3 to 0. This is the third game of the season that the Patriots lost in the fourth quarter, a point behind and a chance to win. — Mike Travel

Week 10 stand: 19

That they’d take it back: Trade for Yannick Ngakowe

The Vikings acquired a 25-year-old defence line in Jacksonville with the idea of marrying Danielle Hunter. Hunter’s neck injury at the camp, which eventually required seasonal surgery, ruled that out. The Vikings took the bait six weeks later and took $6.8 million in a dead hat. What if the Vikings would use their resources to get an experienced foundation stone to help their young high school? What if Minnesota signed a contract with an inside man? Would these changes be more profitable in the long run than paying for less than two months’ work in Ngakoue? — Courtney Cronin

Week 10 booth: 18

That they’d take it back: The fourth and one to Alex Armagh at the opening.

The Panthers probably have the best combo in the NFL with Christian McCaffrey and a chance to win Matt Rool’s first game at home. Then on the fourth and first line of the 46. In Las Vegas, at 1:23 from the end, they gave the ball to Arma, the defender, who was drunk on the rafters without winning. A very conservative call to the offensive coordinator, Joe Brady. The Raiders won at 34:30, which seems to have set the tone for a season in which the Panthers could not find a way to finish the game evenly by losing five times eight points or less and three times four or less. — David Newton

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Mike Greenberg asks Ryan Clarke to analyze the Eagles’ record, and instead he is treated for mimicking Greenberg in a pre-season draw in Philadelphia.

Week 10 leaderboard: 20

That they’d take it back: Not in exchange for DeAndre Hopkins.

The Eagles and Texans discussed the Hopkins trade before it was handed over to the Cardinals. Because Houston had demanded a fee (which was clearly more than the package he had brought with him from Arizona) and the amount of money the Eagles, attached to the lid, should have taken for the large recipient, they decided to add something to the design instead. Such an approach may work in the long run, but it’s hard not to look at that ridiculous Hail Mary suit three defenders on Sunday and think about what could have been. — Tim McManus.

Week 10 booth: 25

That they’d take it back: Fourth quarter strategy against Chicago

The Lions won 17 points against the Bears in their first season before losing to D’André Swift, who lost 27-24 points after missing a pass in the Lions’ home stretch. The combination of Detroit’s conservative playing style in the fourth quarter, the decision to try a wide field goal that was averted and the team’s insistence on a strong man cover turned the victory into a loss and immediately changed the tenor of the season. — Michael Rothstein

Week 10 leaderboard: 22

Tell us about the biggest games of the NFL, original series and much more. Clock on ESPN+

Which they would take back, not to pick up the Garrett Balls in fifth grade.

The transfer of a five-year Bolle option will cost Denver in the short term. If the Broncos had exercised the Bolless option, he would have received just over $11 million next season. While Balles led the league in penalties in the first three seasons, he tried to get stronger in the last low season, playing with both more restraint and better technique. Some HR managers believe he played as well as any other tank in the league. When Broncos becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, it will have to make both a decision and compete for its services. You’re gonna have to write a big check to keep it. — Jeff Legold.

Weekly Score 10: 24

That they’d take it back: Errors during the second working week

Have you ever wondered where the Falcons are today after one of the three players dropped a shot in the second week? It was a beetle comedy that helped Dallas complete a 15-point comeback in the last five minutes. This set the tone for the removal of head coach Dan Quinn after his loss to the Panthers in week 5 and possibly the collapse of the fourth quarter that followed. According to a study by ESPN Stats & Information, there hasn’t been a team since 1933 that has scored 39 points and hasn’t lost a single round. If Atlanta could regain that moment and start the season 1-1, we don’t know where they would be in the NFC play-off situation. — David Newton

Week 10 booth: 23

That they’d take it back: Without dropping to fourth place against the Chiefs in week two.

The Chargers were able to thwart the defending Super Bowl champions in the second round if they just continued instead of betting on the fourth round with a short extra time for their first possession. Instead, the Chargers decided to bet and gave the ball to Patrick Mahomez, who led the Chiefs to the winning goal. He was the first of many parents who disappointed the Chargers, and he set a tone that was not right. — Shelly Smith

Week 10 stand: 28

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What would they take back: Evan Engram’s fall to Philadelphia in week seven.

Let’s go back to the Giants’ first meeting with Philadelphia, when Engram let the victory slip out of his hands. The Giants took an 11-point lead with just under five minutes to go. After the Eagles had held a one-point game, the Giants were given the chance to finish the game. All Engram had to do was get Daniel Jones’ perfectly closed harbour pass and he had just over two minutes left. If he made the catch, the Giants would be 4-1 in the Eastern NFC, with a swing in Philadelphia and Washington, and they would generally be 4-6 and in a better position to win a division with a cushion over the Eagles 2-6-1. — Jordan Ranan.

Weekly Score 10: 26

That they’d take it back: Give A.J. Green a franchise label.

So far, this decision is not obsolete at all. The Bengal hoped that a healthy green would still look like a professional bowler seven times after missing the 2019 season due to an ankle injury. But so far the green is very fragile. On Sunday, when the steel manufacturers lost, the Greens failed to achieve five goals. The green has an average of only 35.1 yards per game. Although he’s still in charge of defense and helps open things up for newcomer T. Higgins, Green didn’t get the production the Bengal wanted when they valued it at $18.2 million. — …Ben baby.

Weekly Score 10: 27

That they’d take it back: DeAndre Hopkins Trade

It doesn’t make any sense. Hopkins showed exactly why Houston shouldn’t have traded it when he caught the Hail Mary to win the game against the Cardinals on Sunday. In the middle of the season, it is clear that the Texas playmakers do not have a playmaker in their attack on Deshawn Watson. Houston not only lost Hopkins, but also traded it for David Johnson and his salary of $11 million until 2020. In the eight games he played, Johnson was ineffective with 408 yards and three touchdowns on 103 carries. Yeah, the Texans had salary problems, and Hopkins wanted a new contract, but there was no urgent need to take his salary. — Sarah Barshop

Weekly Score 10: 29

Who is fashionable and who has possibilities? NFL reporters give a progress report on the 255+ players. History

That they’d take it back: Your position on Duane Haskins, Jr.

Washington was loyal to Haskins because of his talent and the way he completed the campaign in 2019, and he was also chosen as team owner in the previous selection. The arriving staff felt that Haskins could convince him more by challenging and supporting him, only to flee after 11 weeks and four departures. He was right to put him on the couch, but in low season they couldn’t find the best replacements. They needed Haskins for tough competition, but they beat the other quarterbacks at the top of the draft to beat Chase Young. Alex Smith shows in this attack what a good quarterback is capable of, but it would be good to test Haskins against a better staff sooner. — John Kame

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Stephen A. Smith wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones was preparing Trevor Lawrence of Justin Fields when the cowboys had the chance.

Week 10 stand: 30

That they’d take it back: Do not resign CB Byron Jones…

Only one? There are so many choices and some can make sure they don’t sign Duck Prescott on a long-term contract, which led to the big contract signed by Jalon Smith that eventually cost them Jones. Yeah, you want the corners to catch the ball more than Jones, but what about all this? Add it to the list: If the cowboys knew they could get CeeDee Lamb in the first round, would they still have signed the long-term contract with Amari Cooper? Not for $20 million a year, which might leave room for Jones. The year 2020 was a disaster, but the cowboys had to do more to keep Jones. — Todd Archer

Weekly Score 10: 31

That they’d take it back: No action until Justin Herbert is mobilized…

The Jaguars could indeed be an AFC candidate in the south if they faced Herbert, who has thrown at least 264 yards in seven of his eight matches and has 19 TD machines in six INTs. They had to give up their second choice in the first round – which they applied to a K’Lavon Chaisson rider who had one bag and two QB hits in nine games – but they had extra stones to make a good deal. With RB James Robinson and WR DJ Chark Jr, the Jaguars would have a young core of offensive players around which they could build and play meaningful year-end games. — Mike DiRocco

Week 10 booth: 32

That they’d take it back: Don’t resign from Robbie Anderson’s WR.

GM Joe Douglas has already admitted this error by saying that the jets had miscalculated Anderson’s market value. New York City let Sam Darnold’s favorite destination go to the Panthers for two years for $20 million – a contract that is not outrageous. Anderson became one of the top receivers in the league when the jets fought hard against their shock attack. The Jets signed a contract with Breshad Perriman to replace Anderson, but Perriman missed four games due to injuries. — Rich Chimini

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