WINGS MILLS, that’s crazy. — The NFL insisted on Wednesday that it didn’t cut back on looking for contacts after learning that the Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver Des Bryant was tested for coronavirus half an hour before the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant was on the field and took part in a one-on-one warm-up about an hour before the Ravens were informed of his unconvincing result. At that time Bryant was seen as hugging and talking to players, including former cowboy teammates, without a mask.

But after interviewing Bryant and other club members, the NFL did not identify high-risk close contacts and studied his contact details.

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I can tell you with confidence that we followed the same contact tracing procedure last night, as we do on a case-by-case basis, said Dr. Allen Sills, Chief Medical Officer of the NFL in Florida. The fact that we were able to do this fairly quickly does not indicate a lack of rigour in this process. The amount of data available for sorting has enabled us to do this.

Sills said that the fact that the decision was taken so quickly and in such close cooperation indicates the intensity of the protocol of the competition and the enormous amount of pre-game work that the Ravens did in accordance with the rules of their facility.

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According to Sills, the factors that influence the identification of high-risk close contacts are: cumulative exposure time, distance, available ventilation and use of the mask.

We took all the data we had and made the safest decision, Dorpels said. Not all risk interactions occur in the same way.

Bryant was one of the first players in the M&T field Tuesday night when he intercepted passes from quarterback track McSorley around 6 p.m.

Shortly before 7 p.m., the Voronov laboratory announced that Tuesday morning’s Bryant test had failed. Two minutes later Bryant was removed from the dressing room and taken to a remote part of the stadium.

Around 7:30, Bryant’s last test came back positive. He was banished immediately.

According to Sills, the test did not take place when the warm-up period for the race began. No one took part in the team’s activities with partial test results.

As the results were only achieved in the evening, Bryant would have played if the game had started at 1 or 4 o’clock.

We know we’ve had positive players playing on match day – not that we know that, Sills said. But unfortunately there have been cases during the season where a player was tested in the morning and the game was played, and we did not get a positive result either in the evening or the next morning. This has happened before. That was not the case in this situation.

Recently, crows have been involved in one of the biggest sports epidemics in which at least a dozen players have tested positive. But Bryant’s positive test was the first of the team in a week.

Dorpels doesn’t believe Bryant’s positive test was related to another flash.

We don’t have any evidence at the moment, Mr. Sills said. A normal incubation period is not sufficient.

The Crows received good news on Wednesday on the front of the coronavirus by activating the end of the Pro Bowl reserve list of Mark Andrews and Pro Bowl linebacker Matthew Judon.

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