John Gooden Mark Davis.


Mark Davis and John Gruden of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders became the main target of the NFL as a result of repeated violations of COVID-19. John Gruden, several players and the team have already been fined, but the competition isn’t over yet. The NFL decided to throw the hammer at the Raiders and hit them with the heaviest punishment.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the Raiders League ends Raiders for $500,000, Gruden for $150,000, and cancels the draft in the sixth round.

Sources : #The NFL will fine the Las Vegas Raiders $500,000 and Coach John Gruden $150,000, and the Sixth Division team will be fined $500,000. In the second round of the project, Trent Brown will be punished for violations of COVID 19 in connection with Trent Brown’s positive OT test at the end of October. The escalation of fines/elections is due to the fact that they are repeat offenders.

– Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) 6. November 2020.

It’s easy to say that this is the biggest penalty shoot-out the team has ever had. Raiders is of course not the only team that has committed a few fouls, but many of them have been filmed. Gruden has been seen several times while removing his mask on the sidelines, and robbers have been seen without masks at a charity event. The only thing that upset him was the incident with Trent Brown, which wasn’t even solved. Raiders will have to be very careful in the future, because another violation could lead the NFL to make even more decisions.

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Gruden recently declared that he did not believe in the newfine.

This news will certainly be a blow to the organization. Gruden seemed pretty sure that the Raiders were doing their best and that the NFL wouldn’t be too far behind them.

I am very proud of our organization and what we have done, Gruden said recently. A lot has been written and said, I think, about some of the wrongs we’ve committed. We’re about to fight the virus. What we’ve done as an organization is first class.

He even went as far as not knowing the possible sanctions. Clearly, the NFL is trying to send a message to the rest of the NFL. Although the Raiders are probably very angry about the fines, they still broke the rules they had agreed upon.

Occupational scavengers Fines

In a typical raid style they will not accept these punishments just like that. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network gave more information about the situation and also stated that the team intends to appeal.

Two comments on sanction #Raiders COVID-19, according to the source:

-You’ve got two options in the sixth round. -Okay. -One’s yours and the other one’s #WashingtonFootball. -No. They’ll lose anyway if they go higher up.

-The team has appealed against the sentences.

– Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) 6. November 2020.

The Raiders are not the only team with problems with KOVID-19, and there are other teams that have had to postpone the games. Andrew Brandt commented that Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49 both tested positive this week, but are still playing. The news of the Raiders penalty shootout came during the game.

Tonight there will be a competition in the league with positive test results with both teams.

– Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) 6. November 2020.

It’s hard to imagine that the call will work because the NFL uses the Raiders to send a message to the other teams. Las Vegas should be happy to have lost only the sixth round, as it was said that the teams would be punished even more severely. The season is far from over, and it will certainly be interesting to see if the NFL’s decision to bet on the Raiders will reduce the number of teams that have problems with KOVID-19.

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