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The game plan for 8. NFL week is a great week of great games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the end result.

In addition, ESPN provides Stats & Information statistics for each match and the Football Power Index (FPI) is expressed in figures with match ratings (on a scale from 1 to 100) and match forecasts. ESPN Fantasy Kyle Soppe and ESPN Chalk Dave Bearman also provide useful nuggets. It’s all designed to prepare you for a busy weekend of NFL football games.

Let’s look at the whole eighth floor. week, including Lamar Jackson versus Ben Rothlisberger in the Battle of the AFC North.

Play the game:

It’s Thursday: ATL 25, CAR 17
Goodbye: ARI, WSH, JAX, HOU


p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 78.2 | Distribution : BALLOON -3.5 (46.5)

What you should see: How will the Stalingers try to contain the volatility of Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson? This season, the Stalers have flashed 46 percent of the cases – the highest rate since Mike Tomlin’s first year as head coach (2007) – and have 17 top sacks in the league if they send more than four mates. But few can escape the pressure like Jackson, who has been 10-1 since early 2019 when he runs 70 metres or more. — Jamison Hensley.

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A bold prophecy: The steelmakers fired Jackson four times and kept him within 50 yards. In Jackson’s singles game against the Steelers last season, he was fired five times and intercepted three times. He was able to get 70 fast yards against the Steelmakers defense, but this year the Steelmakers only allowed 68.8 fast yards per game – an improvement on last year’s 109.6. — Brooke Pryor

Find out now: It’s the 25th. The encounter between Mike Tomlin and John Harbau is the largest between the two head coaches during the Super Bowl era (since 1966) and the third largest in the history of the NFL (regular season only), according to a study by the Elias Sports Bureau. But it’s also the fifth game in NFL history between the 6-0 (or better) team and the current MVP competition. The Advantage Steelers have won three of the four previous similar meetings as an unbeatable team.

Injuries: Steel producers | Raven

What a fantasy to know: Pittsburgh receiver Judy Smith Schuster scored 14 goals against the Titans last weekend, which is the overall result of her last three games. His ground games have attracted attention, but this season he has scored three times more than 16 points. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Pittsburgh is the seventh team in the Super Bowl era to score more than three points as a loser with a record of 6-0 or better. Each of the six predecessors lost and went 2-4 against the gap (ATS). Details.

Pryor’s choice: Raven 30, Steelers 27
Hensley selected : Raven 27, Steel Producers 20
FPI Forecast : BAL, 67.0% (average 6.0 points)

The equation should be read: The steelworkers prove they can make a quick start, just in time for the Ravens… Big Ben and the Heisman winners: The QB has the best division in the NFL… The crows ascend with Ngakoue at an accelerated rate… Brady, Big Ben is about to become the most fired Buy More: How they got here and who’s next… What does Des do for crows?


p.m. ET | FOX
Corresponding assessment: 65.8 | Distribution : GB -6.5 (53.5)

What you should see: The forecast for Sunday predicts gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour in Green Bay. There’s enough wind to affect more than just the foot – and don’t forget that Packers striker Mason Crosby is on the injured list this week. He can take even the strongest quarterback at gunpoint, Aaron Rogers and Kirk’s cousins. Maybe Rogers accidentally advised his nephews and nieces how to judge the winds in Lambo – or maybe he misled him – when he said this week that you can’t always rely on stadium flags. They’re everywhere. So you know which one to look at, and often they’re the opposite of the north final flag, which I’ve learned. — Rob Demovsky

A bold prophecy: The Packers’ catcher, Davante Adams, will make 200 yards of the catch for at least 14 catches. In week one, he burned a second Viking (156 yards and two points), but this time it’s even worse for Minnesota Corners – a group destroyed by injuries that could end up in the lower half of Jeff Gladney, Harrison Hend and Chris Boyd’s group to protect the upper landing area of NFC North. Adams has two games this season – at least 150 yards and two touchdowns – and he will start his third in the eighth round. — Courtney Cronin

Find out now: The cousins have 10 interceptions this season, most of them at NFL level. And the Viking quarterback has three multi-matches. The last Viking KB to play four of the first seven games of the season was Downte Culpepper in 2005.

Injuries: Viking | Packer

What a fantasy to know: In seven weeks there were four cases in which the receiver scored more than 40 points. Adams counted two. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Green Bay 3-0 against Minnesota since the start of last season. Details.

Cronin’s choice: Packers 37, Vikings 30Demovsky election: Packers 27, Vikings 23
FPI Prognosis : GB, 60.8% (average 3.8 points)

The equation should be read: The Vikings have not given up on 2020, but the focus is on 2021… The help of those who play bingo in training camps promises to be good for the packers. If the Vikings recover, who will have to leave on time? … Alexander Packers must be special… Determination of the dimensions of the NFC-North : Those who surprise, disappoint and more… Whether the packers are on the market or not, Rogers saves the trip.

p.m. ET | FOX
Corresponding assessment: 65.4 | Distribution : LAR-4 (46)

What you should see: The quarterback of the Tua Tagovayloa Dolphins takes his first steps and stands in front of his first big contact in 351 days. First of all, Ramse is under the protection of Aaron Donald. Good luck, rookie. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a 2.41-second average to finish third in the NFL, and that will be an important indicator that Tagovayloa can follow the strong defense of the Rams. How fast will Tagovayloa adapt its processing speed and quick fixes to the NFL game? If he doesn’t make it to Sunday, Donald and Rams’ defense may have a big day against the Young Dolphins’ offensive line. — Cameron Wolf

– Game choose from our experts
NFL – PickCenter | ESPN chalk
More NFL coverage.

A bold prophecy: Donald will end his career in a four-bag match in the singles. Ramsey’s defense is getting bigger and bigger and looks forward to seeing Tagovayloa take his first steps in his career. This season Rams is third in the NFL with 24 sacks, led by the Donald Eight. So make sure they celebrate on the offensive line of the Dolphins with a 47.5% win percentage in the passing block – 30th place in the league. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Find out now: Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goffe is 81 percent ready for his career this season, the best in the NFL and more than 10 percent better than second place (69.25 percent). But in his pocket he’s in 24th place in the NFL with 65%.

Injuries: Aries | Dolphins

What a fantasy to know: Will Miami’s DeVante Parker fantasy receiver DeVante Parker be able to maintain the effectiveness of the fantasy after a move from the center? Since the start of last season, Parker has ranked 15th out of 58 qualified winners with 1.95 points per goal, ahead of top players like Amary Cooper and Terry McLauren. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the beginning of last season, the KB’s have had their first career start with 11-4 ATS (2-1 ATS this season). Details.

Tiri’s choice: Aries 28, Dolphins 17
Wolf shot : Rams 27, Dolphins 20
FPI Prognosis : LAR, 56.2% (2.2 average points)

The equation should be read: In Hecker’s master class we play punching raves, hugs from Rams teammates… The era of Tagovayloa begins: What you can expect from a beginner of Dolphins Buy More is much more important than any piece I can make: Ramsey Ramsey goes to the Nashville charter school. The source: The dolphins are signing the Shaheen for a two-year extension… It’s Tua time: McShay on Tagovayloa’s debut… The decision of the dolphins to start in Tagovayloa is heartbreaking, Fitzpatrick said.


p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 53,9 | distribution : BEEF -3.5 (42.5)

What you should see: In three career games against the Buffalo Patriots, quarterback Josh Allen made only 48.4 percent of the passes with an average of just 192.6 passes per game with three touchdowns and five steals. Meanwhile, Sean McDermott is Coach Bill without having won six attempts against Bill Belichik. Expect the two men to change their fate on Sunday. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

A bold prophecy: Bettors Jake Bailey (Patriots) and Cory Boyorkes (Bills) will play a decisive role in determining the final result. Temperatures in western New York City are expected in the 1940s, and gusts of wind can exceed 20 miles per hour. The ball game and the position on the pitch will therefore be decisive. Bailey has been very good this season – he’s the AFC leader on the 47.9 yard net bets, while Bojorquez showed a powerful leg when the bills are pushed low (72 yards long). — Mike Travel

Find out now: This is the first time the Patriots have lost three in a row since 2002, when they lost four. And according to research by Elias’ Sports Bureau, this is the first time since 2000 that the league has had more than two games at some point in the season. To get back in the lineup, they need a boost from quarterback Cam Newton, who has a total QBR of 15.3 in the last three starts.

Injuries: Patriots | Accounts

What a fantasy to know: Who’s right? The Patriots allowed a touchdown of 5.4% this season (below the league average and far below last season’s 2.4%), but Allen ended the game against the Jets by scoring 43 assists without scoring. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: For the first time since the second round of the 2015 season (in Buffalo) New England failed in a championship match. Details.

The choice of rice: Accounts 23, Patriots 20, election of Louis-Jacques: Bill 20, Patriots 10
REIT Forecast : BUF, 58.8% (average 3.1 points)

The equation should be read: Are the Patriots ready to give Newton the support he needs? Are the Billas ready to bury the Patriots and take control of AFC East? … Patriots in Newton’s Buy More admit that against a backdrop of zoning, Beals Beasley, Allen find their way to prosperity.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Former patriot Damien Woody seems to be disgusted to start with 2-4 patriots.


p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 50.2 | Distribution : KC -19.5 (49)

What you should see: It seems that the best way for jets to stay competitive is to accelerate, and that’s something New York City is doing well. They are in the eighth position for amplification (10) and in the eighth position for interception (7). But it’s hard to turn the bosses around. Kansas City only managed five laps, giving them the fourth best place in the league. Quarterback Patrick Mahomez made only one interception and his 0.4% interception rate is the best in the league. – Adam Thacher

A bold prophecy: The Jets move the ball between the 1920s and the Chiefs, who are 4.9 yards behind in their attack, but take up the offensive in the red zone. Call it 0 for 3. This is the Achilles heel of the offensive, the success of the competition in the red zone with less than 25%. So, no, there won’t be any amazing excitement. — Rich Chimini

Find out now: The Jets have lost all seven games with more than seven points this season; the 1984 Oilers were the only team since the merger that started with a score of 0-8 and lost all eight games with more than seven points. In addition, there has been a minus 118 point difference in New York this season, and a loss of 20 points would have meant the worst point difference in the history of the franchise team in eight games (minus 137 in 1976).

Injuries: Jets | Heads

What a fantasy to know: The receiver of the Chiefs, Tyric Hill, scored over 15.5 fantasy points in six of the seven games, although he still has to play a 100-yard game (and four 65-yard games). See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: The reigning champion is only 2-8 ATS against teams that have performed with absolute records of 0-6 (or worse). And they haven’t been able to cover each of the last seven times since 1978 on this site. Details.

Chimini’s choice: Chiefs of Staff 34, 10
Taicher Jets: Chiefs 30, Jets 13
FPI Prognosis : KC, 94.1% (average 21.2 points)

The equation should be read: The jets are ready to meet Bell, the newest member of the Gaza veteran team… Chiefs like you, Edwards Heller, the Bell partnership… Frustration grows for Darnold Jets, whose time is running out… Bosses see great games delivered by players who are not the stars of the ship… Proposed bill 2021. NFL: Jet fighters are a favorite.


p.m. ET | FOX
Corresponding assessment: 42.7 | Distribution : KEY -2.5 (53.5)

What you should see: How will the Brownes without Odell Beckham Jr.’s star receiver react to an attack that comes out before the season with a knee injury? Beckham leads the target team. Quarterback Baker Mayfield will have to find a connection elsewhere, as he now has 10 consecutive matches with a TD-pass, the second longest streak of his career (17 matches from 2018-19). — Jake Trotter

– Rayders Brownes and Red Law 88
– Could a Texan be involved with JJ Watt or Will Fuller?
– Are the Billas ready to take control of AFC East?
– Baker Mayfield’s better off without an HMO?
– Jets for the bell, now all Geys graduates are stars.

A bold prophecy: The Raiders, supported by Trent Brown’s right tackle, will eliminate the Browns’ best defensive bagman, Miles Garrett, who has nine bags and six games in a row. — Paul Gutierrez.

Find out now: This season, Kareem Hunt scored seven touchdowns in the Cleveland scrum. Browns is 5-0 when Hunt scores, but 0-2 in games where he can’t find the end zone.

Injuries: Scavengers | Brownes

What a fantasy to know: Mayfield achieved a fantastic average of 1.07 points in a single set with a major victory over the Bengal, more than 2.5 times the season rhythm of the pre-game. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: The Raiders have played a total of six games this season. The longest series since the start of the season was Saints 2002, which started the season with nine consecutive overruns. Details.

Gutierrez’s election: Scavengers 28, Brown 27Trotter: Brownes 27, Raiders 26
REIT Forecast : The central bank accounted for 55.2% (average 1.8 percentage points).

The equation should be read: Review of Raiders Brown and Red Right 88: It was a hell of a game in our history… The Browns are no better off without an OBJ, but Mayfield could… Despite the losses caused by the blows, the robbers find silver (and black) pillows in the strange week … Big Ben and the Heismans… The overall assessment of the Northern AFC Design Bureau…


p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 40.4 | Distribution : IND -2.5 (50)

What you should see: In the last two weeks the Lions have done much better in the race, stopping Jacksonville and Atlanta at 100 racing places. For Detroit to win on Sunday, it would probably have to do it three times in a row, this time against newcomer Jonathan Taylor, who has averaged over 4.0 meters per wear in each of his last four games. How the lions do it in this game can be determined by the game. — Michael Rothstein

A bold prophecy: The 100 meter long reception line of the Colts TY Hilton ends in 17 races. Hilton, who is slowly starting his nine-year career, has had a very successful career since his 138th birthday. Contest against the Giants on the 23rd. December 2018: There will be no 100-yard acceptance matches. — Mike Wells

Find out now: Indianapolis quarterback Philip Rivers made three assists for the Bengal until the end of last week, but in 13-14 weeks last season he didn’t make multiple passes in consecutive games. And Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford gets his first 300-yard pass against the Falcons this season, but he hasn’t skipped 300 yards or more in consecutive 7-9 week games in 2019.

Injuries: Colts | Lions

What a fantasy to know: Laggard D’André Swift scored three points in the last two games (two touchdowns this season) and took the average of 15 touchdowns in those games (6.3 in the previous games). See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Indianapolis is the 11-3-1 telephone system that has emerged from the farewell week since the start of the 2005 season. Details.

Welles’ choice: Colts 28, Lions 20, Rothstein’s choice: Lions 27, Colts 23
FPI Forecast : The IND amounts to 57.3% (average 2.5 points).

The equation should be read: The ends of the foals, unprocessed, productive and dense, share bonds between them … Determination of the dimensions of the NFC-North : Those who surprise, disappoint and more… The former foal WR Orr dies at 85… It’s time the Lions came to pay for Galladia.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Field Yates notes that the T.J. Hawkson TE has been very productive in the imagination this season, but Mike Clay is not encouraged by the hard play of the TE with the Colts.


p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 40.0 | Distribution : TEN -6 (54.5)

What you should see: This game can score a lot of points. The Bengalis are in 21st place at the points, while the Titans are in 16th place. Cincinnati rookie quarterback Joe Burrow must defend the ball and make wise decisions against Tennessee, the highest ranked team in the NFL, for the total number of shots. — …Ben baby.

A bold prophecy: A Titan attack starts with fire, especially in a passive game. Once they have a comfortable lead, they turn to Derrick Henry to keep their mouths shut. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill crosses the finish line at 300 meters, Derrick Henry runs 150 meters and A.J. Brown manages 100 meters. — Thurron Davenport

Find out now: The Bengal have the highest number of bags allowed this season with the Eagles (28), and their success rate of 34.3% is the fourth highest in the league.

Injuries: Titans | Bengali

What a fantasy to know: Barrow has overtaken 300 metres in five of the last six starts, but is there any reason to worry that the Brownes won’t fight this week? This season, Burrow scored six touchdowns in two games against Cleveland. In the other five games there are only three. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: In the regular season games in Tennessee, 14-2 since last season, Tannehill was the starting quarterback. Details.

Davenport’s choice: Titans 42, Bengali 28
Little choice: Titanium 45, Bengali 31
REIT Forecast : SS, 63.7% (average 4.8 points)

The equation should be read: The Titans are 5-1, but their defense can’t leave the field in third place… The sign of progress under Taylor is also the biggest obstacle to the reconstruction of Bengal … How does Tannehill compare to the best NFL after 16 games with the Titans? … Dunlap Bengal’s living quarters on Taylor… Bengal injury situation Last test for Burrow


16:05 ET | CBS
Assessment of conformity : 28.2 | Distribution : IBC -3 (44)

What you should see: How will the quarterback Justin Herbert of the Chargers cope with the varied lighting of the Broncos, who are in 13th place in the Pass League? There won’t be a snowstorm in Denver this week, but the Broncos came out of a snowy game where the defense was the only unit in the game, keeping the Chiefs in 286 community courts and not turning it into a third trap. This season, Herbert fought back with three of his top 10 defensive passes and finished 72 percent of his passes in those games with five touchdowns and all three interceptions. He has seven touchdown passes and no interceptions in the other two starts at the same time. — Jeff Legold.

– McShane early 2021. Design of step
First Scores: Kiper | McShay
– Discover the KB | Lawrence vs Burrow
– The last seasons of the KB | Cancellation
Read more about the NFL project | Full Rating

A bold prophecy: Watch out for Herbert throwing over 300 yards with receiver Mike Williams. There’s gunfire in Denver, and the chargers are hot. Something like that. There’s no question of Herbert going miles up or using this thin layer of air. Everyone’s wondering if Herbert can throw it over the hill. — Shelly Smith

Find out now: In the last two weeks, quarterback Drew Lock of the Broncos finished third of 32 KB with 19.9 KB and beat only Cam Newton (13.0) and Joe Flacco (11.6) in that time.

Injuries: Chargers | Broncos

What a fantasy to know: Herbert has experienced a wave of his fantasy production in three networks and has 10 touchdown passes against an interception in these games (before that two touchdown passes and two interceptions). See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: ATS 5-1 chargers are connected to Green Bay and Pittsburgh this season and offer the best coverage in the NFL. Details.

Smith’s choice: Chargers 42, Broncos 12Legvold : Broncos 22, Chargers 21
FPI Forecast : DEN, 53.3% (average 1.2 points)

The equation should be read: Allen Chargers ensures consistency, connects to Herbert… The art of switching: How did the Broncos get so good… Herbert has already paid dividends to the shippers… The Bronco fantasy: The attack must be suspended or silenced… The Broncos are still waiting for the fruits of the Lindsay-Gordon combination.


16:25 ET | FOX
Conformity assessment: 88.3 | Distribution : SUP -3 (53.5)

What you should see: Do you want to see the recording? This lot has all the makeup on one. The Seahawks’ top three fullbacks are questionable due to injuries that may force them to focus their game plan on Russell Wilson’s playmaker and receivers. Their defense has already allowed most shipyards to play six games in the history of the NFL, and Jamal Adams may run out of security. It’s a bad combination against a big Kyle Shanahan player. — Brady Henderson

A bold prophecy: Last week was National Closure Day, but on Sunday, George Kittle will celebrate the 49th Closure. The kitten will go over 150 yards and score at least once against the Shihawks’ defense, who will fight to stop everyone and catch an average of 14.8 yards, 31st place in the league. — Nick Wagoner

Find out now: San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has the third shortest average distance (6.5 AIR) and the fourth longest interception distance (3.0%) since the start of last season, including the playoffs. It is the only Buy More in the top five of both categories.

Injuries: 49er | Seahawks

What a fantasy to know: Seahawks receiver Tyler Lokett made seven weeks of history, but he was arrested in the last seven games with the 49ers (8.1 fantasy points per game). See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Seattle 13-4 ATS versus San Francisco at the beginning of the 2012 season. Details.

The wainwright’s choice: Seahawks 31, 49ers 27
Henderson’s choice: Seahwks 38, 49ers 35
FPI Forecast : ESA, 50.3% (average 0.2 point)

The equation should be read: the YAC Bros. of the 49ers is the latest addition to the Bay Area fraternity scene … Dunlap is the Seahawks’ last commercial attempt at better protection. Forty-nine people lost Samuel, Wilson for weeks… Lokette Seachokes remains a gift for the incredible…


16:25 ET | FOX
Conformity assessment: 59.2 | Distribution : NO -4 (43.5)

What you should see: The bears seem to have been in ruins in Los Angeles since Monday night. It’s all lost, isn’t it? Not so fast. Appearances are deceptive, especially when it comes to bears. However, since Coach Matt Nagy took over in 2018, the Bears have dropped 8-4 after the loss and 5-0 in a few weeks. Bears are often in better shape when expectations are lowest. — Jeff Dickerson. Everything you need this week
– Full chart | Football Performance Index
– Depth charts per team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Performance Index
Other NFL reports

A bold prophecy: Chicago quarterback Nick Falls bounced back Monday night and scored at least one deep touchdown. For the last four transports, the saints allowed six passageways of 48 meters. But the saints will see the backs of Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray, a 150-metre-long combination. — Mike Triplet

Find out now: The effectiveness of the offensive of the Saints is 78.7 points – sixth in the NFL, but the 23.2 points – 28th. Since the start of the effectiveness evaluations in 2006, no team with a defensive effectiveness of less than 30 has reached the play-offs.

Injuries: Holy bears

What a fantasy to know: Camara will be the only club that has not joined KB since 2001, alongside Sakun Barkley, Todd Garley II and DeMarco Murray, to open the season with a fantastic 19.9 points in each of their first seven games. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the start of the 2018 season, New Orleans has had 14-4 telephone systems in use. Details.

Triplet’s choice: Holy 27, Bears 23
Dickerson Election: Bear 23, Saints 21
FPI Forecast : NO, 61,5 % (average 4,0 points)

The equation should be read: Broken, the saints still have that two-minute spell that determines the dimensions of the northern NFC: Those who surprise, disappoint and more… LB Briggs’ old internal superhero chains with new graphics


8:20. ET | NBC
Conformity assessment: 29,8 | Distribution : FI -7.5 (42.5)

What you should see: The quarterback of the Eagles, Carson Wenz, has scored 12 championship shots this season. His 10 requests are related to Kirk’s mostly NFL cousins. That sounds like good news for the cowboys. The only problem? The Dallas defense has left three NFL fields behind. Something has to be given. — Tim McManus.

A bold prophecy: Boston Scott of Philadelphia will be pressed for 100 yards. In seven seasons he has only played 113 games, but the Cowboys have let him run more than 200 yards as a team in three of the last four games. They allow 178.3 yards in the league against 178.3 yards for the ground. Even with a damaged attack line, the Eagles can take care of Scott on the spot. Miles Sanders hasn’t trained this week. — Todd Archer

Find out now: The Eagles’ receiver, Travis Fulham, is the only NFL player to have had at least 350 receiving yards and three touchdowns in the last four weeks (third highest receiving yards in that time behind George Kittle and Robbie Anderson). This season the Cowboys connected 12 TD receivers to the widest competition.

Injuries: Cowboys | Eagles

What a fantasy to know: In the past two weeks, Wentz has played two of the top three fantasy games of his career and now enjoys the protection of the Cowboys, allowing not one, not two, but three quarterbacks to score north of 28 fantasy points against them this season. See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Dallas started with a score of 0-7 ATS for the first time and it is one of the shortest winning streaks in the beginning of the season against the margin in the last 20 seasons. Auckland was unable to beat each of the first eight games of the 2003 season. Details.

Archer’s choice: Eagles 31, Cowboys 17 McManus picks: Eagle 30, Cowboys 13
FPI Forecast : The MRI is 72.9% (average 8.3 points).

The equation should be read: It’s time for these two winning cowboys to make some bold changes How to unlock the Eagles Wenz? I think Lebron James… McCartney’s last smile was when Twitter mistook him for Coach Cowboys.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Tim McManus and Todd Archer discuss the injuries of the Eagles and Cowboys in week eight.


Monday, 8:15. ET | ESPN
Appropriate rating: 54.9 | Distribution : GRT -10.5 (46.5)

What you should see: Watch Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady attack this secondary giant. Brady and Bucky are third in the NFL with an average of 31.7 points per match. They face the defence of the Giants, who are in the lower half of the league with passes (21 ), although they are fought by four free quarterbacks in the first seven games. It’s a different kind of test. — Jordan Ranan

A bold prophecy: Defender Devin White of Les Boucaniers gets a double-digit tackle, Jason Pierre-Paul’s Passcher gets two sacks and the Bucs-defense renounces a touchdown. Tampa Bay hasn’t lost sight of that, not even against the Giants’ individual team, and their defense isn’t forgetting the 18-point lead they lost last year against New York quarterback Daniel Jones, who suffered a 32-31 home loss. But it’s a completely different defense than Bax’, and White and Pierre Paul are both offside due to injuries they suffered last season. — Jenna Lane

Find out now: The Giants are the only NFL team to have lost six of their first seven games in three of the last four seasons. For the fourth season, they are guaranteed to start no better than 2-6 with 8 games in a row, and for the third season, they start 1-7 with a loss in the last four seasons.

Injuries: Pirates | Giants

What a fantasy to know: For the first time in 2-3 weeks in 2017, Brady aims for a regular 30 jump against the Raiders after creating his best game since week 6 of 2009 (36.9 fantasy points). See week 8 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the beginning of last season, the Giants – 0-7 ATS have become residents at home. At the beginning of the 2018 season, New York is the big outsider, 1-12 ATS. Details.

Lane’s choice: Privateer 33, Giant 18
Raanans’ choice: Buccaneers 29, Giants 17
REIT Prognosis : TB, 83.0% (average 12.9 points)

The equation should be read: Brady, Big Ben is about to become the most fired Buy More: How they got here and who’s next… At the narrow end of the Engram, the Giants were able to take advantage of the trade… Brady Bax defies the Time Father, waits in the Aryan attack… The judge of the giant coach says that the team will deal with players without masks… Why are the Buchaners the best team in the NFL within a one-kilometre radius…

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