North Korea has admitted that the recent outbreak of the SARS-like coronavirus is partially the result of the country’s strict lockdowns and that the disease has led to a significant rise in the cost of living. “The recent outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in the DPRK was caused by the blockade against our country and that the virus originated from the U.S.,” it said in a statement published in the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Tuesday.

The North Korean government has admitted to a new human-to-human disease outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, and announced that it was shutting down schools and workplaces in order to contain the spread of the disease. In response, the South Korean government has ordered the country’s public schools to stay closed throughout the Lunar New Year holiday, and has called upon the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic of HCoV-EMC.

The North Korean regime is facing a significant financial crisis due to corona virus and the recent outbreak of infectious diseases. While the country has made moves to eliminate the most damaging ailments, the efforts are being hindered by the government’s tight grip on the economy.



North Korean leader Kim Jong-un eventually acknowledged that Coronavirus and related measures like lockdowns had caused a catastrophe. The food situation is one of them. He gave his officials suggestions to prepare for another “Arduous March.” This phrase refers to a famine in the 1990s that claimed the lives of an unknown number of people. The leader’s revelation foreshadows a dire situation for the hermit nation. During the late-nineties famine, the North made it clear that the nation was in danger.

The South China Morning Post SCMP cites a Seoul-based non-profit official as stating that Kim’s comments hinted to the pandemic’s “enormous effect” and associated limitations on the nation.

North Korea closed its borders with China in July of last year to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The strategy, however, backfired. China was not only an ally, but also a major trading partner for the United States. The move had a direct effect on the North’s economy.

The trade relationship between North Korea and China has deteriorated.

The North’s infrastructure is fragile and outdated. Pyongyang closed the country’s borders when the coronavirus hit. As a consequence, commerce between the neighbors suffered a significant decline. In the first six months of 2021, it fell by more than 85%. This is based on Chinese customs data. Severe weather conditions, including as droughts and typhoons, exacerbated the issues, according to SCMP. Despite international sanctions placed on it as a result of its nuclear weapons development, the North had to stay visible.

The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has warned that serious food shortages may occur this year in the nation. Drought caused such a scenario in North Korea in May of this year, according to the media.

North Korea said it had no cases of coronavirus.

Pyongyang has long claimed that the nation is free of the coronavirus.

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It is difficult to determine the truth. Due to a lack of basic supplies, several foreign diplomats and humanitarian workers have already departed. In addition, there are limitations on internal travel. Obviously, reliable information is difficult to come by. The recent episode in which Kim chastised authorities on the topic of the virus, on the other hand, is important.

According to SCMP, the North will need to vaccine almost 25 million people. It all adds up to serious humanitarian consequences. The hermit kingdom’s secrecy makes it difficult for outsiders to evaluate the actual condition of things. It is up to the international community to take immediate action. Prompt action may prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that could claim the lives of tens of thousands of people. North Korea began an image-building effort for Kim Jong-un in May of last year.

Oil ships carrying oil to North Korea are seized by the United States.

It is prohibited, according to NDTV, to supply oil to the hermit nation. This is because to international sanctions placed on the nuclear-weapons-weapons-weapons-weapons-weapons- As a result, the US seized a Singapore-owned oil ship.

It was delivering oil to North Korea illegally. A forfeiture judgment was granted by a federal court in New York. It allows the US to assume control of the tanker presently moored in Cambodia. The vessel was bought by a Singaporean citizen for the purpose of carrying out illicit operations. The person is said to be untraceable by the Justice Department. From August through December 2019, the tanker seems to have been involved in oil transfers from ship to ship to North Korea. Apart from money laundering, the person has been charged by the Department with conspiring to violate economic restrictions against North Korea. There were discussions on disarmament under Donald Trump’s presidency, but they stopped. Relations between the two nations are currently tense. North Korea withdrew from nuclear negotiations with the United States in January of last year.


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