Nvidia Corp. unveiled its first working chips, extending Intel Corp.’s push into its most rewarding market with a chip designed to tackle the most confusing recording tasks. Intel shares fell about 4% and Nvidia jumped on the news.

Nvidia shares continued to climb, rising about 6% after the company said first-quarter profit was in line with earlier estimates.

The microchip maker has plans to develop a preparation device or processor, given the innovations of Arm Ltd, an organization it is trying to get from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. The Swiss National Supercomputing Center and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory will soon use the chips in their computers, Nvidia said Monday in an online conference.

Nvidia primarily focuses on illustration devices, known as GPUs, which are used to control video games and focus on logging tasks in server farms. CPUs are paradoxically a more versatile type of chip, capable of performing basic tasks such as frame management. Joining this post classification opens up new revenue opportunities for Nvidia.

Founder and CEO Jensen Huang has made Nvidia the largest chip maker in the US, fulfilling his promise that illustration chips will play a major role in the explosion of distributed computing. Server farm revenues represent about 40% of the company’s transactions, up from just 7% five years earlier. In fact, Intel holds over 90% of the market for powerful processors that can sell for over $10,000 each.

The processor, named after the late computer scientist Grace Hopper, would work closely with Nvidia’s illustration chips to handle the new number problems that will be created by the one trillion limit. Frameworks running on the new chip will be several times faster than those currently using a mix of Nvidia and Intel illustration chips. The new site will be available in early 2023, Nvidia said. Progressed Micro Devices Inc. is the sole manufacturer of these X86 processors and illustration chips.

So Nvidia is not kidding about processors and will not be forced to use the X86 that Intel and AMD have, Rosenblatt Securities expert Hans Mosesmann said in a research note. The evolution of the scene is enormous and silicon wannabees will have to coordinate it for many, many years to come.

Revenue through the end of April is expected to be higher than the $5.3 billion Nvidia had forecast on February 24, the company said Monday in a separate statement.

We are facing forces, and all stages of our market lead to growth potential reaching our main point, said Colette Kress, CFO of Nvidia. Overall, interest remains flat and continues to outpace inventory, while our channel inventory remains very lean. We expect demand to exceed supply again this year.

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