The Havoc Halloween comeback on NXT started today with the Spin the Wheel Make a Deal game between North American champion Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano. After Gargano had cut the pumpkin, it was time to learn about their fate. After the owner of Shotzi Blackhart turned the wheel, the result was a game in the devil’s playground, and while the priest looked excited, the Gargano looked pretty frightened. The Gargano had a hard time because he couldn’t keep up with the pace until he threw the priest down the steel stairs and the gears started spinning. Then Gargano went for the gun, and it was Kendo’s staff.

However, the priest got back on his feet before he could use them and he had a truncheon in his hand. He managed to pull the stick out of Johnny’s hand and then pushed it against the fence around the ring. He’d do it again, and then Johnny would walk.

But it didn’t work, because the priest caught up with him on a steel staircase and the Gargano couldn’t avoid them. The priest continued his attack, landed, hit them in the face as they climbed the slope and even threw gargano in the pumpkin he had cut.

The priest tried to make an example of the Gargano at the top of the slope, but the Gargano took the opportunity to turn the situation around a bit. He did some damage until the priest hit the tibia of the Gargano with a truncheon, and both felt the pain every time. The Gargano managed to strike the priest a big blow by turning his back on him and playing on steel stairs, but the priest threw him out.

Preist would have reacted sympathetically and applauded the Gargano on the announcement table again, and he didn’t crack, so it must have hurt. Gargano and the priest started the fight backstage, where Gargano was afraid of the props, but he managed to recover and used a fire extinguisher to knock the priest down and get some blows.

At that moment the Gargano found the crowbar and used it to wound the priest with a violent movement, although the priest was finally freed and the Gargano crashed into the coffin.

They then climbed onto the upper platform where the wheel was, and after the Gargano hit the garbage can against the priest, the priest could return the favor. But all that changed when a priest attacked a figure in the costume of a grim reaper and then handed the tombstone to the gargano. The Gargano hit him on the head of the priest and sent him through one of the support buildings, and he looked out.

The Gargano approached him, and that was enough to win. Johnny Gargano is now your North American champion.

Here is the official description of the devastation caused by Halloween on NXT today.

The Halloween falcon is back! The worst night of the year comes to NXT as Io Shirai defends the NXT Women’s Championship and Damian Priest defends the North American title against Johnny Gargano in conditions set by Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Elsewhere, Rhea Ripley is finally in conflict with Raquel Gonales, Dexter Lumis forces Cameron Grimes to face his fears in a horror match at the Haunted House, and much more tonight at 8/7 on USA Network!

Here’s the full map:

Turn the wheel, make a deal: North American champion Damian Priest versus Johnny Gargano.

Turn the wheel, make a deal: Io Shirai, NXT champion, against Candice LeRay.

Rhea Ripley versus Raquel Gonzalez

Haunted house: Dexter Lumis v. Cameron Grimes.

Santos Escobar versus Jake Atlas.

How do you feel about Halloween Hawk so far? Let us know in the comments, or, as always, you can tell me about a NXT on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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