Alex Smith is fired.

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Robert Spillane fires Alex Smith during the first quarter of the Washington-Pittsburgh game at Heinz Field on 07. December 2020.

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost 23-17 years from Washington, ending an unbeaten start to the season with 11 games. Yesterday’s main game came right at the end of the first half, when Washington scored from 49 yards to the end of regulatory time, reducing Pittsburgh’s deficit to 14-3.

According to former NFL referee and NBC rule analyst Terry McOley, the referee should not have stopped time to give Washington enough time to score a goal.

The referee called the ball at the end of the match. Then he stopped the clock at 08:08 to try to get a new ball on the sideline. He shouldn’t have done it. The delay was caused by the WAS and should not have benefited from it.

– Terry McAulay (@SNFRules) 8. December 2020.

Seconds before the end of the first half, the Washington quarterback Alex Smith received the incoming goal, forcing the Washington team to try to get on the field before the end of regulatory time.

Apart from the fact that Smith left the field with the ball in play, the referee did not have the ball in hand for the next match.

It turned out the officials stopped the clock for eight seconds, giving Washington time to send his team into the field and turn the coup.

If an attack results in a delay in finding the ball, that attack should not be useful after the McAulay mentioned above.

In other words, the officials had to work for hours and take the K-ball from the side of the sideline to try to score a goal. (The NFL uses special K bullets for shooting, except in emergencies when there is no time to shoot).

After the game, Mr. Smith declared that he didn’t intentionally kick the ball off the field. It wasn’t intentional, he said. But intentions in this situation are irrelevant, and these three points are important for the result.

Miles Garrett responds to the defeat of Pittsburgh.

Of course, the Cleveland Browns and their fans followed Washington-Pittsburgh with interest as the Browns finished second in the AFC North with a record 9-3 win.

After the game, Brown defender Miles Garrett went on Twitter and said the Steelers may have opened the door to Cleveland, overtaken the Steelers and won the division title.

That’s true, but the door just opened a little bit, as Stillers still leads in two games, with four to go, plus a victory over Cleveland and a 4-0 league record.

In Cleveland the teams have to play in the finals of the season of course. Before that, the Stalers played Buffalo (9-3), Cincinnati (2-9-1) and at home in Indianapolis (8-4).

Until the end of the season, Browne played at home against Baltimore (6-5) and the New York Giants (5-7) and the New York Jets (0-12).

In any case, Cleveland seems well on its way to the play-offs, which will be the first since 2002.

1972 Miami dolphins responding to the loss of the steelworks

Of course, members of the Miami Dolphins also followed the 1972 Washington – Pittsburgh game with interest, as did the former Dolphins who fired Larry Chonka.

#WashingtonFootball #FinsUp #WASvsPIT

– Larry Chonka (@Larry_Csonka39) 8. December 2020.

Seventy-two. The Dolphins remain the only team in the NFL that didn’t lose the game 17-0, including a 21-17 victory over the Steelers in the 1972 AFC Championship.

Of course, the New England Patriots went unbeaten in the 2007 regular season, but they lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants and finished 18-1.

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– Steel producers lose another LB to traumatize them after the first defeat.

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